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November 2004

Results of “Citizen Assessment of Service Provided at City OfficesEAnnounced

29 November 2004

Kyoto City has recently announced the results of the “Citizens Assessment of Service Provided at City Offices,Ewhich is a citizensEassessment of the service provided by city staff at city offices. This was a survey to assess five categories Ehow citizens are treated by the staff, the staffsEattention to personal appearance, the manner in which things are explained, required time, and how notices are displayed Eat each of the five steps at 80 places utilized by a large number of citizens, including ward offices and libraries. The results show that citizens are on the average “generally satisfiedEin all of the categories for the entire city. In consideration of these results, in addition to moving to improve its various locations, including increasing the number of notice boards, the city is endeavoring to further improve the service provided at city offices. In addition to posting the details of these results for one month at the places surveyed, Kyoto City is also posting them at the its Web site. For
further details call Kyoto City Administrative Structure Reform Section at 075-222-3050.

Testing for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) to continue on all cattle

29 November 2004

Kyoto City has recently announced that it will continue testing all cattle for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), also known as mad cow disease, regardless of the policy of the national Government which was not to test cattle under the age of 20 months.
Since BSE was first detected in Japan in 2003, the city has been performing BSE testing on all cattle used for beef at Market No. 2 of the Central Wholesale Market. The city will continue to be actively involved in protecting the “food safetyEof its citizens. With the “Domestic Beef Traceability LawErecently put into effect, as of December 1 a 10-digit individual identification number will be indicated on the label of packages of beef sold at stores. By performing a search for this number at the Web site of the Independent Administrative Agency’s National Livestock Breeding Center, you can find out such information as when and where a certain head of cattle was born and bred Ewhich certainly contributes to the reliability of the safety of domestic beef.
For further details call the Market No. 2 of the Kyoto Municipal Central Wholesale Market at 075-681-5791.

The East-West Subway Line Opens between Daigo and Rokujizo
Commemorative goods sold and events held

22 November 2004

The East-West Subway Line finally opened between Daigo and Rokujizo on November 26. Kyoto City is selling a variety of commemorative goods and holding different commemorative events to coincide with the opening of this line.
First, a limited number of “Surutto (through) Kansai Miyako CardsE commemorative tickets and model cars of the the East-West Line will be sold in commemoration of the opening of the line. Also, until December 26, a E day free ticketEwill be sold to allow ticket holders unlimited access to all subway lines for one day. A station numbering rally and photo contest will be held as commemorative events. And for three days after the line is opened, in addition to having a sightseeing PR booth at the Rokujizo Subway Station, the warm-water “Higashi Onsui Pool,Enear Ishida Station, will be open free of charge.
For further details call the Customer Service Promotion Project Team at the Kyoto Transportation Bureau at 075-822-9165.

Sending a Message of Request to the United States of America to Return to the Kyoto Protocol

22 November 2004

Kyoto City has recently joined Kyoto Prefecture and the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry in sending a message of request to the United States of America to return to the framework of the protocol. The US has indicated that it will not ratify the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol, which establishes objectives for reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, was adopted in December 1997. With the recent ratification by Russia, the protocol will come into effect in February of next year. This message has been sent based on the necessity of nations throughout the world to promote concerted efforts to prevent global warming. As a city that has adopted the Kyoto Protocol, Kyoto City will continue to take the lead in promoting the prevention of global warming.
For further details call the Kyoto Municipal Global Environmental Administration Office at 075-222-3452.

Kyoto City receives the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award as the First Official Commendation for Excellence in Advantageous Biomass Utilization for 2004

15 November 2004

At a facility to convert discarded cooking oil into fuel, which went into operation in June of this year, Kyoto City collects used tempura oil and reproduces it into biotechnology diesel fuel for use as fuel for garbage trucks and city buses. This project for converting discarded oil into biotechnology diesel fuel has recently received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award, the most prestigious form of the Official Commendation for Excellence in Advantageous Biomass Utilization for 2004. The city was also named as the “Biomass Frontier.EThis system of commendation was established for the first time this year by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award to promote advantageous utilization of discarded materials, including food and forest thinning material. Kyoto City’s project for converting waste materials into biotechnology diesel fuel is highly regarded as an advanced and environmentally responsible means for converting waste material into fuel.
In the future, in addition to further promoting the project for converting discarded oil into biotechnology diesel fuel, the city will actively engage in these activities nationwide to build an environmental society and expand efforts to deal with the greenhouse effect.
For further details call the Facilities Maintenance Office, at 075-212-8500.

