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July 2009

Foreign Student Okoshiyasu Pass issued

27 July 2009

Kyoto City has begun to issue a "Foreign Student Okoshiyasu Pass" for overseas students studying at universities in Kyoto Prefecture, which allows them free admission to a number of the city's cultural facilities. The intention is that the foreign students will have greater opportunities to enjoy the culture and art of Kyoto, and to deepen their connection with Kyoto. The holder of a "Foreign Student Okoshiyasu Pass" will receive free admission to any of the following eight facilities in August this year and in February next year:
Nijo Castle Murin-an, Kyoto City Art Museum, Kyoto City Zoo, Kyoto International Manga Museum, Kaleidoscope Museum, the Youth Science Center, and the School History Museum.
For details of the application procedure, contact Kyoto City International Foundation (075-752-3511)
Kyoto City also supports students from overseas in a variety of ways, such as improving accommodation for foreign students, and organizing meetings with Japanese students. By improving the environment to make it more attractive for overseas students, we are aiming to double the number of such students, in the hope that they will generate vitality in Kyoto.

"I DO love Kyoto!" to demonstrate that it is business as usual for tourism in Kyoto

21 July 2009

Of the schools that postponed their excursions because of the new type influenza, the first to arrive at Kyoto station after re-instating the trip was greeted and welcomed by Mayor of Kyoto City, Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa and by the Kyoto Tourism Promotion Council. As many as 1,150 schools accounting for 147,000 students canceled or postponed their excursion to Kyoto on account of the new type influenza, but 95% of them have decided to come to Kyoto after all. At the welcoming ceremony, the students on the school tour were warmly welcomed with applause from about 80 people, including Mayor Kadokawa. They were then presented with commemorative gifts, and entertained with a performance of koto (Japanese harp) . Kyoto City also announced that it will launch "Kyoto Tourism Summer Campaign" to advertize extensively around the Tokyo metropolitan area about the attractions of Kyoto in summer. With "I DO love Kyoto!" as its catchphrase, the campaign will feature such actions as the "Trainjack", where Tokyo subway trains will be flooded with advertising posters using images of maiko to represent Kyoto.
For further details, call the Tourist Promotion Division 075-222-4133

2009 supplementary budget compiled

13 July 2009

Kyoto City compiled a 30.6 billion yen supplementary budget, the largest in the last ten years, to deal effectively with the economic downturn, described as the worst in the last 100 years, and to overcome the disruption caused by the new-type influenza. This budget is built around the following three central tenets: economic development, safety and security for our citizens, and conservation of the environment.
Economic development policies include financial support for small businesses, emergency job creation projects for the unemployed, and the "Genki-desu! Kyoto" campaign, for boosting the recovery of tourism in Kyoto. Measures to ensure the safety and security for our citizens include improvement of the fire-fighting helicopter night service system, and issuing vouchers for free medical check-ups for cervical cancer and breast cancer. Measures for conservation of the environment include the installation of photovoltaic generators in municipal schools.
The budget will be financed by national government subsidies. While keeping the city's burden to minimum, we intend to deal promptly with the challenges facing us.
For further details, call the Financial Division 075-222-3291

Sponsored flowerbeds placed on Oike-dori

6 July 2009

Kyoto City placed flowerbeds on the northern side of Oike-dori between Tominokoji and Yanaginobanba, and between Sakaimachi and Takakura, utilizing thinned wood.
Everyone will be able to enjoy the flowers over the four different seasons on Oike-dori, a street which is symbolic of Kyoto. These are sponsored flowerbeds, as noted on the flowerbeds themselves, being financed by the businesses and residents along Oike-dori, and maintained by volunteer supporters.
The city is planning to lay down about one hundred flowerbeds on Oike-dori from Horikawa-dori to Oike bridge over the next three years to 2011. Also planned are increased tree-planting activities, and bicycle parks to be built on the sidewalk to promote the renovation of Oike-dori.
The recruitment of sponsors for the sponsored flowerbeds has already finished for 2009, but supporters are still being recruited. Would you like to help build a city full of flowers and trees?
For further details, call the Green Policy Division 075-222-3589

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