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May 2008

Water Disaster Prevention Drill on the Katsura River

25 May 2008

On May 11th, Kyoto City held a water disaster prevention drill near Miyamae Bridge on the Katsura River. To learn about the prevention and ways of dealing with large scale water disasters, about 500 citizens from five neighboring cities and towns, related organization staff members, and local voluntary disaster prevention groups participated in the drill.
In the drill, the participants learned about what would happen and what would be required if a flood occurred after heavy rains on Katsura River. They confirmed how important cooperation is in emergency situations. After the drill, the mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Kadokawa, gave a speech. He said, “Firm cooperation and good relations among citizens and public administrative organizations is essential to assure safety and security. Please remember what you learned today and cooperate effectively in times of need.” For further information, contact the Kyoto City River Management Section: Tel: 075-222-3591.

Specialist in Times of Disaster System Started

18 May 2008

The Mayor of Kyoto City, Mr. Kadokawa, recently announced a new system called ‘Specialists in Times of Disaster’. It started from May 15th, 2008. In the event of natural disasters (typhoons or earthquakes) and other disasters caused by radiation, biological agents or chemical substance, this system provides rescue teams with direct access to professional advice from specialists various fields.
Each specialist is an expert in specific disaster causes. The Radiation Isotope General Center of the Kyoto University Disaster Prevention Center will provide experts for landslide and radiation disasters. The Kyoto City Health and Public Disruption Research Center will provide professional assistance for disasters caused by biological agents or chemical substances. The Kyoto City Hospital will be responsible for casualty medical treatment around the clock. This new system has been designed to greatly improve citizen safety in times of disaster. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Fire Department: Tel: 075-212-6629.

Supplementary Budget for the Fiscal Year 2008 Decided: a new start for the administration of the new mayor, Mr. Kadokawa

11 May 2008

Kyoto City has decided on a supplementary budget for the fiscal year 2008. This is the first big initiative by the administration of the new mayor, Mr. Kadokawa. At first, the suggested supplementary budget total was 25.6 billion yen. This did not include 4.4 billion yen in funds designated for road improvement. This supplementary budget plan is based on two core principles: ‘citizen and administrative cooperation’ and the ‘creation of synergy through administrative organizational generalization and assimilation’. Specifically, the city will focus on ‘child care and education’, ‘the creation of an environmentally friendly city’ and ‘the creation of knowledge industries based on the cooperation between companies, universities and the city’. For families with three or more children, childcare fees will only be charged for the first two children. Also the city will try to make the downtown streets more pedestrian-friendly, and promote Kyoto's traditional clothing industries in the Tokyo area. This budget plan will be discussed in the city council meeting in May. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Accountant Section: Tel: 075-222-3288.

Consumers’ Affairs Consulting and Information Email Service Started

4 May 2008

Kyoto City has started a new service: the “Consumers’ Affairs Consulting and Information Email Service”. Recently, the number of problems related to consumer affairs has been increasing. To prevent problems in advance or to protect people who have been defrauded, the service provides useful information and advice via email.
Information about the recall of food, new kinds of problems, and who to contact for getting back refundable deposits, and so on will be provided by email via a monthly subscription service. For urgent situations, information will be sent to the citizen's computer and mobile phone. To use this service, please register your email address via Kyoto City's website (Citizen’s General Enquiry Section). You can register your mobile phone email address as well.
For further information, contact the Kyoto City Citizen’s General Enquiry Section: Tel: 075-256-1110.

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