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August 2007

New Policy about Scenery Preservation Started on September 1

27 August 2007

The city will start a new policy for scenery preservation from September 1st. To preserve and recreate lost traditional scenery, the city has already had meetings many times. The number of beautiful structures being lost is because of newly constructed buildings which are often not suitable for Kyoto’s traditional atmosphere.
The new policy strictly regulates the height, design, view, outside ads and historical ads. At the same time the city provides some supporting systems. For example, the height of the buildings should be lower further from the city center. The height of residential buildings must be corresponded to this rule. Almost all areas of the city will be designed as scenic beauty districts so that the design of new buildings will be restricted.
There is also an ordinance to secure views in the city: 38 specific places have been listed for preservation, and outside ads, blinking lights, moving lights and other showy design ads will be banned. To create a more beautiful city, the city will support efforts to make better outside ads.
In addition, the city will provide financial support for existing buildings for renovation, maintenance and replacement. This is Japan’s first comprehensive policy for scenery preservation. Specialists of scenery preservation will be hired and an association will be set up to improve these policies further.
A detailed pamphlet explaining these policies is available for free. The information is available on the internet to determine what kinds of restrictions are valid in various areas. The city will make the best effort to promote the creation of a beautiful city in the future. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Scenery Policy Section at 075-222-3397.

A New Baby Giraffe Born in Kyoto City Zoo

13 August 2007

On July 28th, a baby giraffe was born in the Kyoto City Zoo. The father is Kiyomizu and the mother is Mirai. It was the first baby for Mirai and she took about 2 hours to deliver the baby. The baby giraffe is a boy and is about 180 centimeters tall and weights 70 kilograms. He lives with his parents and they can be viewed by the public. Visit the zoo to see the newly born baby giraffe. The zoo is currently asking the public to choose a new name for the baby giraffe: there are five nominated names: Uryu, Inari, Tendo, Shiroyama or Ryuo. The name will be decided by visitors’ vote (accepted south side of the giraffe house, until Aug. 26th). For further information, contact the Kyoto City Zoo at 075-771-0210.

Citizen’s Opinion about Paid-for Garbage Bag System Released

6 August 2007

Kyoto City has published to out two reports about the city’s new system of paid-for garbage bags. The first report was written before the system was introduced and the second after the system was put into effect. Roughly 2,000 citizens answered the questions about how they felt since the system was introduced. According to the research, the number of people who brought recyclable resources (cans, bottles, pet bottles, etc.) to collection spots doubled. The number of people who bring their own bags for shopping and don’t use plastic bags increased 8%. These are the good results and show how citizens have become more concerned about reducing garbage and recycling. From October, the city will start to collect plastic materials separately to increase recycling efficiency. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Environmental Bureau Planning Section at 075-213-4930.

Kyoto City Disaster Prevention Meeting Held

6 August 2007

On July 27th, Kyoto City Disaster Prevention Meeting was held. The city and other disaster prevention organizations discussed prompt actions for natural disasters. In the opening speech, the mayor, Mr. Masumoto, said, ‘There is no perfect disaster prevention. We have to always cooperate with each other to achieve the best effort.’ Next, they discussed reinforcing plans for reducing landslides, confirmed the action plan of rescue system when a big earthquake happens, revised the city’s local disaster prevention plans, etc. Plans for the Disaster Prevention Fair 2007 which will be held between August 24th and 27th were also discussed. The city will make further efforts to improve the local disaster prevention system. For further information, contact the Fire Department General Section at 075-212-6629.

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