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June 2005

"World Mayor Conference about Climate Change" Founded

27 June 2005

A World Mayor Conference about Climate Change was founded. The promoter is Mr. Masumoto, the mayor of Kyoto City. This conference aims to promote projects, strengthen mutual networks in order to promote global warming awareness among cities and regions around the world. The conference will call on mayors from cities that have held COP (Conference of the Parties to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change) to join a Readership Group which will decide how to manage the conference. Invitation letters to mayors around the world to join the conference will be sent out around September. During November and December, the conference foundation assembly will be held in Montreal, Canada. For further information, contact Kyoto City Global Warming Provision Section.

The Inducement Project to Hold Kansai Summit Developed

27 June 2005

Kyoto City has been working on promoting a Japan Summit 2008 in the Kansai region in cooperation with Osaka, Hyogo and Kyoto prefectures and the Kansai Economic Federation. On June 16th, the mayor, Mr. Masumoto visited the Government and related ministries and agencies with the Kyoto Prefecture Governor and the chairman of Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They emphasized that Kyoto has successfully hosted an international global warming conference and the opening of the National Kyoto Guesthouse (next to the Imperial Palace) in April 2005. They see the summit is a big opportunity to show the world Kyoto's great culture, nature and other aspects. The city will keep promoting the summit under the "All Kyoto" motto (which means all citizens and administrations will cooperate with each other to realize the summit). For further information, contact Kyoto City Municipal Policy Planning Section.

"Kyoto Creation Promotion Forum" Founded

20 June 2005

Kyoto City has been working on the Kyoto Creation Project which aims to preserve and utilize Kyoto's historic and cultural value as an important heritage of all of Japan. This time the city has founded the Kyoto Creation Promotion Forum made up of various organizations, companies and citizens. Through symposium reporting activities and citizen seminars, this forum aims to promote the Kyoto Creation Project both domestically and internationally. Currently the forum is recruiting new members. Organizations, companies or individuals who are active in the field of landscape conservation, succession of traditional culture, and the transmission of Kyoto's appeals as sightseeing city are invited to join. To join, send a fax to the Commission of the 1,200 Anniversary of Heian-kyo Capital Relocation at 075-255-6299. The application should include following: name of individual/organization/company, name of representative person, address, telephone number, fax number, main activities. For further information, contact Kyoto City Kyoto Creation Promotion Section at 075-222-3375.

The Number of Tourists Visited Kyoto City and Total Tourist Spending Figures for 2004 Released

20 June 2005

The Mayor, Mr. Masumoto, has announced the figures for the tourism industry in 2004. In 2004, 45,540,000 tourists visited Kyoto, an increase of about 1,800,000 people over the previous year and marked the highest number in the successive four years. The influence of the TV drama "Shinsengumi", set mainly in Kyoto, a nationwide Kyoto boom, and the welcoming efforts of Kyoto citizens were the main factors. Tourists spent a record ¥ 534,800,000,000 in 2004 (an increase of about ¥ 55,400,000,000 over the previous year), another record high. Kyoto City is now working hard to reach the 50,000,000 tourist mark. For further information, contact Kyoto City Tourism Planning Section at 075-222-4130.

"Manufacturer Matching Project" Launched

13 June 2005

Kyoto City has launched the Manufacturer Matching Project in cooperation with related associations. This project aims to support the highly motivated medium and small companies in the city who have excellent technology. The project will last for five years until 2009. Former members of companies, acting as coordinators, will visit mainly medium and small manufacturers to learn about their business, and then try to introduce these companies to new clients or business partners. In addition, the city will hold sales contract negotiations. The City will provide the financial support to develop the business when the contract is achieved. For further information, contact Kyoto City Industry Promotion Section at 075-222-3324.

Tourist Promotion Campaign "Kyoto Summer Trip" Started

13 June 2005

Kyoto City is currently promoting its Kyoto Summer Trip from June 18th to October 2nd. This year, there are several different courses: 1) A special sightseeing bus tour which visits historical machiya town houses, the residence of an old imperial family with graceful Japanese garden, 2) visit to Enryaku-ji Temple on Mt. Hiei whose precinct is lit up during the evening to create fantastic atmosphere, 3) visit to a garden in Sakamoto, Otsu, Shiga prefecture. Also, the annual special combination performance by maiko and geiko from all five of Kyoto's Flower Towns and the wonderful chance to experience tea ceremony at Kodai-ji Temple are scheduled. For further information, contact Kyoto City Tourism Promotion Section at 075-222-4133.

Operation Policy for Municipal Departments and Ward Offices and Management Plan for Affiliate Organizations Released

6 June 2005

Kyoto City has released operation policy for municipal departments and ward offices, and a management plan for affiliate organizations for fiscal 2005. The operation policy for municipal departments and ward offices was first included in the New Kyoto City Management Strategy in April 2004. For fiscal 2005 the policy calls for better management in each department and ward office and to improve the sharing of information with citizens as well as explaining things to them. The policy shows the basic ideas of department and ward offices about how they organize their supervising projects. In addition, a management plan for affiliate organizations was released by 44 Kyoto City affiliated organizations from this year to promote the reformation of those affiliate organizations which is one of the core aspects of city municipal reformation. For further information, contact Kyoto City Administrative Reformation Section at 075-222-3050.

Various PR Activities about Environment Issues Held

6 June 2005

Kyoto City enacted new municipal measures against global warming in April, 2005. As June is environmental month, Kyoto City will hold various PR activities to make citizens aware of environmental issues. At International Exhibition Hall "Miyako Messe" in Okazaki, Sakyo-ku, "Global Greenhouse Effect Prevention Forum" will be held on June 12 (Sun.) from 11:00-16:00. People can learn about global greenhouse effect issues through shows, exhibits and events. Also at Miyako Ecology Center in Fukakusa, Fushimi-ku, a concert played with handmade instruments will be held, and at the square in front the City Hall, "Yu Yu Passport" (a beautification campaign) in which people walk around the city cleaning up. Please join those events. For further information, contact Kyoto City Global Warming Provision Section at 075-222-3452.

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