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March 2013

Application of Support for Earthquake Resistant Renovation of Wooden Buildings Being Accepted
25 March 2013

Kyoto City has started to accept applications of support for earthquake resistant renovations of wooden buildings from April 2013.
To protect the lives and property of citizens from earthquake, the city offers a variety of support for earthquake resistance renovation.

Some examples of support are:

  • Dispatching an earthquake resistant consultant
  • Providing subsidies for making a renovation plan
  • Providing subsidies for earthquake resistant renovations

For more information, get the booklet distributed at the Kyoto City Earthquake Resistance Support Center (Tel: 075-644-5874).
About the support for condominium apartment, contact the Kyoto City Building Safety Promotion Section (Tel: 075-222-3613).

Kyoto City also provides support for narrow streets (less than 4 meters in width) which could interfere with evacuation and fire extinguishing during emergencies, such as:
  • Subsidy for the maintenance fee to extend the width of the streets
  • Subsidy for attaching a evacuation route in the dead-ends
  • Subsidy for maintenance fee to extend the width of the narrow dead-ends

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Building Assessment Section (Tel: 075-222-3620).

Heisei Kyoto-style Machiya Townhouse Center Opened and the “KYOMO” Housing Exhibition Fully Opened
18 March 2013

Kyoto City has been promoting “Heisei Kyoto-style Machiya Townhouse” project.
The “Heisei Kyoto-style Machiya Townhouse” is a residential house unique to Kyoto which accommodates both modern energy saving technologies and traditional structures of Kyoto-style to create an environmentally friendly machiya townhouse. To promote the “Heisei Kyoto-style Machiya Townhouse,” Kyoto City opened a housing exhibition site, “KYOMO” in November 2012 where four model houses are displayed.
On March 23rd, 2013, a new facility was opened in KYOMO. It is the Heisei Kyoto-style Machiya Townhouse promotion center. The building has a traditional Kyoto-style machiya townhouse design and has many classical structures. Visitors can enter inside freely and can receive information and lectures about living in a machiya townhouse.
With the completion of this new center, all the facilities in KYOMO are open now. To celebrate the full opening, a variety of fun events were held from March 23rd to April 7th, 2013. If you have any plans to build and remodel a house, come to KYOMO and learn about Kyoto-style machiya townhouses.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Residence Project Section: Tel: 075-222-3666.

Temporary Childcare Service Provided in the Pre-Schools in the Event of a Disaster
11 March 2013

Kyoto City has started providing temporary childcare services in pre-schools in the event of a disaster.
The city has concluded an agreement with pre-schools, childcare centers, orphanages, and other life support centers for children to provide temporary childcare service in the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake.
The facilities that agreed with the cooperation will provide temporary childcare, dispatch staff to evacuation sites and provide meals under the city’s request.
The city is also preparing for a “welfare evacuation” which will accept elderly people and physically challenged people who need special care in the event of a disaster. As of January 15th, 2013, 56 facilities were newly added to the list and there are 163 welfare facilities in total.
The city will do its best to achieve a better, secure city and will provide better support in an event of a disaster.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Hygiene and Welfare Section: Tel: 075-222-3366.

Kyoto City Hospital’s New Building Opened
4 March 2013

On Friday, March 11th 2013, Kyoto City Hospital’s new building was opened.
The Kyoto City Hospital has been under renovations since 2010 to reinforce the building’s seismic adequacy and to improve medical functions. With the completion of the new building, the hospital has acquired many new and improved functions.

Examples of new and reinforced functions are:

  • Emergency medical care with a helicopter port
  • Treatment for infectious diseases, cerebral stroke, chemotherapy, heart disease, X-ray
  • Medical care for pregnant mothers in perinatal stage and new-born babies
  • Treatment system for bone-marrow transplant
  • Introduction of “PET-CT,” the computerized tomography that can scan both the function and focus of disease and figure it out simultaneously
In addition, the hospital will improve the collaboration system between medical and nursing care, cooperation with other hospitals and local clinics to offer a better medical environment for patients.

The city will try to provide a better hospital that protects and secures the life and health of all its citizens.

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