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March 2005

“Miyako Universal Design Promotion Ordinance” Enacted

28 March 2005

Kyoto city has recently enacted the “Miyako Universal Design Promotion Ordinance,” to go into effect starting April 1. This design, which is as easy as possible for all people to use, is being introduced as part of the spirit and unique life culture in Kyoto, which have developed and supported each other over many years. The introduction of this design will enable the city to maintain a social climate in which it is easy for all people to live. In the future the city will dispatch specialists among its businesspeople and citizens, and hold classes for them. By providing businesses with easy-to-use means of creating things and services, and by allowing citizens, tourists and businesses to get involved, it is the city’s objective to realize a Kyoto where people want to live and visit.
For more details contact the Kyoto Municipal Health and Welfare General Affairs Office at 075-222-3366.

“Home Study Guides” Published

28 March 2005

Kyoto City has recently become the first Government-designated major city to publish home study guides – titled “A Home Environment Where Children May Develop and Learn.” In the face of such problems as the decline of children’s desire to study and the fact that children are not developing sufficient study habits or learning how to study well enough at home, it is the objective of these guides, targeted at guardians, to improve education at the home, which is the starting point of education. Five different guides are being published for different grade levels. The guides include detailed information about such subjects as concrete methods for promoting home study and preferred ways of discipline. In the future the city plans to make these guides available at any time through municipal elementary and middle schools.
For more details contact the Kyoto Municipal Educational Guidance Office at 075-222-3806.

“Unrestricted City Bus Commuter Passes” and “City Bus Discount Cards” to Be Issuedt

22 March 2005

Starting this week, March 25, Kyoto City will issue “Unrestricted City Bus Commuter Passes”, expanding the range that City Bus commuter pass holders may travel on City Buses. Holders of these passes will be able to get on and off buses freely on any City Bus line or route within the area designated by each type of pass. These passes represent a savings over traditional passes, which are good for the entire City Bus line. The new passes are also easier to use than the former ones. On April 1 the city will also begin issuing “City Bus Discount Cards”. These cards, which provide a value of ¥1,100 for a ¥1,000 price, enable holders to change buses at a discount. For example, holders of these special City Bus discount tickets will only have to pay ¥200 to travel a distance which would normally cost ¥220. Kyoto City hopes that these cards will encourage further use of the more convenient and economical City Buses.
For more details contact the General Affairs Office of the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau at 075-822-9104.

“Kyoto Sakura Map 2005” Produced

22 March 2005

Kyoto City has recently produced “Kyoto Sakura Map 2005” which includes 36 famous spots for viewing cherry blossoms in Kyoto, including Nijo Castle. This map has been produced to encourage more and more tourist to come to Kyoto during the cherry blossom season and to enable them to enjoy their stay here. The map shows details of the sites in the areas of Rakuchu (Central Kyoto), Rakuhoku (Northern Kyoto), Rakunan (Southern Kyoto), Rakuto (Eastern Kyoto), Rakusai (Western Kyoto) and Okazaki. ”Kyoto Sakura map” is available at the information counters of City Hall, main ward offices and branch offices, tourist information centers, Nijo Castle, major shrines and temples in the city, hotels in Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe, and other such places.
For more details contact the Kyoto City Culture Office at 075-222-4105.

Calling for Citizens’ Views on Proposal for “Action Agenda for Measures on Tobacco in Kyoto” (tentative name)

14 March 2005

Kyoto City is currently calling for citizens’ views on a proposal for the tentatively named “Action Agenda for Measures on Tobacco in Kyoto.”
Based on the “Plan to Promote Health among Citizens of Kyoto“, decided in March 2002, this proposal outlines actions which should be taken by the whole of society, including at the local level, the home and the workplace, to protect citizens’ health and to reduce health damage caused by tobacco – in consideration of activities promoted to prohibit smoking or restrict smoking to certain areas, and to the realities of measures for the prevention of secondhand smoking at public facilities. Citizens are invited to submit their views until Friday, March 18. A pamphlet of the contents of the proposal, produced for the purpose of gathering views on this issue, is currently available at the information counter of City Hall, and at main ward offices and branch offices.
For more details contact the Kyoto Municipal Office of Health Promotion at 075-222-3419.

QR Code Begun for City Bus Stops and Subway Stations

14 March 2005

Kyoto City has recently begun a QR code for information about City Buses and subways. The code is easy to obtain by cell phone, at all City Bus stops and subway stations.
It can be accessed to the Transportation Bureau’s Web site using a compatible cell phone to read the code, which is displayed near the timetables at City Bus stops and on subway station platforms. The “Pocket Locator” and City Bus and Subway timetables can then be easily viewed, as an information service provided by City Bus. The city will continue to endeavor to improve its services to enable people to enjoy smooth and pleasant transportation on City Buses and subways.
For more details contact the General Affairs Office of the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau at 075-822-9108.

Web Site on “Kyoto City Government Policy” Launched

7 March 2005

Kyoto City has recently launched a Web site presenting “Kyoto City Government policy” in easy-to-understand terms. Presented at this site are the “City’s Basic Plan” which indicates the direction in which the city will be moving until 2010, along with 26 policies and106 measures based on that plan. Also available at this site is comprehensive information about Kyoto City Government policy, including the results of the “Policy Evaluation” for evaluating the situation of achievement of these policies and measures, and the “Evaluation of Clerical Work” for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of clerical work. And to enable citizens to easily obtain necessary information, the policies and measures are divided into separate areas, and there is even a search function by which information can be searched by inputting the appropriate keyword.
For more details contact the Kyoto Municipal Office of Policy Planning at 075- 222-3035.

Unrestricted 1-Day Municipal Subway Tickets to Be Sold

7 March 2005

On March 11, in time for the spring tourist season, Kyoto City will start selling “unrestricted Municipal Subway tickets” to allow passengers free access to all subway lines for one whole day. People holding these tickets will be eligible for special discounts off the price of admission to Nijo Castle, the zoo, and municipal art museums, as long as they use the tickets. The tickets will be valid from March 11 until June 5. Tickets cost 600 yen each, and can be purchased at ticket counters and ticket vendors in subway stations, and at City Bus and subway information counters.
For more details contact the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau at 075-822 -9165.

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