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May 2009

Financial support to be extended to small and medium sized companies that purchase electric cars or to households that install photovoltaic power generation systems

25 May 2009

Kyoto City expanded on the "Environment Preservation Financing", "Photovoltaic Power Generation System Installation Aid" policies to proceed with building of an environmentally friendly city.
The "Environment Preservation Financing" is intended to provide small and medium sized companies in the city the funds they need to reduce environmental loads that result from their business activities. Under the new policy, purchase of electric cars, installation of facilities for charging electric cars, or roof-top tree planting are added to the list of what is to be financed.
If you wish to seek financing, consult Kyoto City Environment Management Section before purchasing or construction of facilities, etc.
"Photovoltaic Power Generation System Installation Aid" is intended to help individuals or condominium associations that have installed or will install photovoltaic power generation systems during the period between April 1st, 2008 and March 31st, 2010 by bearing part of the installation cost.
For the maximum output of up to 4 kW, 50,000 yen will be offered for every 1kW or 80,000 yen if the specified procedure for installation within a landscape regulated zone is taken. It should be noted, however, that the flat rate of 45,000 yen applies to any system installed before March, 2008.
Application form is available from Kyoto City Global Warming Prevention Office and can also be downloaded from its website.
For further details, call the Global Warming Prevention Office: Tel: 075-211-9281

Let's talk as parent and child! The Conference on the Future of the Zoo.

18 May 2009

"Let's talk as parent and child! The Conference on the Future of the Zoo" was held at the Kyoto City Zoo (Okazaki, Sakyo-ku)
The conference was intended for the "parent-child" generation to re-visit the Kyoto City Zoo and express their candid opinions or requests on the planned renewal of the zoo since this generation is more likely to visit zoos than any other generation
After being briefed on by the zoo staff, the parents and children selected from among applicants were divided into three groups, and strolled around the zoo. Not only did they check the exhibited animals, they also checked various facilities in the zoo such as restaurants, toilets, and play equipment. They pointed out to the staff who led each group then and there what they noticed, or their ideas on improvement
After strolling, each group had a discussion, presenting specific opinions and requests from the view points of parent and child, respectively.
The opinions and requests expressed at this conference will be reported to the special committee of the "I Love Zoo Citizen Conference" to be reflected in the new "Kyoto City Zoo Vision" currently being formulated.
For further details, call the Zoo: Tel: 075-771-0210

Kyoto Citizen Environmental Fund was set up as a reserve fund supported by all.

11 May 2009

Kyoto City has set up "Kyoto Citizen Environmental Fund" as a reserve fund to help build a symbiotic city.
"Kyoto Citizen Environmental Fund" will be financed by the revenues from paid designated bags for household waste and contributions from citizens and businesses and will be spent on a variety of environmental projects.
More specifically, the fund will be spent on further promotion of the on-going programs such as collecting used tempura oil or lending crow-nets but we would like our citizens to join us in seeking new ways of using this money.
We are now asking for your ideas on how to use this "Kyoto Citizen Environmental Fund" . Please check the leaflets available from the city office information center, ward offices, or branch offices or visit our website.
We would very much appreciate contributions from those who support the objectives of the "Kyoto Citizen Environmental Fund"
For further details, call the Global Warming Prevention Office: Tel: 075-211-9281

Wedding at a World Heritage Site, Nijo Castle

4 May 2009

Kyoto City will start on a new project "Wedding at a World Heritage Site, Nijo Castle" this autumn to promote wedding at Nijo Castle.
We would like the couples to appreciate what is in so many ways fascinating about the culture of "wa" or "harmony" by starting a new life at Nijo Castle with over 400 years of its history and culture, and, at the same time, we would also like to appeal its beauty to the rest of the world, home and abroad
The couple will be congratulated warmly in the garden and tea room of the castle, in a colorful atmosphere of "wa" created as the bride is dressed in pure white crape kimono, wedding dress or 12-layered ceremonial kimono with tea being served in traditional ceremonial manners, and "koto" harp being played.
Reservation for this year will start in late June to accept 30 couples on a first-come first-served basis. The wedding ceremonies will take place, starting in late October when Kyoto shines most attractive.
For further details, call the Nijo Castle: Tel: 075-841-0096

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