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June 2006

City Tourism Research Result of 2005 Released

26 June 2006

Kyoto Mayor, Mr. Masumoto has released recent tourism research results. According to the results, the number of people who visited Kyoto during 2005 was 47.27 million which is 1.73 million more than the previous year. This is the 5th record year in a row. In particular, the number of foreign tourists who stayed in Kyoto increased a lot. They increased by 190,000 to reach a total of 730,000. Also tourist expenditures rose by 60.8 billion yen to reach 595.6 billion yen and made a record. Some of the reasons are Kyoto has become popular tourist destination throughout Japan, the first challenge of Arashiyama Hanatouro was successful, active tourist promotion to foreign countries, interactive effect with Aichi Expo, etc. Now the city is busy trying to reach the 50 million mark and is cooperating with citizens, Kyoto Prefecture, the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Kyoto Tourist Association. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Tourism Planning Section at 075-222-4130.

Public Recruitment of the President for the Kyoto Oike Underground Mall Corporation (Zest Oike)

26 June 2006

Kyoto City will recruit a president for the Kyoto Oike Underground Mall Corporation (Zest Oike) in July. Zest Oike is a third-sector corporation. It built and manages the underground mall and car park under the Oike Street. It has been facing serious financial situation because of the huge amount debt loan when it was constructed and the Japan’s economy depression after the economic bubble burst. To keep it as the important property of the citizens, the city will take the radical reformation. Currently, the city is looking for a president to be recruited from the public. The prefect person would combine enthusiasm and new ideas to make Zest Oike a more interesting and popular spot. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Urban General Section at 075-222-3671.

First Meeting of Council for Public Protection Held

19 June 2006

On June 13th 2006, the first meeting of the Council for Public Protection was held. Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, academic specialists and other related organizations joined the council after the Public Protection Law was enacted in 2004. The law describes various kinds of protection in the event of a large scale terrorist act or armed attack from foreign countries. In the meeting, the council members confirmed the basic concept of ‘public protection’ and how to develop related discussion. The council will make an outline and present it to the public for feedback. The plan will be put into practice from around March 2007. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Disaster Prevention and Risk Management Section at 075-212-6787.

Kyoto Manufacturing Company Match Making Project

19 June 2006

Kyoto City started the Kyoto Manufacturing Company Match Making Project in June 2005. This project actively promotes small and medium size companies in Kyoto which are engaged in manufacturing and trying to expand their business. Former members of large companies are employed by the city to work as a match making coordinators between small and medium size companies and new possible clients and business partners. The coordinators have visited 565 companies in total and introduced 154 business partners in the past year. In total, 23 cases were successfully completed. From last April, the city increased the number of the coordinators for further development. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Small and Medium Size Company Support Center at 075-211-9311.

Preliminary Figures of Collecting Rate of Citizen Tax and National Health Insurance of Fiscal 2005 Released

12 June 2006

On June 7th 2006, the Mayor, Mr. Masumoto has released the preliminary figures of the collecting rate for citizen tax and national health insurance in fiscal 2005. Both figures were aimed to be achieved by fiscal 2008, therefore the city successfully achieved their goal about three years early. The collection rate of citizen tax marked 96.6% which rises 0.7 point from the previous year and exceeds the targeted figure 0.1 point. The collecting rate of national health insurance marked 92.2% which rises 1.7 point from the previous year and exceeds the targeted figure 0.2 point.
Practically, the city is about 500 million yen in the black for the year because of the rise of the general account. The city will keep the tax equity and income from health insurance for the stable management of the national health insurance program. The income from tax will be used for the promotion of welfare and other city programs which are all necessary to make Kyoto even more attractive.

Attracting 2008 Summit Promotion

12 June 2006

Kyoto City is now actively working on a promotion campaign to attract the G8 2008 Summit. In May the City Council resolved the specific projects to host it in Kyoto. This is the great opportunity for Kyoto to inform the world of its superb culture and natural environment. To land the summit the city is cooperating with the City Council, Kyoto Prefecture and the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A new organization will be established and some symposiums will be held to let the people understand how important this project is. For Further information, please contact the Kyoto City Policy Planning Section at 075-222-3035.

First Session ‘Enjoy Walking the City’ Held

5 June 2006

On May 31st, the city held the first session of a promotion committee devoted to the theme: ‘Enjoy Walking the City’. The city is trying to create a safe and comfortable traffic environment in the urban area where downtown and traditional sights coexist, and let citizens and tourists enjoy walking around without traffic problems. The committee consists of 63 members from academic specialists, local residents, business associates, etc. The member discussed their opinions about present matters especially the area surrounded by Oike, Kawaramachi, Shijo and Karasuma. They will talk about how the city can improve the roads and sidewalks. The city will take traffic survey by March 2007 and experimental measures by March 2008. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Traffic Policy Section at 075-222-3483.

Application of ‘Delivery Meeting of Municipal Policy’ Accepted

5 June 2006

Kyoto City has started to accept applications for the ‘Delivery Meeting of Municipal Policy’ for fiscal 2006. Citizens can choose a policy or project out of 196 themes which will then be explained by a related municipal staff member. The delivery meeting can be organized for groups with more than 10 members who live in or commute to Kyoto. It is free of charge but the group has to organize the meeting place. The application has to be handed in at City Hall, ward/branch office at least one month in advance of the day the meeting is to be held. The meeting is available by March 31st 2007. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Project Promotion Section at 075-222-3178.

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