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July 2006

Race Driver, Mr. Ukyo Katayama Visited the Mayor Mr. Masumoto

31 July 2006

In July, the famous Japanese race driver, Mr. Ukyo Katayama visited the Mayor, Mr. Masumoto. Mr. Katayama will join the Paris-Dakar Rally in January 2007 with a car using biodiesel fuel made from used food oil. Mr. Katayama visited the mayor to ask for support in the race including the biodiesel fuel because Kyoto City is working on biodiesel fuel research. The mayor said that the city will provide the race team with maximum support including technical aspects. After talking, the mayor put biodiesel fuel into Mr. Katayama’s race car and wished him luck in the Paris-Dakar Rally. On the same day, the city created a place for the collection of used food oil in front of city hall. A garbage collecting truck and a city bus which use biodiesel fuel were also put on public display. For further information, contact Kyoto City Facility Maintenance Section at 075-212-8500.

Project Team Established for Citizen’s Charter for Children

31 July 2006

Kyoto City has established a project team to enact a Citizen’s Charter for Children. This charter will indicate how citizens should act to make a healthy environment to raise children. Today there are many serious situations such as the rapidly decreasing of the number of children and aging, changes in family structure, much less local cooperation, etc. On July 28th 2006, the first meeting for the Kyoto City Citizen’s Charter for Children was held. This meeting was attended by 20 members including academic specialists and representatives of local groups. In the meeting, they confirmed the outline of the charter and exchanged opinions. The charter hopefully will be enacted by March 2007. For further information, contact Kyoto City Children and Family Section at 075-251-2380.

Kyoto Teacher’s School Applicants Requested

24 July 2006

Kyoto City is accepting applicants for the Kyoto Teacher’s School: university students and working people who want to be elementary school and junior high school teachers. The school will start from September 2006. Based on special knowledge learned in university, participants can brush up their teaching skills and leadership abilities by learning from working teachers. Various programs are provided including lectures by principles and young teachers, and practical on-the-job training. The program can develop the city’s educational environment for all children. The school will start from September 30th until July 2007. The classes are held on the first and third Saturdays of the month. The number of participants is limited to 300 people and it costs 10,000 yen. The application form is available at City Hall, ward offices and branch offices until August 25th. For further information, contact Kyoto City Teacher Training Support Section at 075-222-3839.

New Miyako Design Competition

24 July 2006

Currently Kyoto City is recruiting new suggestions for ‘New Miyako Design’. To preserve and promote Kyoto’s precious historical scenery, the city needs new ideas and designs for specific areas including the central areas surrounded by Kawaramachi, Karasuma, Horikawa, Oike, Shijo and Gojo streets. In addition, design and colors for middle and high rise buildings (more than 4 stories) are needed. There are two sections: idea section and design section to have a variety of ideas and designs for middle and high rise buildings. The city expects to have many ideas to promote more beautiful Kyoto scenery. Application forms are available at City Hall, ward offices and branch offices. Applications will be accepted until August 31st. For further information, contact Kyoto City Scenery Planning Section at 075-222-3397.

Foundation Assembly of 2008 G-8 Summit Promotion Kyoto Committee

17 July 2006

The foundation assembly of 2008 G-8 Summit Promotion Kyoto Committee was held on July 14th 2006. Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry formed the previous organization to promote inviting 2008 G-8 Summit. This time some groups and organizations related to cultural promotion and tourism joined the committee. The chairman is Mr. Masao Horiba, the supreme advisor of HORIBA. The Mayor, Mr. Masumoto, made a speech in the assembly. He said, ‘It is great that not only cultural and tourism related groups but also other groups like universities and environmental groups joined the committee. Now, Kyoto can make the best effort to get the summit.’ In the end, the committee resolved that they will try their best to achieve the Kyoto Summit cooperating with all citizens. For further information, contact Kyoto City Municipal Policy Planning Section at 075-222-3035.

New Support System for Voluntary Garbage Collecting Groups

17 July 2006

Kyoto City will require special (not free) garbage bags from October 2006. Currently, the city is working on a support system to provide financial support for local group who voluntarily collect recyclable garbage including old paper, cans, bottles, etc. The city will pay part of the collecting cost. To receive financial support, the group must be registered. The amount of money will vary between 5,000 yen to 7,500 yen depend on the items they are collecting. Application form will be available at City Hall, ward offices or branch offices from August 1st until August 31st. For further information, contact Kyoto City Circulative Planning Section at 075-222-4091.

Subsidies for Kitchen Garbage Processors and Compost Makers

10 July 2006

The Mayor, Mr. Masumoto, has created a subsidy for citizens who use kitchen garbage processors or compost makers to reduce the large amount of garbage. Application will be accepted from August 1st 2006. According to the survey, kitchen garbage occupies accounts for about 40% of household garbage The subsidy (50% of total cost) will be given to citizen who lives in Kyoto City and buys a processor or compost maker from shops in the city. The maximum price is 35,000 yen for a kitchen garbage processor and 4,000 yen for a compost maker. Application will be accepted by postcard from August 1st. The application form is available at the City Hall, ward and branch offices. For further information, contact Kyoto City Circulative Planning Section at 075-222-3460.

Kodomo Yumehiroba Children Park to Open in City Hall Square

10 July 2006

Kyoto City is now constructing a children park called Kodomo Yumehiroba at the east part of the square in front of the City Hall for children and parents. The square has been the resting place for citizens and visitors for many years. The city will install several wooden play sets made with Keihoku woods, lawn and a fence. It will open in the late August. Part of the construction cost will be provided by the International Soroptimist Kyoto, Yayoi. For further information, contact Kyoto City General Section at 075-222-3045.

Soccer Stadium Questionnaire Results Released

3 July 2006

The Committee of Soccer Studium Construction which consists of the city, prefecture and Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry staff, has released research results about the construction of a soccer stadium. They concluded that the only possible idea is total remodeling Nishikyogoku Track and Field Stadium and Ball Game Stadium. The conclusion came out from the mid term report from the committee in December 2005 and it includes the opinions of citizens. In the mid term report, Yokooji Park, Umekoji Park and Botanical Garden were mentioned as the possible places to construct the soccer stadium, but because of the financial matter and inconvenient traffic access, they concluded they are not appropriate. Then the committee started to consider how to remodel the Nishikyogoku Stadium. Though the soccer stadium will be for both soccer and track and field games, there are several positive factors, for example, it has convenient traffic access, the remodeling cost will be cheaper than constructing new facility, the construction period will be shorter than other places, a big roof and screen can be built, it can have big enough seats, etc. When it is completed, the stadium will be equivalent to a general soccer stadium. For further information, contact Kyoto City Sport Planning Section at 075-222-4033.

Symbol Mark and Projects Plans of Miyako Universal Design Requested

3 July 2006

Kyoto City is now recruiting the symbol mark and project ideas of Miyoka Universal Design. In April 2005, the Miyako Universal Design Promotion ordinance was enacted. It aims to create the city where all citizen can live comfortably regardless of age, sex, physical condition, etc. To achieve it, the city create the environment and provide information and services to the citizens and businesses. The symbol mark should be easy to understand the concept and related to Kyoto. The project plan should be based on the concept too. To widely spread the universal design, the city expect to have many ideas. For further information, contact Kyoto City Health and Welfare General Section at 075-222-3366.

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