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September 2010

Memorial Tree Planting Promotion Started
6 September, 2010

Kyoto City will start a new “Memorial Tree Planting Promotion” project.
People will pay for part of the cost of a tree to commemorate special occasions, for example, childbirth, school enrolment, marriage, the foundation anniversary of a company. This year, the city will plant 20 dogwood trees in Takaragaike Park in Sakyo ward to create a new beauty spot.
People living in Kyoto City or companies or groups which have a shop or office in the city can apply to have a tree planted. The special commemoration occasion should be between January 1st, 2009 and December 31st, 2010. The minimum donation is 10,000 yen and one tree can be bought for 50,000 yen. A special sign will be placed next to the tree and the city will present a letter of thanks to the applicant.
Application forms are available at city hall, ward and branch offices or through the city’s website. Applications will be accepted until November 1st.

The city will promote the creation of beauty spot with greenery and flowers through this memorial tree planting promotion. For more information, contact the Kyoto City Green Planning Section: Tel: 075-222-3589.

People who Have Not Received or Requested the “Child Allowance” Need to Apply by Sept. 30
13 September 2010

The Child Allowance is a dispensation that the government provides 13,000 yen/month per child for children under 15 years of age (junior high school student) with the aim of supporting healthy child rearing.
Parents of children under 15 years of age can apply for the dispensation but they need to be registered as Kyoto citizens. There is no income limitation for receiving this dispensation.
People who meet the following conditions need to apply: parents who received another child allowance until March 31st this year and now have children 14 or 15 (second or third year of junior high school), or the parents who didn’t receive another child allowance and now rear children under 15 years of age (third year of junior high school).
If application is submitted by the 30th of September, the parents can receive the allowance retroactively until April of this year.
Family who had a new born baby or moved to Kyoto City after April this year need to complete their application at the local welfare office.

For more information about the procedure, contact the Kyoto City Child Allowance Office: Tel: 075-251-1123.

Opinions from Citizens Wanted for the Second Version of the City’s Basic Plan
21 September 2010

Kyoto City is now requesting opinions from citizens for the second version of the “City’s Basic Plan.” The plan specifies futuristic views and main municipal policies for the next 10 years from the fiscal year 2011 (from April 2011).
Based on the opinions from citizens collected for the first version of the plan, the second version was drafted after discussions by the city committee.
The plan shows city’s futuristic views for the next 10 years including 11 main projects and 27 policies in different fields.
For details, please see Citizen’s newspaper released September 15th or visit city’s website. The opinion can be submitted until September 27th.
The city committee will make their final decision regarding the plan in November based on the opinions collected.

[City’s Futuristic View]

  • Kyoto, an environmentally friendly & low carbohydrate emission city
  • Kyoto, an international city promoting the spirit of Japan
  • Kyoto, a city of citizen cooperation
  • Kyoto, a city of promotion of industries contributing to the environment and the society
  • Kyoto, a city of learning
  • Kyoto, a city of achieving a real work-life balance

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Municipal Policy Planning Section: Tel: 075-222-3035.

New Plan for the Old Site of the Yamanouchi Water Plant Decided (Temporary)
27 September 2010

The Committee for Considering a New Plan for the Old Site of the Yamanouchi Water Plant has recently decided that the city will use the site for a new university campus after stopping operation of the water plant in March 2013.
The committee has discussed how to use the site, covering an area of 46,000 square meters, many times. As the site is close to the Uzumasa subway station, the committee concluded that they can increase the number of subway users as well as revitalize the local economical situation and create new employment by promoting a new university and related facilities.
Kyoto City is now collecting opinions from citizens about this plan. For details, get a pamphlet available at city hall, ward offices and branch offices from October 1st or visit the city’s website. Opinions will be accepted until November 1st.
The city will conclude final plan based on the opinions collected and will then designate a company to take care of the planning and construction.

For more information, contact the Kyoto City Project Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3032.

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