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August 2009

Making most of its proximity and fun to upgrade the zoo. New "Vision on the Kyoto City Zoo" (tentative) opinions are invited.

31 August 2009

On Aug. 14th, "We-love-the-zoo citizens committee" presented a new "Vision on the Kyoto City Zoo" (tentative) to Mayor of Kyoto City, Mr.Daisaku Kadokawa.
This vision is for upgrading the city zoo now showing the signs of rapid aging after more than 100 years since it opened.
It was drawn up after the specialist members and citizen members of the "We-love-the-zoo citizens committee" set up in March discussed and examined it at workshops, etc. Through consultation with the citizens' group "Building a future city 100-member committee" or organizing the "Let's talk as parents and children! The zoo of the future committee", this recommendation was brought about by working together with citizens.
The vision proposes such facilities as would make you feel that the animals are closer to you, improvement on the information display, or new restaurants.
Kyoto City invites you to send in your opinions on the vision. Let's us know your ideas that would make the zoo more attractive. The new Kyoto City Zoo Vision reflecting your opinions is expected to be finalized by the end of October.
For further details, call the Kyoto City Zoo 075-771-0210

The mist device was installed experimentally and water was sprinkled as a means of using water to prevent global warming.

24 August 2009

Kyoto City implemented two strategies using water that would lead to the mitigation of heat island phenomenon and prevention of global warming.
The first one was "experimental installation of the mist device" . This devices, exerting a high pressure on tap water, discharges mist of high pressure tap water from a special nozzle. It effectively vaporizes water so that the vaporizing heat can lower the ambient temperature by the average of 3 degrees. The device emits less CO2 gas than that does the air conditioner, exerting less environmental load.
Kyoto City measured the temperature and humidity before and after the experiment and surveyed questionaires on this. Based on the collected data, Kyoto City will spread its use to day care centers and shopping areas.
And "water sprinkling" as time-honored wisdom that brings cool air to summer in Kyoto was conducted at 165 locations in the city, the square in front of the Kyoto Municipal Office among others. The Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee, city's various groups, shops, companies and residents around the municipal office worked together, using rainwater and sterilized and decolored high class treated sewage water.
For further details, call the "Mist device experimental installation" and "Water sprinkling", call Water and Sewer Management Section 075-672-7759 or Global Warming Prevention Office 075-211-9281, respectivel

Japan-US Youth Baseball Exchange Program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the sister city relationship with Boston

17 August 2009

Kyoto City invited 12 junior high school students from Boston, USA from August 5 to August 11 to implement the "Japan-US Youth Baseball Exchange Program" to further strengthen the friendship through goodwill baseball matches and staying with Japanese families.
This was implemented to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the sister city relationship with Boston.
The group of junior high school students, staying with Japanese families, deepened the exchange with Kyoto City's junior high school students through welcome party and goodwill baseball matches as well as having a taste of the culture and technology of Kyoto as they went on sight-seeing tour and factory tour.
The delegation from Kyoto, led by Mayor Kadokawa would pay a visit to Boston in late August, to further deepen the exchange in a broader range of fields through symposiums on the preservation and rejuvenation of the historic cities, thus aiming to introduce Kyoto as an attractive city.
And in October, an event will be held in Kyoto to introduce Boston through images and music associated with the city of Boston.
For further details, call the Internationalization Promotion Office 075-222-3072

It was decided that the obligation of commercial facilities, etc to provide bicycle parking area would be strictly observed as of October.

10 August 2009

As of October 1st, Kyoto City will expand the areas such as commercial facilities where providing bicycle parking area is mandatory.
This is part of the measures to be taken against bicycles left abandoned now causing a big problem downtown and around commercial facilities.
The facilities subject to this new regulation include restaurant, rental CD and DVD shops, movie theaters, and post offices occupying larger than a certain area. The facilities to be constructed after Oct.1st will have the obligation to provide a bicycle parking area commensurate with the area they occupy.
Of the facilities already obliged to provide bicycle parking areas such as retail shops, game centers, and banks, smaller facilities will be subject to the new regulation.
To provide a bicycle parking area for a facility subject to the regulation, an application to the Bicycle Policy Division is required prior to application for confirmation of the construction.
The existing facilities occupying larger than a certain area are also required to make their best effort to provide a bicycle parking area.
For details on the facilities subject to the regulation or the standard for construction, refer to the leaflets distributed by the Kyoto City Bicycle Policy Division or its website.
For further details, call the Bicycle Policy Division 075-222-3565

The program aiming at encouraging broader use of next generation cars was announced.

3 August 2009

Kyoto City announced the program at encouraging broader use of next generation cars such as electric cars.
This is expected for Kyoto City to serve as an environment model city to encourage a broader use of next generation cars that are friendly to environment in order to dramatically reduce the CO2 emission
The program involves, first of all, the "installation of charging facilities" as 40 various charging facilities, the most numerous throughout the designated cities, that will be in place all over the city's administration districts, Kyoto City will offer electricity free of charge in order to become better equipped for the use of electric cars. Second, is the "support for introduction of next generation cars" to extend financial assistance to the taxi companies and rental car businesses that provide means of transportation for the citizens and tourists. In addition, the municipal office will introduce electric cars as its official cars in order to reduce the CO2 emission from official cars, and press ahead with the "car sharing" program to allow the citizens and businesses to share a car free of charge.
Apart from this, Kyoto City will organize events for the citizens to see eco-cars through their own eyes to learn more about them, and test-ride events to encourage the broad use of next generation cars.
For further details, call the Environment Management Division 075-213-0930

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