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November 2013

Operator for "Citizen's Cooperative Power Generating Project" Decided

Kyoto City has the "Citizen's Cooperative Power Generating Project", which is to strengthen further utilization of the environmentally friendly recyclable energy. Based on the funds from the citizens, this project sets up photovoltaic power generations on the roof of the buildings that Kyoto City lends or that belong to the city. The project will be operated by groups which Kyoto City has chosen. Any citizen can join the project, and this is aiming to achieve Kyoto's unique style of "local energy production for local consumption." In 2013, power generating facilities have been installed to 3 city-related places and started to operate. This time, "Bikkuri-Eco Power Generation Facility (General Incorporated Association)", and "Kyoto Citizen Energy (General Incorporated Association)" were chosen as a project operator for 5 places by Kyoto City. They will raise fund after concluding agreement with Kyoto City. The investor will receive return of revenue after the operator sell the electricity generated from their facilities.

[Contact] Kyoto City Global Warming Prevision Section: Tel: 075-222-4555

Protecting the Life of Kyoto Citizens – Urgent Project on River Flooding Measurement –

Kyoto City has carried out urgent inspection of river since torrential rain has been occurring frequently in recent years and also the large scale floods that Kyoto Prefecture has experienced in August, 2012. Kyoto City has so far finished measures such as removing accumulated mud from the bottom of river with 39 rivers that needed the urgent flood measure by July, 2013.

Moreover, Kyoto City has instituted a River Improvement Plan, gathering measures according to data compiled by survey results. This survey is aimed at 8 rivers that have been flooded in the past 30 years, except for the rivers that have already taken the measures. With these 8 rivers, the city will start the improvement project from 2014 which is scheduled to be finished in 10 years.

Kyoto City will continuously consult on river's maintenance, management and flooding measurement based on the premeditated plan.

[Contact] Kyoto City Coordination & Management Section: Tel: 075-222-3658; River Maintenance Section: Tel: 075-222-3591

"Advanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO (ASTEM RI/KYOTO)" Opened

Advanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO (ASTEM RI/KYOTO), which will be a cooperative hub center for research and development by companies, universities, colleges and public administration has been opened in "RAKUNAN Shinto" in the southern area of Kyoto on November 1st, 2013.

The "RAKUNAN Shinto" area is situated in the south side of Kyoto Station, and surrounded by Jujo Street, Uji River, Higashi Takase River and Route 1, which is working on collecting major companies that have world-wide shares and small enterprises and venture companies that are developing businesses in unique fields. Besides, other various actions have been taken such as enhancement of the public transportation system.

To enhance creating new projects continuously, and also to make the industries in Kyoto to be energized, the ASTEM RI/KYOTO is promoting the cutting-edge research project in universities and trying to relate them to the chemical industry field in order to get them commercialized. The project also tries to mediate between these research results and the local enterprises.

[Contact] Kyoto City New Industrial Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3324

Hankyu Railway "Rakusai-guchi Station" Elevating Railway Construction Work (in-bound line) Completed

The project of elevating railways near Hankyu Rakusai-guchi Station has been taken by Kyoto City and Hankyu Corporation, and recently the in-bound line going to the city of Kyoto has been completed.

This project is the part of the road maintenance projects which aim to ease traffic jams, and to make the length of 1.6 KM including Hankyu Rakusai-guchi Station to be elevated. When the down line elevation construction work is finished, 3 crossing places will be removed, it is expected to eliminate crossing related accidents and also ease traffic jams. The construction on the in-bound line already has reduced 30-40% of railroad crossing hours compared to the past.

For the out-bound line, the elevating construction work is being continued and it is scheduled to be completed in 2015.

[Contact] Kyoto City Project Promotion Section: Tel: 075-213-3659

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