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August 2005

Fire Prevention Ordinance Amendment

29 August 2005

Kyoto City will amend its fire prevention ordinances to reduce fire-related fatalities. In accordance with new laws, fire alarms must be installed in bedrooms, stairwells and kitchens. The ordinance will be enacted from June 1st, 2006. For existing residences, owners will have 5 years to comply with the new regulations. The city gathered feedback from citizens in May and received 473 responses. The results showed that more than 90 percent of those responding agreed with putting fire alarms in kitchens and 70 percent agreed with the 5-year renewal period. Based on citizen responses, amendments to the ordinance will be submitted to city council in September. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Prevention Section at 075-212-6672.

Emergency Clinic Pediatric Department Opening Hours Extended

29 August 2005

From September 1st, the opening hours at pediatric departments at emergency clinics in Nakagyo ward will be extended on weekdays and holidays. The extra hours were deemed necessary to respond to emergency situations at night and on holidays when general clinics are closed. Based on the new hours, pediatric departments will be open at night from 21:00-0:00 from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday from 14:00-17:00, and 18:00-0:00 and on Sunday and holidays (including the Obon period (mid. August)), and during the New Year's holiday from 10:00-17:00 and 18:00-0:00. Please bring your health insurance card when you visit the clinic. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Emergency Clinic at 075-811-5072.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Installed

22 August 2005

Currently Kyoto City has installed automated external defibrillators (AED) at 34 places including city health centers, sport centers, cultural facilities and tourist spots. An AED is a medical instrument which can automatically analyze the electro cardiogram of cardiopulmonary patient. When the patient needs electroshock the machine gives the appropriate shock under human voice direction to revive the patient. Since July, 2004, AED can be used not only by trained staff but also by the general public. It makes a huge difference if patients are able to use such machines before going to the hospital. The city will organize lectures to let citizens know about AED and to help create a safe, comfortable city. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Regional Medical Section at 075-222-3422.

Consumer Education Pamphlet for Elderly People Published

22 August 2005

Kyoto City has published a consumer education pamphlet for the elderly. This pamphlet was written to avoid consumer troubles among elderly people. Included in the pamphlet is information about tricks used in illegal business practices, and how to guard themselves from such deceptive practices. The pamphlet also gives information about cooling off periods, which is period a customer can cancel a contract or return something purchased during a home-visit sale. The free pamphlet is available at City Hall, ward offices and branch offices. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Citizen Counseling Section at 075-256-1110.

Honno Special Elderly Nursing Home and Horikawa High School Honno Building Completed

15 August 2005

The construction of Honno Special Elderly Nursing Home and Horikawa High School Honno building has been completed. Both buildings are in Nakagyo-ku where the Honno Elementary School originally stood. The nursing home provides private rooms. The nursing home also offers day-care service for the elderly including bathing, meals, health checks, etc. A home nursing support center was also set up to provide 24-hour counseling and information about nursing problems and various nursing services. The nursing home will be open in early September 2005. In late August, the Horikawa High School Honno building opened. Built to provide further improvement in science and mathematical education, it is equipped with sophisticated experimental tools and materials. It also has a facility for martial art clubs and PE classes. For further information about Honno Special Elderly Nursing Home, please contact the Kyoto City Nursing Welfare Section at 075-222-3406. For information about the Horikawa High School Honno Building, contact the Kyoto City Educational Development Section at 075-222-3796.

Kyoto City's Disaster Prevention Map Wins the Best Prize in International User Conference

15 August 2005

A disaster prevention map published by Kyoto City in March 2005 has won the highest award in a map contest at the International User Conference in San Diego, USA. More than 1,000 maps using GIS (geographic information system) were entered in the contest. This is the first time that a Japanese map has won the award. The map was highly evaluated for its utility value and efficiency. It included local damage assumption for earthquakes or water disasters, and the locations of shelters and disaster prevention facilities, etc. For further information, please contact the Kyoto City Fire Station General Section at 075-212-6629.

The Final Report from the Committee for the Promotion of Waste Material Reduction Submitted

8 August 2005

On August 4th, Kyoto City received the final report from the Committee for the Promotion of Waste Material Reduction. The report includes the following suggestions: household garbage must be put into 3 types of specific transparent plastic bags (10-45 liter), a charge of 20-40 yen for each 30 liter plastic bag should be levied, and the recyclable waste such as cans and bottles have to be put in 2 types of plastic bags (10-45 liter) which will also be charged for. In addition, the special discount for garbage disposal for garbage collecting companies will be abolished within the next 8 years. All of these initiatives should lead to less garbage. Based on this report, the city will make its own study and aims to innovate new measures to reduce garbage from autumn, 2006. The city will collect opinions from the citizens too. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Recyclable Society Promotion Section at 075-222-4091.

Application Forms Simplified

8 August 2005

Kyoto City has simplified various applications and other forms that citizens fill out at municipal office counters. This was undertaken to make the process more efficient and less time consuming as well as considering protecting individual information. Previously, people had to give information regarding sex, birthday, telephone number, occupation, academic background, etc. At present, 133 applications and forms have been simplified, including seal registration. More forms will be simplified in the future. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Document Section at 075-222-3076.

Funding for "Kyoto Machiya Townhouse Fund" Solicited

1 August 2005

Kyoto City is preparing to establish a fund called the Kyoto Machiya Townhouse Fund in order to preserve and reconstruct machiya townhouses, a valuable Kyoto cultural heritage. The city is soliciting funds from citizens and companies. A foundation for overseeing the fund will be established in September, 2005 in the Scenery and City Creation Center which has already taken action for preserving and reconstructing machiya townhouses. The fund money will be for financial support for renovation construction. The city hopes to collect 500,000,000 yen including contributions from the city and the government. The minimum fund contribution is 5,000 yen. The prospectus, funding applications and payment slips are available at City Hall, ward offices and branch offices. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Scenery Planning Section at 075-222-3397.

Asbestos Health Counseling Desk Created

1 August 2005

Kyoto City has currently opened the health counseling desk especially for asbestos. Recently, it has come to light that many people in other cities and regions have died from illnesses which are assumed to be caused by asbestos. Counseling is available 8:30-17:00 on weekdays at health centers and the Research Center for Sanitation and Pollution, and 8:50-17:20 on weekdays at the Health Promotion Section and Sanitation Section in City Hall. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Health Promotion Section at 075-222-3411.

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