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June 2009

Operation of "Kyoto City Flood Information System" starts

29 June 2009

Kyoto City has started a flood information system to reduce to a minimum the flood damages caused by typhoon and torrential rains.
The is the nation's first system that gathers into a system already fed with the detailed built-in data on the land features or sewerage drainage capacities in the city the information such as data on the rainfalls or water rise actually measured at about 150 locations across the city to predict the state of flooding at each elapsed time for each river and administrative region.
The information provided by this system on the rivers or evacuation will be sent simultaneously to the registered emergency contact points such as facilities that need special attention including hospitals, subterranean facilities or community voluntary disaster prevention councils. The Kyoto City website is synchronized with this system to provide the latest rainfalls and rivers' water levels to the citizens of Kyoto. To search for the website, use the keyword "Kyoto City Flood Information Net".
For further details, call theDisaster Prevention Risk Management Office 075-212-6795.

"Eco-Convini" opens in Kyoto City Hall.

22 June 2009

On June 23rd, Kyoto City, jointly with the Kyoto 2R System Project (which is made up of groups committed to waste disposal control), opens an experimental environmentally-conscious convenience store called Eco-Convini Miyako Style inside Kyoto City Hall.This project is to be executed in cooperation with Lawson Inc. and Coca Cola West Company Ltd., and the store is the first to directly fill the customer's own cleaned bottles or cups with any drink it sells. The store reduces power consumption by not using large refrigerators. Disposable chopsticks and shopping bags are not made available, and the store is fully lit with low-power consumption LEDs to promote global warming awareness and energy saving. Eco-Convini Miyako Style is also dedicated to hiring peoples with developmental difficulties. Kyoto hopes to serve as a role model to the rest of Japan and to encourage the development of Miyako style convenience stores that are both environmentally friendly and promote equal opportunities in the workplace including examinations to see if this plan is viable as a business.
For further details, call the Environment Administration Division 075-222-3450.

Comprehensive inspection of Kyoto City Fire Fighting team conducted

15 June 2009

On June 7th, a comprehensive inspection of the Kyoto City Fire Fighting team was conducted
The inspection is conducted annually to strengthen the solidarity among the fire fighting teams and improve the skill. This year, at the Kyoto City fire activity comprehensive center that started the full operation in this April, among the 1,000 or so participants were 11 squads selected from fire fighting teams, each representing the administration divisions of the city as well as representatives of various organizations in the region and staff of fire department.
The Mayor of Kyoto City, Daisaku Kadokawa encouraged the participants at the opening ceremony, said "Kyoto saw the fewest fires ever last year since the autonomous fire fighting system came into being. You are the reason for that success, our finest fire fighting team".
The opening ceremony was followed by the inspection of the disciplines and protocols that fire fighters are expected to observe in executing their duties as well as the coordination, solidarity, and leadership of the commanders as the squads were marched out. Then, after that, fire fighting drills of basic operations were conducted such as extending three hoses using a small power pump. And the state of acquisition of knowledge and skills required to operate in disaster areas were checked.
Kyoto city will continue to commit itself to strengthening the skills of the fire fighting team to prevent disaster, as well as enhancing the fire fighting capability.
For further details, call the Fire Department General Affairs 075-212-6629

Fixed Cash Handout and Child Bringing-up Support Special Allowance paid to Domestic Violence victims

8 June 2009

In order to rescue those who cannot receive Fixed Cash Handout or Child Bringing-up Support Special Allowance because they are victims of DV (domestic violence) hampered from transferring their certificate of residence, Kyoto City will pay the amount they would normally be entitled to.
Eligible applicant for this allowance are those who have had their certificate of residence registered with Kyoto City as of February 1st 2009 as well as those who have resided on February1st, 2009 and are currently still residing in Kyoto City . In order to be objectively certified, one must present proof such as a record of having been admitted to a mother-child support facility or application to the court for protection order. Application deadline is October 15th. For details, contact the DV victim support cash handout desk.
Those who are not victims of DV are reminded to apply for the Fixed Cash Handout by October 15th. and apply for the Child Bringing-up Support Allowance by September 30th. Do not fail to apply before the deadlines.
For further details, call the Kyoto DV Victim Support Cash Handout desk 075-222-4138

Over 50 million tourists visited Kyoto so far this year

1 June 2009

Kyoto City announced that the number of tourists who have visited Kyoto in 2009 reached 50,210,000, as so goal of having the "50 million tourist sight-seeing city" set in 2000 has been achieved 2 years earlier than expected. Also foreign tourists have more than doubled to about 940 thousand from about 450 thousand that visited the old capital in 2003. Despite the decreasing number of students across the nation, we have had an increased number of students who visited Kyoto on school excursion.
Such achievement is attributable mainly to "Kyoto Hanatoro" ( or "Kyoto Flower Lantern ) now broadly established as a city's new seasonal event, and "Travel around Kyoto in winter" or "Travel around Kyoto in summer" packages that have very popular. No doubt, this is what has been achieved in the midst of continued Kyoto boom by all those concerned, including the citizens, tourism-related organizations, and economic world, working together in one to promote the tourism in Kyoto.
To discuss new tourist objectives and the way to achieve them, Kyoto City is going to set up a committee to plan the next tourism promotion plan in June, inviting people from all walks of life, including those involved in tourist industry and intellectuals. At the same time, we are also interested to hear your ideas about the Kyoto tourism not only from Kyoto but from people all over Japan. Please send us your interesting ideas that you think would make Kyoto more attractive or would resolve any outstanding issues.
For further information, contact theTourism Planning Division 075-222-4130

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