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September 2005

Ordinance for Global Warming Provision Fully Executed

26 September 2005

Kyoto City established an ordinance for global warming sometime ago and from October 1, 2005, the ordinance fully go into effect. Based on the national government's global warming provision law, the ordinance specifies the commitment to reducing global warming by certain companies. In addition, the city will make and submit a report about reducing global warming and related regulations. From October 3rd, a leaflet about the ordinance will be available at City Hall, ward offices and branch offices. The city will also hold a special meeting to explain the ordinance to Kyoto companies. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Global Warming Provision Section at 075-222-3452.

Municipal Publicity Poster, Kyoto's Appeals, 6th Edition Published

26 September 2005

Under the themes of historical city and creation of Kyoto, the city's publicity poster, Kyoto's Appeals 6th edition, will be released on October 1st. This time the famous kabuki actor, Kataoka Ninzaemon is featured. The photos were taken at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art. Kataoka Ninzaemon is one of the 100 members of Kyoto Creation Committee and also the special Tourism Ambassador of Kyoto City. The poster represents Kyoto's new appeal: an assimilation of the modern and the traditional. The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art combines Western and Japanese style architecture, while Mr. Kataoka represents one of Japan's most traditional art forms, kabuki. The posters will be hung in city buses and on subways, in JR train stations in the city and in other private train stations, etc. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Publicity Section at 075-222-3094.

New Public Transportation System Research Results Released

20 September 2005

Kyoto City has released its research results on the city's plans for a new public transportation system. This research conducted in 2003 and 2004 to solve the traffic matters such as chronic traffic jam in the central city. A LRT (Light Rail Transit System) solution was proposed. LRT is the modern and advanced train which can run both on the ground, viaduct and under ground. Compared to other trains, an LRT system is cheaper to build, causes no air pollution, and is less noisy. Research indicated the 7 LRT routes would have a great effect on traffic congestion but also result in other problems for example, the reduction of car lanes that will lead more traffic jam, and the space for the garage. Based on this research report, Kyoto City will continue to look into ideal traffic system solutions including the introduction of LRT. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Traffic Policy Section at 075-222-3483.

National Population Census Held

20 September 2005

This year a national population census will be carried out. From September 23, investigators will visit each household and distribute the survey forms. The results will be used effectively as basis for future national and municipal policy. For this year's census a special envelope to protect individual family privacy has been included with the form. For further information, contact the General Affair Section at ward offices or branch offices, or the Kyoto City Information Statistics Section at 075-222-3216.

Miyako Kagayaki-tai Group Established

12 September 2005

Kyoto City has established the Miyako Kagayaki-tai, a voluntary group of the citizens that regulates illegal advertising spoiling Kyoto's beautiful scenery. Now the city is recruiting members for the group. The illegal advertisement such as posters on the telephone pole, standing signs and flags spoil Kyoto's historical scenery. They also disturb safe traffic on the road. The Miyako Kagayaki-tai will get rid of those illegal advertisements. Each volunteer sub group should consist of at least 3 people over 18-year-old who live in or commute to Kyoto. Application forms are available at City Hall, ward offices and branch offices until October 21, 2005. Applicants have to take a training lecture in October and qualified people will start doing the job (for a two-year period) from November. To make a beautiful city, the city hopes to have as many volunteers as possible. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Public Moral Conservation Section at 075-222-3475.

1-Day City Subway Tickets on Sale

12 September 2005

From September 17, 2005, Kyoto City will start to sell 1-Day city subway tickets in preparation for the busy autumn sightseeing season. With this ticket, you can ride all day on the subway. Discounts for popular sightseeing places like Nijo Castle, Kyoto City Zoo, Kyoto Municipal Museum, etc. will also be possible on the day the ticket is used. One ticket is ¥ 600. This year, a more expensive ticket (¥ 1,000) can be used on the Keihan Keishin Line and Ishiyama Sakamoto Line. Holders of the more expensive ticket will receive a 50% discount on parking at the Otsu City Hamaotsu Car Park and Osutohama Hamaotus Car Park (both lots are next to Keihan Hamaotsu Station). Both tickets are available from September 17 to December 4 at subway stations, kiosks, and bus/subway information counters. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Municipal Transportation Bureau at 075-822-9165.

Funeral Hall Construction Guidelines Enacted

5 September 2005

Kyoto City enacted guidelines for the construction of funeral halls on August 15th. These guidelines were design to avoid conflict between residents and construction firms. If a funeral hall construction plan exceeds 100m², the construction company must display a sign clearly outlining construction plans 60 days before apply for a construction permit. Within 10 days of posting the sign the company must hold an explanatory meeting for residents and try to settle all objections. The guidelines also clearly state that green space, parking, noise and odor control are to be given special consideration. Companies not following these guidelines will be announced to the public. For further information, call the Kyoto City Judgment Section at 075-222-3616.

Information Call Center to Open

5 September 2005

Kyoto City will open an information call center in January 2006. The call center will accept questions every day from 8:00-21:00. Enquiries can be made by phone, email, fax. Currently the city is requesting citizens to suggest a name for the call center. Suggestions can be sent by mail, fax or via the website until September 30th. People living outside of Kyoto can also make suggestions. The results will be released sometime between December 2005 and January 2006. The person suggesting the best name for the call center will be awarded ¥50,000. For further information, call the Kyoto City Publicity Section at 075-222-3094.

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