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July 2005

The Committee for Creating Bright City Scenery Founded

25 July 2005

The Mayor, Mr. Masumoto declared at the monthly press conference on July 20th that the Committee for Creating Bright City Scenery would be founded. This committee consists of 20 people including scholars, economists and citizens. The committee will decide on ways to protect Kyoto scenery for future generations. A final report by the committee will be issued in 2006. Based on the report, the city is going to determine new municipal policies for scenery protection. For further information, contact Kyoto City Scenery Planning Section at 075-222-3397.

Outline of the Next Kyoto Hanatouro Determined

25 July 2005

The city has released the outline of events and plans for the next Kyoto Hanatouro light up event. Two Hanatouro will be held: one in Saga and Arashiyama (12/9-12/18, 2005) and one in Higashiyama (3/11-3/21, 2006). The Saga and Arashiyama event will be held for the first time this year. As part of the Saga and Arashiyama plans local roads will be decorated with lanterns and flower arrangements. The Togetsu Bridge will also be lit up. For further information, contact Kyoto City Tourism Promotion Section at 075-222-4133.

Office Work Evaluation Support System and Mottainai Project Launched

19 July 2005

The mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Masumoto, has announced two new municipal reformation projects: the Office Work Evaluation Support System, and the Mottainai Project. The former project was undertaken to improve the evaluation system for office work at City Hall. In addition to the previous system, new suggestions by university professors, students and city staff members were incorporated. This year's plan is especially focused on security and crime prevention, and culture and art. The Mottainai Project was undertaken to reduce the amount of money, time and material wasted by City Hall staff. Mottainai means wasteful in Japanese. For further information, contact Kyoto City Municipal Reformation Section at 075-222-3050.

The Preparation of Establishment for New Tourist Promotion Projects Started

19 July 2005

Kyoto City has begun preparing for a new tourist promotion project. The first meeting of Kyoto City Tourist Promotion Project Preparation Committee was held on July 19, 2005, and the new project will be launched in 2010. The previous tourist promotion project, established in 2001, will expire at the end of this year. The committee consists of 28 people, including experts from various fields, and citizens. Last year, more than 45,000,000 tourist visited Kyoto (a four-year record). The new project is aiming for 50,000,000 annual visitors. Part of the new project will be directed at how to maintain Kyoto's tourist area and how to better welcome foreign tourists. For further information, contact Kyoto City Tourist Planning Section at 075-222-4130.

Foundation Plan for an Autism Support and Developmental Disease Center Released

11 July 2005

The mayor, Mr. Masumoto, has declared that the city will open a new support center for autism and developmental disease patients in November, at the old Taiken Elementary School site in Kamigyo ward. In July 1995, the city opened an autism and developmental disease clinic in a child welfare center, the first such clinic in all of Japan. Since then the city has provided early detection services and rapid cure treatments for developmental disease. However, the number of patients has increased dramatically leading the city to open a larger facility. The existing autism and developmental disease clinic will focus on treatment and nurture. The new center will focus on detection and treatment as well as counseling, job assistance and training. In September, a liaison committee comprised of patients' families and people from various fields, for example, medical, welfare, education, etc. will be formed. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Physically Challenged Planning Section at 075-251-2385.

The Purchaser of Kyoto Roman-sai Bonds Recruited

11 July 2005

Since July 13th, Kyoto City has been promoting the sale of city bonds called Roman-sai. The bonds (2 billion yens worth) will be sold in August and can be purchased by citizens. The bonds will mature in 5 years. Two interest payments will be made annually. The funds will be used for child care support and school education improvements (such as construction of the Shimogyo Junior High School, Oike Junior High School, Oike Preschool and other facilities for children). The bonds can be purchased by Kyoto citizens or individuals who commute to Kyoto, and by organizations which have business offices in Kyoto City. The maximum purchase is 10,000 yen per person. The interest rate will be decided on July 12th. Application is accepted at major banking institutions or securities companies in the city on a first-come, first-serve basis. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Budget Section at 075-222-3290.

Ordinance for Environmental Preservation and Construction in Middle or High-rise Residential Buildings Revised

4 July 2005

Kyoto City has revised an ordinance related to the environmental preservation and construction middle or high-rise residential buildings. This ordinance obliges companies to explain what they are building in advance to adjacent residents when they build or renovate the buildings. It aims to avoid trouble between companies and residents related to the construction of large residential buildings. In the previous ordinance, the explanatory meeting was necessary only when companies built buildings over 10 meters high. Now such meetings are necessary for all large structures, including large shopping centers, funeral halls, theaters, and other facilities. The new ordinance is also valid when a company renovates a building to change its purpose of usage. For further information, contact the Kyoto City Review Section at 075-222-3616.

Kyoto City Graph, Summer Edition Published

4 July 2005

Kyoto City recently published the summer edition of the Kyoto City Graph. This magazine features various topics about Kyoto City: the people, the appeals of the city, municipal government, etc. The magazine is full of excellent photos as well. The magazine is published four times a year. The summer edition is based on the theme: enjoy cycling on a sunny day. It introduces recommended cycling spots and courses in the city. Other feature article include interesting facilities and spots where both adults and children can enjoy themselves during the summer holiday, for example, the Kyoto Aquarena, Kyoto Municipal Science Center for Youth, etc.. The magazine is available at City Hall, ward offices and branch ward offices, libraries and other public facilities for free. For details, contact the Kyoto City Publicity Section at 075-222-3094.

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