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March 2008

Mayor, Mr. Kadokawa Answer Questions at the First City Council

17 March 2008

The new mayor, Mr. Kadokawa, answered questions in the regular city council meeting held on March 6th and 7th. Mainly, he spoke about the city’s budget for the new fiscal year. The budget is very important and fundamental. It was carefully designed to avoid negative impacts on citizens wherever possible. The budget mainly included continuing projects from the previous mayor and expenses for human resources and maintaining public facilities. The total budget was 1 trillion and 665.5 billion yen including general accounts (659.5 billion yen), special accounts and public company accounts. Costs for some new projects were included (to establish a new elementary school and junior high school building in Higashiyama ward and to revitalize the Kyoto Municipal Zoo in cooperation with Kyoto University, etc.). The budget for other new projects will be discussed at the city council meeting in May.
Mr. Kadokawa visited Sansa Ukyo recently. Sansa Ukyo is a complex that opened in March in front of Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station on the Tozai subway line. The general Ukyo Ward office, Ukyo ward local gym, car parks, condominium apartments and various commercial facilities are concentrated in this new community complex.
Mr. Kadokawa actively visited all areas of the city to see the reality of the citizen’s life: Kyoto's early morning bus service system, the garbage collection system, Zest Oike, each ward office, the municipal zoo, etc.. The mayor and all of the city staff will work hard to make Kyoto a better city and they hope to have full cooperation from citizens.

Kyoto City Mayoral Changeover from Mr. Masumoto to Mr. Kadokawa

4 March 2008

On February 24th, the previous mayor, Mr. Masumoto, retired. He worked hard as the mayor of Kyoto City for 3 terms: a total of 12 years. In his retirement ceremony, he said, ‘I was able to start all the things I had promised citizens and made them successful. It has been a precious experience to work so long to contribute to improving Kyoto in cooperation with the city's citizens. I really thank all of you.’ About 3,500 people attended the ceremony to see him off.
On February 25th, the new mayor, Mr. Kadokawa, assumed his post. In his first speech, he said, ‘I would like to make my best effort to make Kyoto an even more wonderful city in cooperation with the municipal staff and citizens. I will implement an innovative municipal administration that respects the needs of local areas.’ He promised to achieve all 124 initiatives designed for Kyoto’s future and asked for cooperation and understanding from citizens.

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