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April 2009

"Citizen Kyokan Interview"

27 April 2009

Newly employed Kyoto City staff members took to the streets to conduct interviews with local citizens as a part of the 2009 training program. The program's aim was to facilitate direct conversation between new city employees and the citizens of Kyoto in hopes to improve their abilities to respond to the citizens, analyze the citizens' views and formulate policies. The interviews were conducted at 26 different locations across Kyoto City, each by a group of 2 to 3 staff members. Citizen's responses to topics deemed important to the Kyoto Administration where then analyzed, summarized and presented as proposed policy changes. The results of the interviews and the policy proposals put forth by newly employed staff members will be reflected in the "Study on the Creation of Future Kyoto". This study will direct the decision making processes and the inner workings of the municipal administration for the next ten years, starting in 2011.
For more details call the Policy Planning/Planning Coordination Department: tel: 075-222-3035

The Daisuki (I love) Kyoto Home Town Tax Donation starts to accept electronic applications and credit card payments.

20 April 2009

Kyoto City has been soliciting for the Home Town Tax Donation under the scheme popularly known as "Daisuki Kyoto" since July 2008. The system has been recently enhanced to allow for electronic application and for online payment by credit card. It is no longer necessary to make payments by post or in person at the bank. Donations can be now made directly by accessing the "Daisuki Kyoto" website.
Residents who make donations to the "Daisuki Kyoto" Home Town Tax Donation exceeding 5,000 yen can receive a partial charitable tax deducible that can be clamed for residential and personal income tax through filling a tax return. Donations can be made to specific area such as culture, landscape, or environment, giving residents the opportunity to determine how their money is used.
If you are interested in supporting Kyoto City, your contribution to "Daisuki Kyoto" will be very much appreciated.
For further details, call the Financial Division : Tel: 075-222-3290

Kyoto Municipal Zoo's new ape house opens on April 18

13 April 2009

Kyoto's chimpanzees will be on public view from April 18th, 2009 at the Municipal Zoo's new ape house located in Okazaki, Sakyo-ku.
The ape house has been renovated under The Preservation of Wild Animals Partnership Agreement that the zoo entered into with Kyoto University in 2008. The glass-walled enclosure is designed to allow visitors to see the animals up close and includes a viewing tower from which to see their life up in the trees. There is also a "learning room" where one can observe the chimps as they learn new skills.
Life at the new ape house got off to a lively start as some new buddies, Takashi, Koiko, Yoko and Suzumi, joined the zoo's current chimpanzee residents. An unveiling ceremony was held on April 18th at 10 am as the chimps came into the public view for the first time in their new home. A souvenir chimp mask modeled after Suzumi will be available at the zoo for 390 yen to the first 1000 customers.
Kyoto Municipal Zoo would like to invite your family to visit and enjoy the new attractions!
For further details, call the zoo: Tel: 075-771-0210

The sound of rushing water returns to Horikawa!

6 April 2009

The Horikawa Waterfront Environmental Improvement Project was completed on March 29th 2009, and the sound of rushing water has returned to Horikawa.
Horikawa used to be a flowing canal with abundant water, but it was left virtually waterless as a result of the flood control measures put in place in the 1950s. Launched in 1997, the project was Kyoto City's response to the residents' desire to see the crystal clear water come back to Horikawa.
Water has been redirected from the 2nd old canal to Shimei-dori, and is now flowing from Horikawa-dori to Horikawa-Oike, covering the entire 4km-long water passageway, which is divided into five zones, each with a pedestrian path. The five different zones were built to reflect the results of a community workshop in which over one thousand citizens participated. Disaster prevention was also taken into account and the water from the waterway can be used for extinguishing fire as well as for household needs. The commemoration ceremony to mark the completion of the project was attended by Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa who praised the restoration of the Horikawa waterways.
This goal was reached by the hard work, dedication and cooperation of the citizens of Kyoto and city officials working hand in hand. A well attended "Cherry Festival" was also organized by the citizens and the new waterways were teeming with people enjoying the restored sounds of the stream of Horikawa.
For more information, contact the River Development Department: Tel: 075-222-3591

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