New Web site for the prevention of child abuse

15 November 2004

Kyoto City has launched a Web site for the prevention of child abuse. The name of the site is “Ashita Egao ni NaareE(Smile Tomorrow). With the sudden increase in child abuse-related counseling, the site provides information on preventing child abuse before it can happen and on solving the problem of child abuse. Posted are ways for dealing with such abuse if it occurs, as well as counseling liaison information, a test to measure degree of fatigue caused by child rearing, and advice on raising children.
For further details call the Kyoto Municipal Child Welfare Center, at 075-801-2929.

“Park and RideEto be made available

8 November 2004

Kyoto City is making available a “Park and RideEfor four days, on November 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st. “Park and RideEallows people to park their cars at a parking facility near a station and transfer to public transportation. The purpose is to reduce the number of private vehicles traveling to sightseeing places and alleviate traffic congestion. On these four days parking facilities which can accommodate a total of approximately 2,000 vehicles will be made available near Kuinabashi Subway Station, Kintetsu Kamitobaguchi Station, JR Tanbaguchi Station and Keifuku Sanjoguchi Station. These facilities will be available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. However, entry will be allowed only until 2:00 pm. The parking fee will be 100 yen per day.
Also, as a transportation society test of Higashiyama Ward a shuttle bus connecting Higashiyama and Kyoto Station will be running during this time. The objective is to create a safe and pleasant transportation environment. In addition, Arashiyama Ward will enforce extraordinary traffic restrictions on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays during November.
For further details call the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Administration Office, at 075-222-3483.

Fourth issue of PR poster “Marvels of Kyoto SeriesE/font>

8 November 2004

Kyoto City has recently issued the “Fourth Kyoto Charm SeriesEmunicipal Government PR poster. The poster, produced to let a wide range of people know about “Kyoto charm,Econsists of an impressive design, layout and catchphrase. It will be posted on bulletin boards at approximately 7,200 locations in the city, including city buses and subways, financial institutions and post offices, hotels and universities, and major JR stations.
Featured on the fourth issue is Kazuhiko Nishimura, an actor from Kyoto City. The poster, which shows Nishimura facing a Deva king statue at Kiyomizu Temple, has been designed with a background of a gorgeous photo of the “Folding Screen Depicting Kiyomizu TempleE which belongs to that Temple.
In addition to making this poster available for downloading as wallpaper from the Kyoto City Web site, “Kyoto-shi Johokan,Ethe city also plans to issue “Surutto (through) Kansai Miyako Cards.E
For further details call the Public Relations Department, at 075-222-3094.

“System for Converting Old Buildings into Town Houses as Residential RentalsEinaugurated

1 November 2004

Kyoto Mayor Yorikane Masumoto has announced the inauguration of a “System for Converting Old Buildings into Town Houses as Residential RentalsE, marking the first time in Japan that traditional town houses will be converted into residential rentals. The system will be inaugurated due to an increase in demand for town houses among people who would like to experience town house living, although the number of town houses in the city center is on the downswing. Kyoto City will subsidize a maximum of two-thirds of the cost to convert buildings into town houses for rental as residences. To qualify, a building must be made of wood and have been built by 1950, include at least five units, and be fortified for fire prevention and earthquake endurance. Through this system the city will preserve the ambiance of old Kyoto, while promoting the rebuilding and utilization of town houses.
For further details call the Kyoto Municipal Residential Administration Office, at 075-222-3666.

Kyoto Municipal Rakufu Middle School Opens

1 November 2004

On the 18th of last month Kyoto City held an opening ceremony for the Kyoto Municipal Rakufu Middle School, a new place of learning for truant students. Utilizing a special system for structural reform in wards, operated by the national Government, this middle school is situated on the site of the Comprehensive Educational Counseling Center’s “Kodomo PartnerEin Nakagyo Ward. It is a first for a major city designated by Government ordinance. In addition to a flexible curriculum geared to the growth of each individual truant student, the staff, which consists of school counselors and volunteer university students, provides students with study support and helps them expand their prospects for the future. Also a “Fushimi Study RoomEhas been set up at Fukakusa in Fushimi Ward. The city will continue to promote support for truant students in the future.
For further details call Kyoto Municipal Rakufu Middle School, at 075-213-2222.

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