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March 2010

Kimono and obi made in Kyoto debuted at the Tokyo Girls Collection!

23 March 2010

The kimono industry in Kyoto is facing a difficult situation, as the popularity of kimono with consumers has been on the wane, so Kyoto city is promoting the development of a new market focusing on the Tokyo metropolitan area where a huge demand is expected.

As an important first step, nine sets of kimono and obi made in Kyoto were exhibited in the "Tokyo Girls Collection" held at the Yokohama Arena on March 6th.

"Tokyo Girls Collection" is a fashion event for promoting the latest fashions, in which a number of popular models appear on stage. This was the first time that kimono were exhibited in the show.

TV personality Misako Yasuda and model Yu Yamada appeared on the stage in kimono. The gorgeous Japanese traditional clothing was appreciated by more than 25,000 spectators. In addition, Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa came on the stage to introduce charm of kimono and remarked "Kimono? Wonderful!"

The kimono and obi exhibited are available at "Shiroi Tori", a kimono antenna shop newly opened at Minami-Aoyama and at the online shop via the Internet.

For further details, call the Traditional Industry Department on 075-222-3337.

Commendation of award winning works in the children's "Kyoto Paintings, Picture Diaries and Posters" contest

15 March 2010

Kyoto city chose winning works in the contest, "Kyoto Paintings, Picture Diaries and Posters" and held a ceremony to present awards.

The concept of the "Kyoto Paintings, Picture Diaries and Posters" is to share the love of children for Kyoto and their dreams with different generations. The project was proposed while devising the Kyoto City Basic Plan for the next term, which is the basis of the municipal government operations for a decade starting from the fiscal 2011.

From the total of 2,556 applications, 38 works won awards, including four Mayoral Awards. 14 people were commended for the Mayor Awards and the Outstanding Performance Awards.

The picture diaries entered into the contest were analyzed to see what dreams and thoughts the children had illustrated in them. It was obvious that children's interest in the environment is high, as more than half the works include a motif of "nature". In addition, many works represented love for landscapes, peace and international exchange. The results of the analysis will be utilized as data for devising the municipal government operations plan for the next term.

For further details, call the Policy Planning Department on 075-222-3035.

Misayama Bike Parking Lot Opened

8 March 2010

On March 1, Misayama bike parking lot was opened in the north of Higasinotoin Takoyakushi Nakagyo ward.

It is an underground parking space under the Misayama Park developed to provide sufficient bike parking space in the high-demand central city area, in order to tackle the problem of illegally-parked bicycles.

The parking lot is open 24 hours a day and can hold 887 bicycles and 121 small motor bikes.

The fees for temporary parking are 150 yen for a bicycle and 250 yen for a small motor bike per 24 hours and monthly parking fees are 2,700 yen (adults) and 2,500 yen (students) for a bicycle and 4,500 yen for a small motor bike.

Application for monthly use can be made at the office in the Misayama Parking Lot from 8:00am to 9:00pm.

The Misayama Park will be maintained to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Kyoto.

For further details, please call the Bicycle Policy Department on 075-222-3565.

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