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January 2006

Zero Emission Declaration

30 January 2006

Kyoto City has started its ‘Zero Emission’ project in the City Hall and Fire Department Office. Starting in April, municipal staff will begin to promote reduction of garbage with the ultimate goal of zero discharge. All garbage will be classified and where ever possible recycled and all garbage bins will be removed from City Hall and the fire department. Carrying of personal shopping bags and recycling bins will be promoted. The goal is to reach 95% recycling (from the present 67%), the highest in Japan. In doing these things, incinerated garbage can be reduced by 730 tons and CO2 emissions can be cut by 184 tons.

Regulation Revision of Midterm Report of Specific Building Construction

30 January 2006

From February 1st, Kyoto City will revise its regulations on midterm reporting of specific building construction including hotels and high-rise residences in response to a national scandal involving falsified earthquake measures for buildings. Specifically, the mid term report has to made on the building over 500m² (previously 1,000m²), and the building over 3 stories has to take the inspection not only the foundation part when it is completed, but in addition, the floor of 3rd story has to take the reinforced concrete inspection to see its strength. The revision includes stricter checks during building construction. The city also opened a special counseling desk in the Sumai Taiken-kan last December to ensure greater safety in these matters. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Judgment Section at 075-222-3616.

New Tourism Promotion Scheme Determined

23 January 2006

Kyoto City has determined its long term goals (until 2011) for new tourism promotion. The concept of the scheme is focused on leisure trips to Kyoto in which people can Kyoto discover the charms of the city. Core plans include reaching 50 million annual visitors to Kyoto, no-private-car sightseeing, attracting more foreign tourists, etc. By cooperation with Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the city will work on various projects such as establishing new facilities where visitors can learn about traditional culture, preparing multilingual restaurant menus, etc. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Tourism Promotion Section at 075-222-4130.

Safe Life Handbook Published

23 January 2006

Kyoto City has published a safe life handbook (A4 size, 26 pages) for free distribution. This handbook introduces specific examples related to safe living: for example, how to respond to traffic accidents, natural disasters, crime, etc. It also includes useful tips and information about local projects. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Project Promotion Section at 075-222-4178.

New City Project Started

16 January 2006

At the first press conference of 2006, held on January 4th, Mr. Masumoto, the mayor of the city, declared that the city will start the new project. The project aims to make city downtown area safer and more convenient for walking. At present, the main downtown streets are dominated by car traffic. The city will undertake traffic volume research in the area bordered by Oike, Kawaramachi, Shijo and Karasuma in late January. A Committee made up of local residents and commercial bodies will be established next year to discuss these matters in order to improve traffic conditions.

First Operation of the Year by the Fire Department

16 January 2006

On January 11th, the City Fire Department held a ceremony marking the first operation of the year. On that day, about 3,000 firemen, department staff, and citizens participated in the event. The event included training in putting out fires, demonstration of the newest fire engines and a parade. After the ceremony, people had an opportunity to learn about the importance of disaster prevention through the panel displays and exhibits in Okazaki Park. The year 2006 is the 11th anniversary of Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. It is important to remind people how to respond to disasters. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Fire Department at 075-212-6629.

Soccer Stadium Construction Midterm Report Released

10 January 2006

The midterm report about construction of a soccer stadium in Yokooji Sport Park in Fushimi ward was released by Soccer Stadium Construction Exploratory Committee. The report includes budget estimates. The construction will require about 15 billion to 16 billion yen and an annual maintenance fee of 136 million yen. A new transportation system between the nearest station (Keihan Yodo Stn.) and the stadium is also called for because it takes 40 minutes to walk. The committee is now calling for citizen feedback about this report by mail or fax. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Sports Planning Section at 075-315-3501.

Overview of Census Results Released

10 January 2006

A national census was held on October 1st 2005. Overview results for Kyoto have been released. The city population increased slightly to 1,474,764 (including the amalgamation of the Keihoku region in April 2005). The number of households increased to 653,253. The results will be used for better municipal planning. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Information Statistics Section at 075-222-3216.

Kyoto Itsudemo Call Center Opened (Kyoto City Municipal Policy Information Center)

4 January 2006

On January 4th 2006, the city opened Kyoto Itsudemo Call Center (Kyoto City Municipal Policy Information Center). The center accepts questions from the citizens from 8:00-21:00, 7 days a week by telephone, fax or email. The city has created an administration information database to respond to citizen requests. Acceptable questions include matters related to municipal projects, public transportation, tourism, application for events the city organizes, etc. The center staff also responds to urgent situations like the large-scale disasters. The telephone number is 075-661-3755.

Basic Resident Register Browse System Revision

4 January 2006

From January 4th 2006, Kyoto City will revise its browsing system for the Basic Resident Register. Previously the information was available anyone and this led to incidents of information abuse. After the revision, the personal information will only be disclosed to the person concerned, family members, public institutions or people engaged in activities that benefit the public such as opinion research. Browsing applicants must provide identification. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Ward Policy Promotion Section at 075-222-3085.

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