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February 2011

Traffic Trial Held on Shijo Street from February 1 to 28: Some City Bus routes to be changed
7 February 2011

Kyoto City held traffic trials from February 1 to 28, 2011 to determine how to best consolidate certain bus stops and change some bus routes.
This is one of the traffic projects focused on Shijo Street in line with the theme: “Walking City, Kyoto.”
Currently bus stops near the Shijo Kawaramachi intersection are inconveniently located. As a result of previous trials, bus stops for west bound and east bound traffic at the Shijo Kawaramachi intersection and the Shijo Takakura intersection will be consolidated. In addition, the bus #5 and #32 will be re-routed to avoid running on Shijo Street between Karasuma and Kawaramachi. Also, the 100-yen circular bus will now also run in the clock-wise direction (previously it only ran in the counter clock-wise direction ) on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.
Kyoto City will continue to improve the city’s traffic situation through these trials in cooperation with citizen feedback.

Enquiries about traffic trials: Walking City, Kyoto Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3483.
Enquiries about the City Bus services: Kyoto City Traffic Bureau Vehicle Section: Tel: 075-863-5135.

Opinions Wanted for the Renovation of Kyoto Kaikan Hall
14 February

Kyoto City is collecting opinions from citizens about the planned renovation of Kyoto Kaikan Hall in the Okazaki area, Sakyo ward (until February 24th, 2011).
Fifty years have passed since the Kyoto Kaikan Hall was built. The building is aging and the available stage space is too small for many modern stage performances.
Kyoto City is planning to renovate the hall to make it more suitable for current needs.
In particular the following points will be discussed, while taking advantage of present building as much as possible:
*To make the entire building barrier-free.
*To construct modern stage facilities that can host large scale music events and international scale opera and ballet performances.
*To open a café and restaurant space for visitors.
For more information, get a pamphlet available at Kyoto City Hall, ward offices and branch offices, or visit the city’s website.
Based on the opinions collected, the city will draw up a basic renovation plan in the mid March.

For further information, contact the Kyoto City Culture Planning Section: Tel: 075-366-0033.

Kyoto Sport Hall of Fame and Kyoto City Sports Award Ceremony Held
21 February 2011

On February 9th, a ceremony for the Kyoto Sport Hall of Fame and Kyoto City Sports Award was held at Kyoto Concert Hall in Sakyo ward. Top class sport athletes connected with Kyoto who have achieved excellent results in domestic and international competitions received awards.
Mr. Yoshio Yoshida and Mr. Sachio Kinugasa who were both professional baseball players and Mr. Nobuharu Asahara who is a track and field athlete are awarded as the first people to be celebrated in the Kyoto Sport Hall of Fame. Also in the ceremony, four other people received the Kyoto City Sports Honor Award, 16 people and 8 groups received Kyoto City Sports Special Award, 71 people and 18 groups received the Kyoto City Sports Award. The mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Kadokawa made a congratulatory speech and said, “We are very proud of all these people.”
Before the award ceremony, the mayor had an interview with Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Kinugasa and Mr. Asahara. The city will organize a lecture and sport lessons for citizens hosted by the awarded athletes.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Sport Planning Section: Tel: 075-366-0168.

Budget for 2011 Released: A budget for a stable life and a bright future
28 February 2011

The mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Kadokawa, has announced the outline of the 2011 budget (February 7th, 2011) based on the theme a “Budget for a Stable Life and a Bright Future”. The total budget was 1617.4 billion yen, almost at the same as the previous fiscal year.
This budget mainly focuses on the “Kyoto Future City Creation Plan” and “For the Bright Future! Miyako Plan” which relate to developments in the city over the next 10 years.
The construction and expansion of new childcare centers and special nursery homes for elderly people is the first priority in the plan. The city aims to achieve the goal of “no children without waiting for availability in childcare centers” in the fiscal year 2012 in addition to achieving a stable life for all citizens, and better business promotion for small and medium size companies.
Decreasing tax income and other factors make the city’s financial situation difficult but the city is actively working on improving this situation by reducing expenses, municipal staff, and outstanding city bonds.

The bill is now being discussed in the city council. For more information, contact the Kyoto City Financial Section: Tel: 075-222-3291.

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