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July 2011

“Hello Pre-Mama Project” Launched
4 July 2011

Kyoto City has launched the “Hello Pre-Mama Project.” This project promotes improved services for child delivery and child care.
As part of the project, from July 1st, 2011, health nurses, maternity nurses from health centres and branch centres will visit households of expecting mothers who are pregnant for the first time and offer consultation as well as hand out a maternal and child health handbook. Other specialists will offer support related to pregnancy, delivery and child care.
Kyoto City has provided considerable support in this area. For example, all expecting mothers can meet with a specialist when they come to pick up their maternal and child health handbook. Expecting mothers also receive 14 tickets for prenatal checkups, and can arrange for a home visit service for infants under 4 months of age, as well as a baby and child health checkup service.
When the “Hello Pre-Mama Project” was launched, the city expanded its support for all pregnant women regardless of the stage of the pregnancy.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Health and Medical Care Section: Tel: 075-222-3420.

Basic Plan for Redevelopment of Kyoto Kaikan Hall Formulated
11 July 2011

Kyoto City has formulated a basic plan for the redevelopment of Kyoto Kaikan Hall in Okazaki, Sakyo Ward.
Since Kyoto Kaikan Hall is over 50 years old, reconstruction and renovation issues have become a concern. In particular, the performance stage is too small for current event sizes and many facilities are considered to be out of date. Therefore a plan was drawn up to modernize the hall based on input from citizens, regular users of the hall and specialists.
As part of the plan the first hall will be fully reconstructed and other areas will be entirely renovated while preserving the architectural form of the original building. The redevelopment plan includes seismic strengthening, barrier-free facilities, and maintaining the inner garden as a local community space. The main stage will be renovated so as to be able to host large-scale music concerts, as well as opera, ballet and other performing arts.
The basic plan will be completed by the end of March 2012 and construction will start after April, 2012. The new building will be reborn as a public hall which will meet everyone’s expectations and needs.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Culture and Art Planning Section: Tel: 075-366-0033.

Kyoto Industrial-Academic-Government Cooperation Research Centre “Circle of Wisdom” Opened
19 July 2011

On the July 6th, 2011, the Kyoto Industrial-Academic-Government Cooperation Research Centre “Circle of Wisdom” opened. The mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa and the President of Kyoto University, Mr. Hiroshi Matsumoto attended the opening ceremony.
This facility was promoted by the Japan Science and Technology Agency as a “project providing a research centre in cooperation with local industry, and education and government organizations.” Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto University and the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry will cooperate in managing this facility with the aim of creating businesses that make use of university-based cutting-edge technology, and supporting human resources to revitalize Kyoto’s economy and industry in the future.
The “Circle of Wisdom” is located in two separate centres. One is in the Katsura Innovation Park in Nishikyo Ward (hosting the “Forefront Optical Processing Project” devoted to the latest optical processing technologies). The other is in the Kyoto Research Park in Shimogyo Ward (home to the “Kyoto Bio Measuring Centre” focused on the bio-technology field). Both research centres are fully equipped with the latest technological facilities and equipment. These research centres will be used for cooperative research (private industry/academic/government organizations) and for lectures informing small and medium sized companies about the latest technologies that have been developed.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Industry Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3324.

Outline of the Kyoto Marathon 2012 Ready
25 July 2012

Kyoto City has recently announced the plan and course of the Kyoto Marathon 2012 which will be held on March 11th, 2012.
The day of the event will mark the one-year anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake. The event’s theme concepts are: “Reconstruction assistance for the Tohoku Earthquake” and “Revitalization of Kyoto and Japan.”
The marathon (42.195 km) will start from the Nishikyogoku Sport Park in Ukyo Ward and finish in front of Heian Shrine in Sakyo Ward. Runners will run past 7 World Heritage sites, past the five hills on which bonfires are lit for the Obon send-off fires in August, and along the Kamo River.
The day of the event will also be promoted as No My Car Day. Since the race will take over many of Kyoto’s main roads for long periods of time, severe traffic congestion is expected to be a problem in many parts of the city. To ensure ambulances and buses can operate without delay the city is requesting out-of-town visitors to come to the city by public transportation and to leave their private cars at home.
About 15,000 runners are expected to participate in this event which is Kyoto's first full marathon event. Applications to participate will be accepted from the late August, 2011.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Sport Promotion Section: Tel: 075-366-0314.

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