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September 2012

Checking Safety on School Routes Finished
3 September 2012

Kyoto City has finished checking school routes at the end of August to find out which routes need to have urgent provisions to secure safety.
Recently terrible traffic accidents have occurred one after another in Kyoto Prefecture which included serious injury and the loss of life of children. To ensure safety on school routes, Kyoto City cooperates with police and the Kyoto City Education Board to conduct thorough safety checks on all 170 school routes (elementary school) in the city.
As a result, the city has discovered several points that need to be improved, and have already given immediate improvements on particularly concerned points.
For example, safety cones were provided from the Civil Engineering Office, safety reminder posters on signs and electric poles were put, old and broken traffic signs were maintained, etc.
In the future, the city will set a certain budget and continue this plan in cooperation with local people and parents.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Management Section: Tel: 075-222-3568.

Free Public LAN service “KYOTO_WiFi” Started at Bus Stops and Other Locations
10 September 2012

Kyoto City has started a free public LAN service “KYOTO_WiFi.”
Anyone can get free high speed Internet access with their smart phones and other devices at the public wireless LAN spots in the city. The access points will be set at bus stops, Seven-Eleven Convenience Stores in Kyoto City, and ward and branch offices. In total, about 630 spots will be set up.
Internet access will be available roughly within 20-30 meters from the access spot. Every access spot has a sticker with a QR code or send a blank email to the address shown on the sticker. Then a password will be received on the device to get access.
One access code provided at the bus stops and convenience stores is valid for three hours. No limit at public facilities during opening hours.
In an emergency, anyone can access free of time limit and no password is necessary.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Tourism MICE Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-4130.

Inoculation Method of Vaccine Against Polio Changed
17 September 2012

From September 1st, 2012, inoculation method of vaccine against polio has changed to individual vaccination by injecting inactivated vaccine.
Previous preventive inoculation against polio vaccine was taken by live vaccine from mouth at health centers in each ward. However, though it is fairly infrequent, there was a possibility that the live vaccine may cause paralysis to limbs. To prevent this from happening, the city provides inactivated vaccine as an alternative vaccination method which is safer from September 2012 at cooperative medical organizations in the city.
The qualifying age is between 3 months old and 7 and a half years old. 4 injections are covered. The second and third vaccinations need to be taken at least after 20 days from the previous injection. The last vaccination has to be taken at least 6 months since the first injection. The number of vaccinations depends on the patient’s condition, so please enquire.
The first injection is free of charge and additional ones will be charged. However additional injections will be free of charge as soon as clinical investigation by the national government is finished. For details or booking, call the Kyoto Itsudemo Call Center or check the city’s website and find your local medical organization.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Health & Medical Section: Tel: 075-222-4421.

Base Accord about Taking Over the Kyoto City College of Nursing Concluded
24 September 2012

Kyoto City has recently concluded the base accord with the educational corporation Ikueikan about taking over the Kyoto City College of Nursing and establishing a new 4-year-course nursing university.
As the Kyoto City College of Nursing will be closed in the near future, the city will takes over the site, teachers, library, and other equipment and will establish a new 4-year-course university to provide higher quality education to nurture better nurses for the modern advanced medical field. The city recruited and chose the business manager after the selection by academic experts.
Based on this accord, the 4-year-course nursing university will be established on site and present teachers and staff of the college will be continuously employed by the new university. The library and other equipment will be also taken over by the new university. The students will have training in Kyoto City Hospital as before.
The city will cooperate with Ikueikan and try to open the new university in April, 2014.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Medical Judging Section: Tel: 075-213-2983.

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