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November 2007

PTA Festival Held

26 November 2007

Kyoto City will organize a PTA Festival at the Kyoto International Conference Center (Takaragaike, Sakyo ward) on December 8th, from 11:00 to 15:00. On that day, stage presentations, food stalls, panel presentations and other activities will be introduced. Admission is free of charge. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Educational Board Social Education Section: Tel: 075-222-3800.

The Tale of Genji Millennium Memorial Pre Event Held

19 November 2007

The year 2008 is the 1200th anniversary of the creation of the world's first novel, the Tale of Genji, which has been read all over the world. Cooperating with Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyoto City has founded the Tale of Genji Millennium Memorial Committee to promote this memorial year.
One of the main projects of the committee was the Millennium Pre Event held on November 1, 2007. On that day, the master of Kongo Noh School, Kongo Hisanori, performed an elegant noh piece related to the Tale of Genji. In addition, the chairman of the Kyoto Convention Bureau, Mr. Jun-ichi Murata, gave a speech and the image character for the anniversary celebration was presented. The actress Yuki Shibamoto will be the main character to promote the event. Honorary professor of Colombia University, Mr. Donald Keene, gave a lecture on this day as well. Participants enjoyed experiencing and learning about the world of the Tale of Genji. The committee will hold a variety of promotion events through to November 1st, 2008. For further information, contact the Tale of Genji Millennium Memorial Committee: Tel: 075-231-2008.

‘Shokoku-ji, Kinkaku-ji, and Ginkaku-ji Special Temple Exhibition’ to be held in Paris for the 50th Anniversary of Sister City Relations

19 November 2007

The mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Masumoto, announced that a special exhibition, ‘Treasures of Shokoku-ji, Kinkaku-ji, and Ginkaku-ji Temple’ will be held in Paris, France. The exhibition commemorates the 50th anniversary of sister city relations between the two cities. The organizers include Shokoku-ji Temple and the Kyoto International Cultural Exchange Foundation.
Between October 15th and December 14th, 2008, about 100 Buddhist art treasures, including National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties, from Shokoku-ji Temple, Kinkaku Rokuon-ji Temple and Ginkaku Jisho-ji Temple will be exhibited in the Petit Palais Museum, Paris. People in Paris will marvel at these precious works from Kyoto's gorgeous Kitayama and Higashiyama Culture. For further information, contact the Kyoto City International Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3072.

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