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December 2006

Meeting between Mayor Mr. Masumoto and Governor Mr. Yamada

25 December 2006

On December 18th 2006, the mayor of Kyoto City, Mr. Masumoto and the governor of Kyoto Prefecture, Mr. Yamada had a meeting. Mr. Yamada gave suggestions to Mr. Masumoto about the assignation of site in the Mibu area which used to be a building used by the Kyoto City Transportation Bureau. As a result of the meeting, the Nakagyo Police Office will be built there in 2007. Mr. Yamada also made some requests to Mr. Masumoto about how to use empty lands. Mr. Masumoto agreed to the requests and the prefecture agreed to give the city the old Nakagyo Prefecture Office to make it the second school ground for the Gosho Minami Elementary School whose number of students is increasing. The city also asked the prefecture as part of their cooperative efforts to maintain ordinance concerning the Kamo River and scenery regulations. The city will start its strict regulation on the height and design of buildings and outside ads from 2007. They also discussed other important issues such as the greenhouse effect, support for young people without a fixed job, memorial projects for the millennium anniversary of the Tale of Genji, electronic bidding services, etc. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Municipal Policy Management Section at 075-222-3034.

Emergency Clinics for the New Year’s Holiday Opened

25 December 2006

Kyoto City opened new emergency clinics for the New Year’s holiday from December 29th Fri. to January 4th Thurs. at 6 locations: Nakagyo ward Marutamachi Shichihonmatsu (eye, ear, nose, throat: 10:00-22:00, pediatric: 10:00-24:00), in Yamashina Ward General Office in Nagitsuji (internal medicine and pediatrics: 10:00-17:00), Ukyo Ward Health Office (internal medicine: 10:00-17:00), the Oral Medical Center (dentistry: 10:00-16:00) at JR Nijo Station, Dentists Association in Fushimi Ward (dentistry: 10:00-16:00), Nishikyo Ward (dentistry: 10:00-16:00) and Rakusai Center Building in Oharano, Nishikyo Ward (dentistry: 10:00-16:00). Please bring your insurance card with you.

New Student Commuter Ticket Prices for the Kyoto City Subway System

18 December 2006

From January 7, 2007, the price of commuter tickets for the Kyoto City subway system for students of elementary school, junior high school and high school will be changed. When the price of subway ticket was changed on January 7th 2006, the city decided not to change the price of commute ticket for a year. Both new and continuous ticket will be sold for the current price until January 6th 2007. The price of other commuter ticket (workers and university students) will not be changed. The city hopes for cooperation from its citizens. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Transportation Bureau Planning Section at 075-822-9104.

Economic Issue Discussion with the Kyoto Prefecture Small Business Association

18 December 2006

On December 12th 2006, Kyoto City held discussions on economic issues with the Kyoto Prefecture Small Business Association. The city exchanged opinions and ideas with representatives from local small companies who play important roles in the city’s industry. In the discussion, several important topics were introduced including preservation and education of traditional crafts, preservation of historical sceneries, improving the transportation system, new tourism promotions, recycling, etc. Though the economy is improving, the national economic situation is still in serious for example, elevation of oil price. Participants confirmed their cooperation towards creating a better economic future. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Industry Promotion Section at 075-222-3324.

Anti Green House Effect Campaign

11 December 2006

Kyoto City will introduce the ‘Anti Green House Effect Campaign’ between February 1st and 28th, 2007. Now the city is looking for individuals and companies to participate in the campaign. The campaign is organized by six organizations including Kyoto Prefecture and the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The conference of the World Mayors Council on Climate Change, founded by Mayer of Kyoto, Mr. Masumoto, has become a good chance to inform people better about the green house effect and what they can do to improve the situation. Participants will select from 25 items to put into practice during the period: for example, to wear more clothing in winter, and set the air conditioner 1 degree lower, to turn off the lights in the office during lunch time, etc. The city expects active participation from many citizens. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Green House Effect Provision Section at 075-222-3452.

Economic Matter Discussion Held

11 December 2006

On December 4th 2006, Kyoto City held an Economic Matter Discussion with the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Kyoto Employers’ Association, the Kyoto Economic Doyu-kai Association and the Kyoto Industrial Association. It is held every year to promote the Kyoto economy. In the discussion representatives from these key local economic organizations exchanged opinions about how Kyoto economy can be vitalized. This year the mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Masumoto, gave a speech and several important issues were introduced including the construction of public LRT transportation system, employment issues, regulations on buildings and designs to protect historical scenery, the location of industrial plants, etc. Though the economy has been recovering, there are still serious economic problems like high oil prices. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Industry Promotion Section at 075-222-3324.

Kyoto Arashiyama Hana Touro Held

4 December 2006

From December 9th Sat. to 18th Mon., 2006, the Kyoto Arashiyama Hana Touro was held in the Saga/Arashiyama area on the west side of Kyoto. Saga and Arashiyama have rich natural surroundings and a wealth of historical settings. From 17:00-20:30, the area was lit up and decorated with special lanterns and flower arrangement displays along an approximately 5.2 km route, including the bamboo forest path from Nonomiya Shrine to Okochi Sanso Villa, and the Togetsu-kyo Bridge. Special openings at several temples and shrines, concerts, and other fun events were held including Japanese drum performance. Shuttle bus and free jumbo taxi service is available. For further information, see the pamphlet available at City Hall and the Tourist Information Center or call the Kyoto Hana Touro Promotion Committee at 075-212-8173.

December is Human Rights Month

4 December 2006

December is Human Rights Month. Every year the city organizes several projects to inform citizens on the importance of human rights. The idea was created in December 1948 when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations. The first article stipulates that all human beings are born free and equal. On December 7th, Thurs., from 14:00, lecture about human rights and other evens were held at the Shimogyo ward office. Kyoto City will continue to initiate and promote human rights projects. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Human Rights Promotion Section at 075-222-3381.

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