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September 2009

Mayor Kadokawa pays congratulatory visits to centenarians.

28 September 2009

On September 14th, Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa of Kyoto City visited Ms. Hatsue Yamamura in Kamigyo-ku and Ms. Shizu Fukui in Sakyo-ku who turn 100 years old this year, and presented them with a congratulatory small Kyoto-style lacquer box.
With the Respect-for-the-aged Day approaching, this is to thank those who will turn 100 years old this year for the contributions they have made to social development over a long period of time, as well as to congratulate them on their longevity. Centenarians other than the two ladies mentioned above were visited by the city staff such as heads of ward, and presented with a letter of congratulation from the mayor and a token.
This year, Kyoto City will have 319 people turning 100 years old, bringing the total number of centenarians to 814 as of Sept.1.
Kyoto City will continue with its efforts to build a city in which every one of the aged can live a lively and healthy life of their own choosing in a place they feel attached to.
For further details, call the Longevity and Welfare Division 075-251-1106

Special Kyoto print seal machines that utilize Japanese patterns are installed

24 September 2009

The Kyoto Design Utilization Project, on which Kyoto City works together with colleges and groups associated with Japanese kimono, installed print seal machines featuring designs limited to Kyoto City at the following three locations; Nijo Castle, Randen Arashiyama Station, and Toei-Uzumasa movie village in cooperation with private businesses.
The project is searching for new applications for Japanese design patterns in order to stimulate the demand for such patterns that have been limited so far to use by the kimono industry. Kyoto City is acting as a go-between between kimono-associated groups and private businesses.
The first attempt to achieve the above objective is to provide Japanese design patterns such as those used for kimono or obi or particular Kyoto images, such as Gion or the Kamogawa River, for the frame or background of the photo to be printed on the print seal machine. The instructions for the operation of the machine are given in five languages for the convenience of overseas tourists.
Kyoto City will continue with its active involvement in the Kyoto Design Utilization Project in cooperation with private businesses, in the hope of seeing as many unique works as possible created utilizing Japanese design patterns.
For further details, call the Traditional Industry Division 075-222-3337

Car-sharing gets under way

14 September 2009

As of October, Kyoto City will start a car-sharing program to have its electric cars shared with citizens, in order for as many citizens as possible to experience the environmental performance of electric cars.
Car-sharing will be implemented on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (except January 1st to 3rd) from October until February next year. The cars will be hired out from 9:00am until 5:00pm. Two cars are available for hire on a daily basis. If you wish to share an electric car, call "Kyoto Itsudemo Call" ("Kyoto Call Anytime"), any day from the 1st to the 10th day of the month previous to the month you wish to use the car. The successful applicants will be picked by drawing winners from a hat. Anybody with a driver's license living in Kyoto City may apply.
The cars will be hired out from and returned to Oike underground car park at Kawaramachi-Oike. Personnel from Kyoto City will be on hand to give you operating instructions so that you can drive safely.
Kyoto City is also planning to implement car-sharing for business organizations.
For further details, call the Environment Management Division 075-213-0930
Call "Kyoto Itsudemo Call" anytime between 1st to 10th day of the month previous to the month in which you wish to use an electric car.
TEL 075-661-3755
FAX 075-661-5855
Indicate your address, name, telephone number and the expected number of passengers (up to 3 persons).

Kyoto City Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Drill carried out

7 September 2009

On September 1st, Disaster Prevention Day, Kyoto City conducted comprehensive disaster prevention drills in Fushimi-ku, using venues such as the car park of Kyoto Racecourse.
The drill was intended to improve the ability of the participating institutions and community residents to cope with disasters and to strengthen their partnership.
Participating in the drill were Kyoto city and institutions affiliated with Kyoto Prefectural Police and Self-Defense Force, as well as community residents such as voluntary fire fighting teams, totaling about 5,000 people. The drill simulated measures for an earthquake with its epicenter right underneath the city, addressing food/water supply, fire-fighting/rescuing, information gathering and distribution, and evacuation center setup and management.
After the drill, Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa of Kyoto City commented, "The citizens of Kyoto City are second to none in terms of their awareness of the importance of disaster prevention and their motivation to prevent disasters. I would like to see this wonderful community spirit and the human resources of Kyoto thoroughly mobilized to further enhance Kyoto's status as the country's leader in disaster prevention." The Mayor pledged to do his utmost to strengthen Kyoto's ability to cope with disasters.
For further details, call the General Affairs Section of the Fire Bureau 075-212-6629

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