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August 2011

“KYOTO Eco Money” Project Started
1 August 2011

On August 1st, 2011, Kyoto City started the “KYOTO Eco Money” project. To reduce the amount of garbage produced in the city, this project promotes a shift from a reliance on disposable life.
From August 1st to December 28th, people who bring their own drink container to designated coffee shops will receive 1 point for each drink they buy. A total of 10 points can be exchanged for a 500-yen Eco coupon at any designated coffee shop.
The 87 shops participating the “KYOTO Eco Money” project belong to the following 14 companies: Ippodo Chaho, Inoda Coffee, Ogawa Coffee, Gion Tsujiri, Saryo Tsujiri, Holly’s Café, Maeda Coffee, Ueshima Coffee, EXCELSIOR CAFFE, CAFE de CRIE, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Starbucks, Tully’s Coffee, Doutor Coffee, PRONTO, and PRONTO IL BAR.
Eco coupons can be exchanged for special 500-yen Kyoto vegetables at vegetable stands, or a 500-yen Traffica Kyo Card (pre-paid card for city’s subway and bus) at bus and subway information centers and ticket offices.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Circulative Society Planning Section: Tel: 075-213-4930.

“Kyoto Tanabata” Event Double Chance Campaign at Shopping Malls and Stores in the City
8 August 2011

From August 6th to 15th, 2011, the “Kyoto Tanabata” event double chance campaign was held at 60 shopping malls and stores in the city.
This event was held in conjunction with the regular annual Kyoto Tanabata event to provide support to devastated areas in the Tohoku region, as well as to revitalize Kyoto’s economy due to reduced number of tourists as a result of the Tohoku Earthquake.
Customers who spent more than 500 yen at participating retailers received a scratch-off prize ticket. Every ticket resulted in a prize of some kind. The Fuku-sho, Egao-sho, Genki-sho, Kibo-sho and Kyoshinren-sho prizes were specialties from the Tohoku region. The Oen-sho, the simplest prize, was a commemorative postcard.
As a double-chance prize, 10 scratched-off tickets could be exchanged for a small order of fried potatoes at McDonald’s in Kyoto Prefecture. Enjoy shopping at participating shops and get a prize!

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Commerce Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3340.

Opinion from Citizens Requested Regarding New Urban Strategies for Revitalizing the Okazaki Area
15 August 2011

Kyoto City has formulated the “Okazaki Area Revitalization Vision.” This plan presents possible future revitalization strategies for the Okazaki area. The city is re-evaluating previous restrictions related to urban strategies to achieve this vision. Key themes include: “Preserving beautiful urban scenery and environments” and “Functional enhancements of Kyoto as cultural and exchange city.” Opinions from the citizens regarding the following future plans are now being accepted.

[Main changes proposed by the Okazaki Area Revitalization Vision]

  • To designate special-use districts, to enact special-use district construction ordinances, and to change residential area planning codes to allow for the creation of popular facilities, etc.
  • To designate district plans for scenic areas and special landscaping areas to enhance local relaxation and scenery
  • To change outdoor advertisement restrictions district for the Okazaki area.
  • To set district-wide priorities for preserving the historical landscape and historical buildings.

For more information, get the pamphlet distributed at city hall or visit the city’s website. Opinions by mail will be accepted until August 22nd, 2011.

About urban strategy: Kyoto City Urban Strategy Section: Tel: 075-222-3505.
About urban scenery: Kyoto City Scenery Policy Section: Tel: 075-222-3397.

Redevelopment of Umekoji Park
22 August 2011

Kyoto City has been redeveloping the Umekoji Park area in Shimogyo ward to improve traffic convenience and disaster prevention. Some private businesses gave the city suggestions regarding these improvements in consideration of the new aquarium and train museum which will open in the park.
The redevelopment plan includes a large parking area for large buses, parking for bicycles, special parking for physically challenged people, special toilet facility for emergency situations, and the installation of speakers to transmit information quickly throughout the park.
Car parking and part of development of area near the Omiya entrance will be managed by private companies.
Redevelopment construction will be completed in February 2012. The improved park will be more convenient and safer, and much better as a general evacuation/shelter area.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Green Policy Section: Tel: 075-222-3589.

Kyoto Tourism Survey Results Released
29 August 2011

Kyoto City has released the results of survey for the Kyoto tourism industry in 2010.
The number of tourists visiting Kyoto in 2010 was 49.55 million people. It was the second largest number on record. The number of foreign visitors who stayed in Kyoto overnight reached a record of 980,000 people. According to the survey, 78.6% of people completing the survey were impressed with their experiences in Kyoto; 18.6% had complaints about the city’s public transportation system.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Tourism Planning Section: Tel: 075-222-4130.

National Cultural Festival in Kyoto 2011: “Free Public Transportation for Kimono Wearers”
29 August 2011

Kyoto's 2011 National Cultural Festival will begin in two months. To celebrate the opening day of the festival (October, 29th) people wearing kimono will be able to use Kyoto’s city buses and subways free of charge.
On the same day, an opening parade will be held along Oike Street and the city expects many people wearing kimono to join the parade.
To learn more about the festival, get the pamphlet “Kyoto City Official Guide Book ‘@KYOTO’ ” available at city hall, ward offices and branch offices.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City National Cultural Festival Promotion Section: Tel: 075-366-1495.

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