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November 2012

Website about Pregnancy & Infertility Launched and Private Consultation by Midwives Started
5 November 2012

Kyoto City has recently launched a new website “Ninshin (Pregnancy) Hot Navi” to provide better environment of pregnancy and delivering a baby.
This website releases a wide range of information about pregnancy and infertility as well as the “defective development of fetus” which leads to continuous miscarriage. Consultation is also accepted by email.
Send any questions by email as professional midwives will answer the questions regarding pregnancy, infertility, and the defective development of fetuses.
Private face-to-face consultation by midwives regarding infertility is also available (“Suzuran Consultation”). Reservation by phone in advance is necessary. Please call 075-841-1521.
Stressing about the situation all by yourself is not good at all. Feel free to take a consultation about pregnancy and infertility.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Health and Medical Section: Tel: 075-222-3420.

(Reference) Suzuran Consultation
Target: Anyone living in Kyoto City
Date: First and Third Thursday, 14:00-16:00
Tel: 075-841-1521 (reservation required)
(Application is accepted 10:00-15:00, Mon.-Fri.)
Venue: Kyoto Prefecture Midwife Hall (Nishinokyo Minamiryo-machi, Nakagyo ward)
Fee: Free of charge

November is the Child Abuse Prevention Promotion Month
12 November 2012

November is the Child Abuse Prevention Promotion Month. Child abuse is a critical human rights violation which disturbs the healthy growth of children’s souls and their bodies and will drastically influence their future. In 2011, a report related to child abuse reached 60,000 cases in Japan. 591 cases were recognized as child abuse in Kyoto. Child abuse is one of the most serious social issues we have today.
There are some types of child abuse. One of them is “Physical abuse” which includes physically beating and kicking a child, and locking the child out of the house for long hours. “Mental abuse” is to threaten a child with words. “Abandonment” is to stop looking after the child. “Sexual abuse” is to force a sexual act on a child.
Please do not hesitate to make a notice to the child consultation center by telephone if any small evidence is discovered, for example, a child wearing dirty clothes all the time, and with awkward scars and bruises. The telephone service is available 24 hours a day. The center will send a staff member within 48 hours from the notice to ensure the safety of the child and check the nurturing situation.
To provide a fine environment for children, the city needs cooperation from its citizens.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Childcare Section: Tel: 075-251-2380.

Provision and Rules for Eliminating Illegal Signs Reinforced
19 November 2012

Kyoto City has recently started a new project to take proper correction for illegal signs and outside advertisements in the city.
To reinforce the rules for the illegal signs and outside advertisements, the city newly increased 52 staffs. The staffs visit all advertisers who owns outside advertisement and give instructions how to correct them if they find someone who doesn’t follow the rules.
A firm handling will be taken if the case is malignant, for example, giving warnings and administrative subrogation based on the law.
At the same time the city started a new fund system to provide low-interest rate financing facility for small and medium sized companies which will be in charge of getting rid of or renovation of illegal advertisements.
In order to promote suitable outside ads in the city, another new fund system provides some business operators a part of the cost to set the new outside ads that don’t disturb Kyoto’s historical scenery.
The city needs cooperation and understanding from the citizens for a better future. Kyoto must continue to stay beautiful for the next 50 years or even 100 years.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Outside Ad Section: Tel: 075-708-7690.

Manual for Establishing & Managing Evacuation Centers by Local Community is Being Formulated
26 November 2012

Kyoto City is now formulating the “manual for establishing & managing evacuation centers” for emergency case of disaster by local communities.
Establishing and managing evacuation centers by local community promptly is important when a large scale disaster occurs.
In the Great Eastern Earthquake, many public buildings and organizations were damaged too and couldn’t take support at once.
Kyoto City has decided to make a manual to avoid such a situation. At present, the management of evacuation centers is covered by ward offices or public bodies in Kyoto City. However, the city is changing this structure for the local community so that the “Evacuation Center Management Manual” is now being formulated.
This manual indicates all the necessary information to manage an evacuation center: basic strategy of establishing and managing, procedure of setting up and breaking up, management system and role of staff, etc.
The city will utilize the manual at about 400 places designated as evacuation centers in the city and let local-community-based management systems work out.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Disaster Prevention Management Office: Tel: 075-212-6792.

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