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December 2004

Calling for citizens’ views on partial revision to regulations regarding outdoor ads in Kyoto City

27 December 2004

The city is calling for the views of citizens regarding a partial revision to regulations regarding outdoor advertising materials in Kyoto City. This is the adoption of a new registration system for outdoor advertising to go along with the partial revision to the Outdoor Advertising Law. More specifically, this incorporates a change from a system of advertisement notification to one of ad registration, as well as the term of registration validity and registration fee, registration cancellation and suspension of business for any wrongdoing. Citizens’ views will be accepted until January 14, 2005. A pamphlet showing the main contents of the regulations revision is currently available at the information counter of City Hall, as well as ward offices and branch offices.
For further details call the Kyoto Municipal Townscape Office at 075-222-3474.

Cartoon version of a consumer educational pamphlet for young people

27 December 2004

Kyoto City has recently produced a cartoon version of a consumer educational pamphlet for young people titled “For you young people in your teens or twenties, who are the target of the alluring trap of evil business practices.” In a cartoon story format, this pamphlet tells about evil business practices by which people, particularly in their teens and twenties, are victimized. The purpose of this pamphlet is to prevent the victimization of young consumers by explaining in easy-to-understand terms the main points of the cooling-off system and the consumer contract. The pamphlet is currently available at the Center for Everyday Life of Citizens, the information counter of City Hall, as well as ward offices and branch offices.
For further details call the Kyoto Municipal Center for Everyday Life of Citizens at 075-256-1110.

“A Winter’s Journey in Kyoto” Sightseeing Campaign

20 December 2004

Kyoto City is holding “A Winter’s Journey in Kyoto” sightseeing campaign whereby people can fully enjoy the charm of a Kyoto winter until March 21. Marking the 10th anniversary of Kyoto’s inscription on the World Heritage List, the city has prepared a variety of attractions, including special exhibitions of cultural properties focusing on temples registered as World Heritage properties not normally open to the public, and a special bus-driven course on which tourists will visit historic relics related to Yoshitsune and Heike, to coincide with “Yoshitsune,” the Taiga Drama for next year. Offered as a special on-hands type of event will be “one-point” lectures about Kyoto cuisine at established restaurants.
For further details call the Kyoto City Tourism Promotion Section, at 075-222-4133.

Telephone consultation service in place for FIBRINOGEN tablets

20 December 2004

Kyoto City currently has in place telephone consultation service for FIBRINOGEN tablets. FIBRINOGEN tablets are hemostats used in surgery and childbirth to stop profuse bleeding. These tablets, which have been in use since 1964, are believed to be a channel of hepatitis C infection. Although the safety of this drug is currently assured through the introduction of hepatitis C tests and related technology at the manufacturing stage, with the recent announcement by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of the names of medical institutions which use FIBRINOGEN tablets, pharmacists are providing general consultation regarding the drug.
For consultation call the Kyoto Regional Medical Office, at 075-222-4422. Consultation hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Consultation will be provided through January 31 of next year, except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, including December 29 to January 3.

Tuition exemption offered at Kyoto Municipal schools in aftermath of Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake and Typhoon 23

13 December 2004

As part of an effort to provide support to people who have suffered from the recent Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake or Typhoon 23, Kyoto City has announced the “exemption of tuition for Kyoto Municipal schools” and that it will allow those people to temporarily reside at public housing. The tuition exemption is to give people confronted with economic problems due to these disasters the opportunity to continue their studies at school. The beneficiaries of this exemption will be students already enrolled at Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto Municipal Junior College of Nursing, and municipal high schools, as well as candidates for admission to these schools in 2005. Furthermore, about 70 units will be made available for residence at public housing. Although people may reside in these units for as long as 6 months, depending on individual situations it will be possible to extend this period for as long as 1 year.
For information about tuition exemption and conditions call 075-334-2211 for Kyoto City University of Arts, 075-311-0123 for Kyoto Municipal Junior College of Nursing, or the Kyoto Municipal School Guidance Office at 075-222-3811 for municipal high schools. For information about public housing, call the Housing Management Office at 075-222-3631.

Mandrill born

13 December 2004

A mandrill of the Kyoto Zoo has recently given birth, marking the first time in 14 years that a mandrill has been born at that zoo. The baby is currently on display at the new monkey house.
The mandrill belongs to genus Cercopithecus, found in the tropical rainforests of Midwestern Africa. Its distinguishing markings are a bright red bridge of the nose with blue running along both sides. This baby is the firstborn of Mangorou (father) and Oné (mother). Born in the early morning of November 28, it has been named Manjuro. Please come and see the very heartening sight of this family of three.
For further details call the Kyoto Zoo at 075-771-0210.

“Echo-drivers Authorization System” instituted

6 December 2004

Kyoto City has recently instituted an “Echo-drivers Authorization System” for promoting environment-friendly driving (echo-driving). This is a joint-effort with the “Kyoto City Machitaka Conference for the Promotion of Green Delivery”, which studies ways to control exhaust emissions from delivery trucks. Authorization is granted to echo-drivers whose places of business belong to the conference. Authorized echo-drivers provide common knowledge, guidance and reports on actual results regarding echo-driving, including idling stop and economic speed. The city will continue to be involved in environment-friendly activities and to steadily promote the prevention of global warming and air quality improvement.
For further details call the Kyoto Municipal Environment Management Office at 075-213-0930.

December is Universal Human Rights Month!

6 December 2004

This month, December, is Universal Human Rights Month. It is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which declares that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” The declaration was adopted by the United Nations in December 1948. In observance of Universal Human Rights Month, Kyoto City is holding lectures and films and is making available educational pamphlets around town so that people will think about the importance of human rights. Kyoto will continue to promote human rights culture, which is based on the custom of valuing and respecting human rights.
For further details call the Kyoto Municipal Human Rights Promotion Office at 075-222-3381.

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