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May 2006

‘Kyoto Tourism Assist Partner’ Recruited

29 May 2006

Kyoto City is currently recruiting volunteers, ‘Kyoto Tourism Assist Partners,’ who help with the city’s tourism project through a year. The volunteers will work for the Gion Matsuri Festival or other tourist events the city organizes. Based on the warm hospitality, the volunteers guide visitors and help to promote Kyoto. Volunteer members must be over 15 years old and live in Kyoto or commute to Kyoto Prefecture. Application accepted any time but entry for the Gion Matsuri Festival (July 14th to 16th) volunteer must be received by June 16th. For further information or enquiries, call 075-661-3755 (Kyoto Itsudemo Call).

Certification System of Food Sanitary Management Planned

29 May 2006

Kyoto City will establish a new certification system for food sanitary management from October 2006. Third parties will evaluate or certify restaurants and food companies that voluntarily promote their own sanitary management, for example, by making manuals to prevent food poisoning. Now the city is recruiting the design of a new logo for this system. It should be simple and friendly coming from the image of ‘safe food’, ‘sanitary’, ‘Kyoto’, etc. The logo will appear in special places or on products. The design must arrive by June 30th. For further information, call the Kyoto City Life Sanitary Section at 075-222-3433.

Promotion of Citizen’s Charter and 5 Practical Goals Decided

22 May 2006

The Citizen’s Charter of Kyoto City was designed in May 1956. Kyoto City has set five practical goals, through the committee of Citizen’s Charter Promotion, based on this year’s slogan: ‘To create a city of beautiful historic beauty by Kyoto citizens’. They are: 1) beautiful green scenery. 2) Environmentally friendly city. 3) Safe and comfortable local community. 4) Preserving valuable historical heritage. 5) Warm hospitality to the tourists. To make Kyoto more beautiful and attractive, each citizen has to take action and spread the Citizen’s Charter. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Publicity Section at 075-222-3094.

May is Consumer Month

22 May 2006

May is consumer month. There are various consumer troubles around us like illegal sales, food product safety, etc. Kyoto City designated May as consumer month and offers opportunities for citizens to let them think and understand more about consumer life. We need better knowledge and more understanding to protect ourselves, family and those close to use. Especially the elderly who don’t notice they are deceived or don’t know what to do when they are. Neighbors can cooperate with each other to prevent consumer fraud from happening. For further information, call the Kyoto City Citizen Life Center at 075-256-1110.

Deputy Mayor, Mr. Uehara, Attended the Meeting of the Commission on Sustainable Development

15 May 2006

On May 5th 2006, the deputy mayor of Kyoto City, Mr. Uehara, attended the meeting of Commission on Sustainable Development held at the headquarters of the United Nation in New York, as a panelist. He made a presentation on how Kyoto is working on provision of green house effect. The meeting was held upon request by U. N. headquarters. About 300 people from 53 countries attended. Mr. Uehara introduced Kyoto’s advanced projects such as enacting ordinances to reduce the green house effect. He also explained how the mayor, Mr. Masumoto, organized the World Mayors Council on Climate Change last December. The council was founded to strengthen the cooperative relationship among autonomous bodies. Mr. Uehara mentioned that the second council meeting will be held in February next year in Kyoto and asked participants to join. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Green House Effect Provision Section at 075-222-3452.

Fire Defense Law and Fire Prevention Ordinance Revised

15 May 2006

To decrease the number of casualties from residential fires which been increasing in recent years, the fire defense and fire prevention ordinances were revised. All residences newly built after June 1st must be equipped with residential fire alarms in bedrooms and kitchens and on the stairs. All existing houses have to set the alarms by May 31, 2011. Kyoto City will establish a new system to provide inexpensive alarms through a voluntary disaster prevention organization. Please do not buy fire alarms from illegal companies. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Fire Department at 075-212-6670.

Kyoto City Delegates Led by Mayor, Mr. Masumoto Attend the International Tourism Festival in Suzhou City, China

8 May 2006

Kyoto City sent a delegation led by Mayor, Mr. Masumoto to the international tourism festival held in Suzhou City, China to introduce the appeals of Kyoto to the world. Mr. Masumoto attended the opening ceremony and gave a speech in the Forum of Mayors of World Tourist City. He mentioned Kyoto’s appeals like world heritage sites, three great festivals, the project to welcome 50 million visitors to Kyoto, etc. The forum was broadcast on TV throughout China. Also Mr. Masumoto introduced a agreement with Suzhou City that both cities will cooperate in tourism and educational exchange. The city will promote additional projects to achieve 50 million annual visitors to Kyoto. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Tourism Promotion Section at 075-222-4133.

May is Constitution Month

8 May 2006

May is Constitution Month. The Constitution of Japan which defines the sovereignty of people, respect for basic human rights and pacifism was enacted 59 years ago. Especially the respect of human rights is the most important and familiar in our daily life. Kyoto City would like to offer the chance to the citizens to think about human rights in Constitution Month. Lectures, films, a parade and other events will be organized. In addition heartwarming photos are being accepted that express the importance of human rights. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Human Rights Promotion Section at 075-222-3381.

Foster Parent System for Roadside Trees Started

1 May 2006

Kyoto City has started a foster parent system for roadside trees and is recruiting volunteer group with about 10 members. This is one project to encourage tree planting. The groups will take care of roadside trees and clean around them, for example, watering them and collecting fallen leaves. The city will provide tools like brooms and dustpans. The collected fallen leaves will be recycled for compost. The city will promote further green projects to moderate the heat-island phenomenon that is caused by the population concentration in the big city. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Green Project Management Section at 075-222-3586.

Accident Prevention Manual and First Aid Manual for Children Published

1 May 2006

Kyoto City has published two manuals: a child accident prevention manual and a first aid manual for children. It shows how adults can protect children from contingency such as traffic accident, drowning, accidental ingestion, etc. The manual easily explains the cause of the accidents and how we can prevent them. Examples of domestic accidents and how to deal with them, first aid procedures, resuscitation, proper child seat use, are included in these manuals. These manuals are provided by the city for free with other materials like birth celebration letters and booklet about child care after late April. Manuals are also available at Miyako Anshin Kodomo-kan (Kamanza Marutamachi agaru, Nakagyo-ku). For further information, contact the Kyoto City Local Medical Service Section at 075-222-3422.

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