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February 2005

Calling for Citizens’ Opinions on “Preserving the Spectacular Views of Kyoto”

28 February 2005

Kyoto City is now calling for citizens’ opinions on “Preserving the Spectacular Views of Kyoto.” The beautiful views from the town of Kyoto, which is surrounded by mountains on three sides, are cherished by many people. In order to study measures for preserving these spectacular views, the city is asking citizens to suggest those views which most typify Kyoto and which they would like to see preserved for the future of Kyoto. Suggestions will be accepted until Friday, March 18. Please send your suggestions, with photos attached, by regular mail or through our Web site. People living in other cities in Japan or overseas are welcome to submit suggestions.
For further details, call the Kyoto Municipal Office of Scenic Beauty Preservation at 075-222-3475.

Walking Maps Distributed for “Yoshitsune Legend in Kyoto”

28 February 2005

Starting on March 1, Kyoto City will distribute walking maps for the “Yoshitsune Legend in Kyoto” at tourist information offices in the city and at major train stations, branch offices of travel companies and other transportation-related offices and facilities, centering around the Kansai and Tokyo regions. This is part of a greater effort by the city to attract tourist through the theme of “Yoshitsune” – the name of the hero and title of this year’s Taiga Drama series which takes place in Kyoto. The publication consists of 8 color pages printed on A4-size paper. In addition to actual maps is information about Yoshitsune and other personages of the Genji and Heike, as well as historic sites and famous places related to that history.
For further details, call the Kyoto Municipal Office for the Promotion of Tourism at 075-222-4133.

Kyoto Protocol Goes Into Effect

21 February 2005

The Kyoto Protocol, the international decision towards the prevention of global warming, went into effect on February 16. The Kyoto Protocol, adopted at the UNFCCC-COP3 (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - Conference of Parties III [COP3]) in Kyoto in 1999, went into effect with the ratification by Russia in November of last year. According to this, Japan must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 6% as compared to those emissions in 1990, by the year 2012. Last December Kyoto City became the first in Japan to enact the Ordinance of Measures for Controlling Global Warming. In the future the city will endeavor through various means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10%, as targeted by the ordinance, through partnership of citizens and businesses.
For further details, call the Kyoto Municipal Office for the Promotion of Global Environment Policy at 075-222-3452.

“Earthquake” Edition of “Disaster Prevention Map by Ward” Published

21 February 2005

Kyoto City has recently published an “Earthquake” Edition of the “Disaster Prevention Map by Ward,” consisting of maps indicating seismic intensity distribution in the event of a large earthquake and the addresses of disaster-prevention organizations and agencies, shelters for people over a wide area and other such organizations and facilities. The maps were included in the February 15 edition of the Shimin Shinbun (citizen’ newspaper) for each ward and distributed to all residences in the city.
This issue of the “Disaster Prevention Map by Ward” follows the “All-City Issue” which was distributed to all residences in the city last August, and includes detailed information regarding damage expectations in the event of large earthquakes, floods or other disasters, for each residential area in the city. It also includes a space called “Disaster Prevention Memo for Our Family,” in which people can write down points for caution in the event of evacuation and a designated meeting place for family members if disaster should strike. The city plans to publish a “Water Disaster Edition” of the “Disaster Prevention Map by Ward” next month.
For further details, call the General Affairs Section of the Kyoto Municipal Fire Prevention Bureau at 075-212-6629.

Kyoto City’s Web site, “Kyoto City Web” First in Japan to Provide Information in Four Languages by Voice

14 February 2005

Kyoto Mayor Yorikane Masumoto has recently announced a project to attract foreign tourists to Kyoto through city bus sightseeing routes.
On February 14 Kyoto City started providing new services on its “Kyoto City Web” Web site, including Web site information by voice and adjustable character point size and screen color arrangement. These new features will help people with poor vision and those prone to eye fatigue. These easy-to-access pages are available in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese, making this the first such multi-language Web site in Japan. The city will continue to add new features to this Web site to enable anyone to access and enjoy it, regardless of physical condition or language difference.
For further details, call the Kyoto Municipal Public Relations Office at 075-222-3094.

Promoters for Special System for Subsidizing Art and Culture Decided for 2005

14 February 2005

Kyoto City has recently decided on the promoters for the Special System for Subsidizing Art and Culture in 2005. Kohei Nawa (modern art) and Yukiko Yoshimoto (stage light design) have been chosen as this year’s promoters from among 71 aspirants, receiving their certificates of recognition on January 31. This system was established in 2000 to support promising young artists of Kyoto. Kyoto city will provide 3 million yen in subsidies for their work for one year. In the future the city will continue to nurture supporters of art and culture in Kyoto in its efforts to promote new art and culture.
For further details, call the Kyoto Municipal Cultural Office at 075-222-4105.

Outline of 2005 Fiscal Year Budget Announced

7 February 2005

On February 4 Kyoto Mayor Yorikane Masumoto announced the outline for the 2005 fiscal budget. The general account budget scale is 690.2 billion yen, for a 5.3% increase over last year, for the second straight year of budgetary increase over the previous year. This is the first budget based on the “Strategy for New Kyoto City Management,” with distribution of funds concentrated in the areas of promoting the creation of the historical city of Kyoto and a town with the aroma of culture, and the creation of a charming town of safety and peace of mind through citizens’ participation with the focus on ward offices. Distribution is also concentrated in the areas of realizing a city of environmental coexistence, creating a town of welfare, substantiating support for childrearing and school education, as well as recreating a strong Kyoto economy and improving the urban infrastructure. The budget will be discussed by the City Assembly. If passed and approved, it will be initiated in April.
For further details, call the Kyoto Municipal Accounting Office at 075-222-3291.

New “Vibrant Plan for Kyoto and the Children” Decided

7 February 2005

Kyoto City has recently decided on a new “Vibrant Plan for Kyoto and the Children.” This is a new plan for the general and more effective promotion of childrearing support, with an objective of further developing “Kyoto, as a city which supports childrearing.” With a basic policy for the “observance of the agreement on children’s rights and the pursuit of the highest profits for children,” and the “mutual participation of men and women in childrearing, with the support of all citizens at the home, at workplace and in local society,” this plan includes 232 measures. The term of the plan lasts until 2009.
A pamphlet explaining the details of this plan will be distributed at the Kyoto Municipal Office for Children and Families, and at the Urban Promotion Offices of ward offices and branch offices starting in the middle of March.
For further details, call the Kyoto Municipal Office for Children and Families at 075-251-2380.

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