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December 2009

Commendation of companies registered under the Kyoto Gender Equality Promotion Declaration

21 December 2009

Kyoto city has commended two companies registered under Kyoto Gender Equality Promotion Declaration.
Aiming to recognize and support companies actively enhancing their workplace so that their staff members can easily participate in the workforce regardless of their gender by actively utilizing women's ability and supporting the staff members in balancing work and home life, Kyoto city commended two companies registered with the Kyoto Gender Equality Promotion Declaration, Nissin Electric Co., Ltd. and Asahi Roentgen Co., Ltd., which eagerly tackled the promotion of gender equality this year.

For Nissin Electric Co., Ltd., the promotion of female staff exchange, and support for balancing work and home under its excellent child-care and family-care leave system were highly evaluated. For Asahi Roentgen Co., Ltd., the positive assignment of female staff members to its sales department, and the introduction of an excellent child-care leave system and paid holiday system were highly evaluated.

Kyoto city will continue to make efforts to establish systems to balance work and home life in cooperation with companies and various organizations in the city.

For further details, call the Gender Equality Promotion Division 075-222-3091

Mayor Kadokawa visited the facilities for physically challenged children

14 December 2009

On December 7, Mayor Kadokawa visited St. Joseph Medical Welfare Center, a facility for physically challenged children in Kita ward.
Every year, the mayor visits facilities for physically challenged people during Disability Awareness Week from Dec. 3 to 9.

This year, Mr. Kadokawa visited the Muginoho Gakuen, a residential facility for mentally and physically challenged people, Kunugi, a daycare facility for health care and education, and Hibari Gakuen, a daycare facility for mothers and physically challenged children on the premises of the St. Joseph Medical Welfare Center. Observing the respective facilities, the mayor spoke to the people at the facilities one by one to communicate with them in a meaningful way.

Kyoto city will continue to promote the development of the city where all the citizens can live their lives actively and without anxiety while being individually respected and mutually supported without being affected by disability.
For further details, call the Disability Healthcare Welfare Division, 075-222-4161

Distributed for free, the "Miyako Bicycle Parking Area Map" shows more than 100 parking areas in Kyoto

7 December 2009

Kyoto city issued the "Miyako Bicycle Parking Area Map" showing bicycle parking information in the city.
Although bicycles are environment-friendly, handy and convenient as a means of transport, illegally-parked bicycles cause problems for society such as blocking pedestrians routes and spoiling the appearance of towns.
This map is issued as part of efforts to improve manners and enforce rules for utilizing bicycles. In addition to the locations of more than 100 bicycle parking areas in the city, operation hours, fares, information about rental bicycles and the storage sites for illegally-parked and impounded bicycles are shown on the map.
This B2 size map is easy to read and also can be folded as a portable pocket map.

The "Miyako Bicycle Parking area Map" is available for free at ward offices, branch offices, city subway stations, Kintetsu Kyoto station, Keihan Sanjo station, Hankyu Kawaramatchi station and other places. (200,000 copies are to be distributed.)
Have you ever had any dangerous experience caused by illegally parked bicycles? Please park your bicycle at the bicycle parking areas. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

For further details, call the Bicycle Policy Division, 075-222-3565

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