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June 2008

“Do You Kyoto?” Project Launching Event Held

30 June 2008

Kyoto City held launch event called “Do You Kyoto?” As the birth place of Kyoto Protocol, people say “Do you Kyoto?” as a way of meaning “Do you do something good for the environment?”. Kyoto is known to the world as an environmentally important city. Since the Kyoto Protocol was adopted on February 16th, 2005, the city decided that the 16th of every month is “Do You Kyoto? Day” as a way to promote environmental friendly activities. At the launching event of “Do You Kyoto Day”, a number of citizens presented their eco activities and joined in a count down event to turn off the lights on the Kyoto Tower. Kyoto City will undertake further promotions to develop “Do You Kyoto?” to promote awareness of the greenhouse effect. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Global Warming Provision Section: Tel: 075-211-9281.

“Smile 21 Project” Started

23 June 2008

Kyoto City started the “Smile 21 Project” on June 10th, 2008. It is one of the core projects that the new Mayor, Mr. Kadokawa, strongly promotes. From this year, a new section called the Service Promotion Section was set up in city hall. Staff from this section will visit places in the city and provide a variety of services. On June 10th, a launch ceremony was held in front of the city hall and Vice Mayor, Mr. Hoshikawa, gave a message from the Mayor to staff members. One of the staff members made a speech and after that, they went out to clean the city. As part of the “Smile 21 Project”, illegal bike parking, street smoking will be targeted, and secure school children walkways will be promoted. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Service Promotion Section: Tel: 075-661-5170.

Kyoto Mayor, Mr. Kadokawa, and Kyoto Governor, Mr. Yamada, Meet

16 June 2008

On June 5th, 2008, the Mayor of Kyoto City, Mr. Kadokawa, and the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture, Mr. Yamada, had a meeting. During the meeting, Mr. Kadokawa asked Mr. Yamada to ensure a better public transportation system to reduce emissions of green house gases. In addition, the spoke about stricter regulations for illegal street car parking. Mr. Yamada showed his understanding and promised to cooperate. Mr. Kadokawa also stressed the importance of cooperation between all administrative bodies from the planning stage of any major undertaking to achieve further development of the city. One such project is to set up a new tourist information office on the second floor of JR Kyoto Station by the end of 2010 to provide comprehensive tourist information covering both Kyoto City and Prefecture. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Municipal Policy Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3034.

The 1st “Omusubi Meeting” with the Mayor, Mr. Kadokawa

9 June 2008

On May 31st, 2008, the 1st “Omusubi Meeting” was held in Ohara, Sakyo ward. These meetings are a way for the mayor to meet with local people. He wishes to listen to the voice of Kyoto citizens directly to reflect their requests in his municipal administration.
The first meeting was held at a community space called Sato no Eki Ohara which opened on the same day. Participants enjoyed Ohara’s local food while discussing how to best make use of Sato no Eki Ohara and their local heritage. Kyoto City will organize this kind of meeting as many times as possible (about once a month) to make the city administration better. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Municipal Policy Promotion Section Kyokan System: Tel: 075-222-3104.

A 1,000 yen Fine for Street Smoking, from June 1

1 June 2008

From June 1st, 2008, smokers will be fined 1,000 yen for street smoking in specific non-smoking area. This measure was taken to prevent accidents and to provide a cleaner environment. Based on the ordinance, passed June 1st 2007, smoking is prohibited on 10 main streets from November 2007 (Shijo between Higashioji and Karasuma, Kawaramachi, Karasuma between Oike and Shijo, etc.).
If city staff members discover someone smoking in a prohibited area that person will be fined 1,000 yen. If the person in question does not have 1,000 yen, the staff member will give that person a payment slip for later payment. The city staff members will carry ID cards. Smoking on the street is very dangerous and it is recommended to refrain from smoking even outside prohibited areas. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Local Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3049.

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