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March 2006

Paid-for Garbage Bags for Household Garbage Started

27 March 2006

After the approval of the City Council, Kyoto City will start a paid-for garbage bag system for household garbage disposal from October 1st 2006. Citizens have to use a special kind of garbage bag to dispose of their garbage. The goal is to reduce the amount of garbage and create a recycling society and non green house effect society. Based on the opinions from citizens, the city will spend the income from this system for other projects to reduce garbage. Before the system is started, city staff will have a meeting with citizens. Sample garbage bags and a magazine focused on environmental issues including how to reduce garbage and recycle, will be available for free in September. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Circulative Society Promotion Section at 075-222-4091.

Route and Time Table Change on City Bus Experimental Lines

27 March 2006

Kyoto City has started an experimental public transportation service on some bus lines cooperating with some traffic companies. On some lines, smaller buses or jumbo taxies are operated instead of the regular big size bus. From April 1st 2006, the route and time table of those lines will be changed depending on the users’ need. The route for 3 lines (South #8, #84, Special South #5), and the time table for four lines (#84, Special South #5, #42, #43) will be changed. Detailed information is available at some bus stops and on the website of the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau. Based on past experiments, the city expects an increase in passengers and a reduction in cost. The experiment will continue until March 2007 and the real operation will start from April 2007. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Transportation Planning Section at 075-822-9104.

Kodomo Taiikukan Gym Completed

20 March 2006

Construction of a gym for children, Kodomo Taiikukan, in Takaragaike Park, Sakyo-ku, has been completed. This is the first gym in Japan that is for children. On March 12th 2006, about 800 people attended the opening ceremony. Groups who organize sport activities for children can use this gym. It has a spacious floor that can be used for two volleyball courts or one basketball court and it is also equipped with stands and a meeting room. The gym will be open to public use from April 1st 2006. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Physical Education Promotion Section at 075-213-5472.

Kyoto Sakura Map 2006 Published

20 March 2006

Kyoto City has published Kyoto Sakura Map 2006 which introduces recommended places in Kyoto for cherry blossom viewing. The map covers five areas of the city (north, central, Okazaki, southeast, and west) and provided attractive information to let many tourists enjoy cherry season. It also includes event information related to cherry blossoms and essays from some people. The map is available at City Hall, ward offices and branch offices, tourist information centers, Nijo Castle and other main temples and shrines in the city. For further information, contact Kyoto City Cultural Section at 075-222-4105.

Participants for ‘City College’ 2006 Recruited

13 March 2006

Kyoto City is recruiting participants for ‘City College’ 2006. Working adults can attend the lectures of universities and colleges. About 400 classes at 38 universities and colleges are available. This year many interesting lectures specialized in Kyoto will be held, for example, Seasons of Kyoto, History and Culture of the Old Capital, World Heritage in Kyoto, Nature in Kyoto, Festivals in Kyoto, etc. Application forms are available at Campus Plaza Kyoto (Nishinotoin Shiokoji-sagaru, Shimogyo ward), City Hall, ward and branch offices until March 31st. For further information, contact The University Consortium of Kyoto at 075-353-9140.

Kyoto City Subway Keihan Otsu One Day Ticket Available

13 March 2006

Kyoto City is now selling a reasonable One Day Ticket for the Kyoto City Subway and Keihan Otsu Line for the spring tourist season. One day of unlimited riding with this ticket is available on all Kyoto City subway lines, Keihan Keishin Line and Ishiyamazaka Line. The ticket enables tourists to travel inexpensively between Kyoto and Otsu via the Keihan Keishin Line. The ticket is available at city bus and subway information counters, subway kiosks, etc. until June 4th 2006 for ¥1,000. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Municipal Transportation Bureau Planning Section at 075-822-9104.

Special Out-patient Clinic for Men Opened at Kyoto City Hospital

6 March 2006

Kyoto City Hospital will open a new out-patient clinic for men from April 7th, 2006. Recently the number of patients suffering from male diseases such as male menopausal syndrome and urination disorder is increasing. To secure the privacy, the consultation room is separated from the general consultation room and all nurses are men. Consultation is available only by advance reservation by phone. Consultation by a male doctor is available on Friday in urinary, inner medicine, surgery, psychiatry and neurology. Reservations will be accepted from Monday to Friday (except for national holiday), 13:30-16:00 at 075-311-6384.

Female Chief of Section Staff Created for All Bureaus and Ward Offices

6 March 2006

From April 2006, Kyoto City will start create a new post for a female chief of every section in all bureaus and ward offices to promote gender equality. In February the city has enacted its policy of staff training and one of them is to create new post for a female chief of department in 5 years. This attempt is the first step of it. The city is working hard to achieve gender equality by providing opportunities for women to accumulate experience and knowledge.

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