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June 2012

Visit All Elderly People who Live Alone
4 June 2012

To ensure a safer and secure life for elderly people, Kyoto City has started visitations for elderly people who live alone in the city.
Health nurses and social welfare counselors from 61 elderly people support centers in Kyoto visit every elderly person who is over 65 years old and lives alone.
The nurses and counselors talk to each person and understand their respective situations. They get essential information, for example, their local doctor and emergency contact, etc. to understand who needs special support.
The city will recommend health care and medical services for people who need special support. If needed and agreed, the city can also send a social worker or social welfare counselors to ensure each elderly person has a safe and secure life. Visit by the social workers and counselors are free of charge.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Longevity Welfare Section: Tel: 075-251-1106.

Regulation about Outside Advertisement Fundamentally Intensified
11 June 2012

Kyoto City will fundamentally intensify the regulation about outside advertisement based on the new scenery policy. The city assumes that about 70% of about 40,000 outside advertisements in the city donít follow the cityís regulation. As present regulation will be expired in August 2014, the city will take fundamental solution for this problem.
To ensure the regulation about outside advertisement, the city will notify citizens and business companies about the regulation thoroughly, and a special information center about outside advertisement will be established and accept questions at the ward offices and branch offices.
Also the city will start to give more instruction about outside advertisement from October 2012 throughout the city. Malicious cases will be regulated in accordance with laws and ordinances.
New measures for support projects to promote better outside advertisements which are appropriate for Kyoto will also be taken. The city needs cooperation and understanding from the citizens to keep Kyoto beautiful for next generations.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Urban Scenery Section: Tel: 075-222-3474.

Kyoto City Citizenís Charter Promotion Award Ceremony 2012
18 June 2012

On June 13th, the 2012 award ceremony for people who promoted the Kyoto City Citizenís Charter was held at the Hito Machi Koryu-kan Kyoto in Shimogyo ward. The Kyoto City Citizenís Charter was enacted in 1956 by the citizens of Kyoto. Since then it has played an important role for Kyoto citizens.
During the ceremony, everyone sang the Kyoto City anthem, and the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra played celebratory music. In the award ceremony, 166 individuals and 13 groups were awarded for their long-term contributions, including cleaning the local community, protecting children, etc..
Letís continue to respect the Kyoto City Citizenís Charter to make Kyoto a more comfortable city to live in.

For further information, contact the Kyoto City Publicity Section: Tel: 075-222-3094.

Kyoto City Citizenís Charter
  • We, Kyoto Citizens, will establish a beautiful city.
  • We, Kyoto Citizens, will create a clean environment.
  • We, Kyoto Citizens, will nurture good customs.
  • We, Kyoto Citizens, will preserve cultural properties.
  • We, Kyoto Citizens, will welcome tourists with warm hospitality.
Enacted on May 3rd, 1956

Shareholder Proposal Submitted to the Kansai Electric Power Corporation
25 June 2012

Kyoto City has submitted the shareholder proposal to Kansai Electric Power Corporation to request to establish electricity supply system without nuclear power plant.
After the disaster of Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant, the Japanese government has been re-examining national energy policy and electricity supply system. Kyoto City recognizes this situation seriously and has submitted a shareholder proposal to the Kansai Electric Power Corporation considering the role of the electric company to realize that it is incredibly crucial to establish a new energy strategy without relying on nuclear power plant.
The proposal includes requisitions regarding reforms of management and business structure. Specifically, the city requires KEPCO to establish a sustainable and safe electricity supply system without a nuclear power plant as soon as possible and to provide alternative energy sources by introducing recyclable energy for supplying cheap and stable electricity. In addition, the proposal clearly states that the KEPCO must make the management system more transparent to bring out drastic reforms of electricity generation and transmission system.
This proposal was discussed in the KEPCOís shareholder meeting held on June 27th.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Global Warming Provision Section: Tel: 075-222-4555.

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