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February 2009

Kyoto Protocol Effectuation Commemoration Event Held: Mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Kadokawa’s declaration of environmental model city

23 February 2009

On February 15, 2009, the “Kyoto Protocol Effectuation Commemoration Event” was held at the Myako Messe in Okazaki, Sakyo ward.
This event was held to commemorate the 4th anniversary since the effectuation of the Kyoto Protocol. Groups which regularly work hard on the global warming provisions gathered and presented their activities. An award ceremony for excellent environmental activities, a trilateral dialogue about environmentally friendly lifestyles, the tasting of dishes using Kyoto vegetables (promotion of local products) and other events were held.
As Kyoto was selected as a Japanese “Environmental Model City” on January 23, Mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Kadokawa made a declaration about the Environmental Model City at the beginning of the event. He said, “We will focus on environmental issues as our most important municipal policy and will undertake innovative projects as an Environmental Model City domestically and internationally by cooperating with citizens and companies.” For further information, contact the Kyoto City Global Warming Provision Section: Tel: 075-211-9281.

Primary Budget for Fiscal Year 2009 Released: combining city creation for future and restoring the fiscal health

16 February 2009

On February 4th, 2009, the Mayor, Mr. Kadokawa released the primary budget for fiscal year 2009. The total amount of general account is 694 billion yen. It is the first time in the past three years that the general account increased from previous year. On the other hand, more than 10 billion yet were cut from city bond debt and the outstanding amount of the city bond debt will not be an economical burden for future generations.
The budget plan particularly focuses on three points: “to reinforce employment measures and safety networks with the support of small or middle sized companies”, “to create environmentally friendly city projects for the next generation” and “to promote projects for city walking”.
Specific main projects: “to increase emergency employment and to start new funding for small or middle sized companies”, “to provide increased financial support for pregnant mothers’ medical check-ups”, “to extend funds for solar power generation systems”, “to create flower beds on Oike Street and to start to make flower streets through cooperative efforts with private companies and citizens”, “to extend sidewalks on Shijo Street”. These budget plans will be discussed in the city council starting this week. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Budget Officer Section: Tel: 075-222-3291.

Kansai 4 Mayors Meeting Held

9 February 2009

On January 26, the Kansai 4 Mayors Meeting was held at Koun-tei in Nijo Castle.
Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa of Kyoto City, Mr. Kunio Hiramatsu of Osaka City, Mr. Keisuke Kihara of Sakai City and Mr. Tatsuo Yada of Kobe City attended the meeting. After participating in an official tea ceremony offered by the Machida Soho Gyotei of the Urasenke School, the mayors discussed actively how to revitalize the Kansai region.
Finally, they released the “Nijo Castle Declaration” in order to convert from a centralized political system to a local autonomy system. Each city will continue to develop its own local, cultural, human resources and compete with and support each other for further municipal improvements. The cities will appeal to the national government and prefectural governments to give them more authority and power to control tax income. They also agreed to cooperate with other smaller cities, towns and villages for further development of the Kansai region.
The four cities will strengthen their inter-connection and try to improve tourism and environmental fundamentals. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Municipal Policy Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3033.

Kyoto City Selected as an Environment Model City

2 February 2009

On January 23, 2009, Kyoto City was selected as an “Environment Model City” by the national government. The national government selects advanced environmental cities and supports the city’s promotion to reduce greenhouse gases and other related social reforms.
As an environment model city, the city has specifically set a goal to reduce greenhouse effect gases by 40% by 2030 and by 60% by 2050 (compared with 1990 levels).
In addition, the city is actively working on new projects to reduce the greenhouse effect including: the “Walking City Kyoto Project”, the “Wood Culture Appreciation Kyoto City Project”, “New Lifestyles and Technical Innovations”. The Citizen’s committee has already set these projects into motion.
With the cooperation of citizens and companies, the city will take all possible actions to become a model environmental city. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Global Warming Provision Section: Tel: 074-211-9281.

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