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March 2009

Kitayama Fureai Center Opened on April 1

29 March 2009

On April 1, 2009, a community welfare center “Kitayama Fureai Center” will be opened on Kitayama Street, Shimogamo, Sakyo ward.
The site was donated by a citizen and the “Kitayama Fureai Center” was constructed based on the city’s basic construction framework by the Kyoto Welfare Association. The Mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Kadokawa made a speech in the completion ceremony: “Kitayama Fureai Center is finally completed for all citizens. I would like to use this new facility for better life for all citizens, from small children to elderly people.”
The center accommodates “Office of Nursing Care for Physically Challenged People”, “Center of Supporting Job Gaining and Life for Physically Challenged People”, “Office of Supporting Job Gaining for Physically Challenged People”, “Facility for Mentally Challenged Children”, “Kyoto City Single-parent Welfare Center”, “Kyoto City Children Nursing Home”, “Nursing Care House for Elderly People”, etc. This is a center for everyone. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Social Welfare Section: Tel: 075-222-4161.

Kyoto City Disaster Prevention Center Fully Launched

23 March 2009

The Kyoto City Disaster Prevention Center will be fully launched from April 2009. It is located in Kamitoba, Minami ward.
The center is Japan’s first comprehensive facility which can be the stronghold of city’s disaster prevention activities. In ordinary situation, the center is used for education or training of staffs of the fire department and voluntary groups to learn about disaster prevention. When a large scale disaster happens, it will be a gathering place for the rescue teams coming from other parts of Japan.
The center has special facilities to have practical trainings. One of them is City Block Training Center which recreate Kyoto’s townscape including machiya townhouses. Another feature is the Real Fire Extinction Training Room where training using real fire can take place.
Taking the center as a stronghold of the disaster prevention facility, the city will develop the best disaster prevention activities to secure the safe life of the citizens. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Disaster Prevention Bureau: Tel: 075-212-6629.

Kyoto’s First Naming Rights Project: Nishikyogoku Baseball Stadium Renamed “Wakasa Stadium”

16 March 2009

Kyoto City has recently agreed on the first naming rights project of the Nishikyogoku Baseball Stadium with Wakasa Seikatsu Co., Ltd..
This agreement aims to make the baseball stadium a base of sport promotion and development as well as fine educational opportunity for children. From April 1, 2009, Nishikyogoku Baseball Park will be renamed “Wakasa Stadium Kyoto”.
The contract with Wakasa Seikatsu Co. Ltd. will last for 5 years. The contract fee is 25 million yen a year and the city will receive 125 million yen in total. This revenue will be used for the development of the stadium. This year, some official games of Kansai Independent League will be held at Wakasa Stadium Kyoto. The city will try to invite attractive sport events to make the stadium better for citizens. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Sport Planning Section: Tel: 075-222-4033.

Report of the Victory of Japan Wheelchair Relay Race: Kyoto City Sport Award Given to Team Kyoto A, the Champion of the Race

9 March 2009

On February 27, 2009, celebrative report party of the Japan Wheelchair Relay Race was held and Team Kyoto A became the champion for the second time after 14 years since the first victory.
The Japan Wheelchair Relay Lace was held on February 22nd, 2009. 30 teams joined the race and ran 21.3 kilometer course divided into 5 sections. The Team Kyoto A powerfully ran and came to the top at the end of the race. There was only 2 seconds gap with the second team and the Team Kyoto A won the victory.
The coach, trainer and all 5 members of the team attended the celebrative report party. Mr. Haruo Sakano, the coach of the team made a speech with delight of victory. After that, the mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Kadokawa compliment to the team for their great achievement. “Your achievement gave many citizens admirable and great feeling. Congratulations on your victory.”
After the party, Kyoto City Sport Award was given to the team. This award is given to an individual or a team who make a great achievement in a domestic and international game. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Physically Challenged Issue and Sanitary Welfare Section: Tel: 075-222-4161.

Mr. Kadokawa’s First Year as the Mayor Finished

2 March 2009

On February 17, 2009, the mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Kadokawa welcomed his first anniversary since he won in an erection last year. He made a speech about his first year as a mayor and addresses his hope and determination for the future.
He has visited about 900 places since he became the mayor. Based on that experience, he says, “I feel that the staff’s consciousness as a Kyoto City staff has been changed largely. I will continuously take innovative policies which let every staff feel responsibility for their work.” One of the specific achievements he feels he has made in a year is that he had innovation in antidiscrimination measures, promoting environmentally friendly city creation, strengthening safety network for the future, improvement of city’s economical foundation, etc.
Next he addresses his determination for his second year which includes “to accumulate better human resource system”, “to convert the city municipality force from administrative to the citizens”, “to create environmentally friendly lifestyle” and “to establish Kyoto’s original style in every part”.
The city will take any action for better and bright future of Kyoto using its local and human resources. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Publicity Section: Tel: 075-222-3094.

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