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October 2004

Decision on Plan for “International Manga Museum of KyotoE(tentative name)

25 October 2004

On October 20, Kyoto Mayor Yorikane Masumoto announced the decision of a plan for the “International Manga Museum of KyotoE(tentative name). (Manga are Japanese comics.) The museum, part of a new urban strategy for developing Kyoto as a city of international cultural tourism, will include manga- and animation-related facilities. The decision for the museum was made jointly with Kyoto Seika University, the only university in Japan offering a course of study in manga. The museum is targeted to open in the fall of 2006, at the refurbished campus of former-Ryuchi Elementary School in Nakagyo-ku. Upon completion the museum will become the first comprehensive institution in Japan to function as a venue for manga-related research, human resource training, study, collection and exhibition purposes. Through this museum, in addition to presenting the culture of Kyoto (the birthplace of manga), both domestically and abroad, the city also hopes to attract an international event for manga research by 2008.
For further details call the Planning Office of the Kyoto Municipal Education Committee, at 075-222-3768.

“Plan for the Creation of the Historical City, KyotoE(tentative title)

25 October 2004

The city has recently put together a “Plan for the Creation of the Historical City, KyotoE(tentative title) to cover measures believed to require nationwide involvement in order to preserve and create Kyoto as a national asset of Japan, hand it over to future generations and introduce it to the world. It is based on the “Proposal for the Creation of Kyoto as a National Strategy,Epresented in June of 2003 at the Kyoto Creation Council. The plan explains the need for a national system for the creation of Kyoto and financial support for that system, featuring the three so-called pillars of “preserving and recreating the sites,E“inheriting and transmitting tradition and cultureEand “promoting tourism.EDetailed policies are covered in the plan. The plan is summarized in pamphlets distributed at ward and branch offices, and at their various Web sites.
For further details call the Kyoto City Policy and Planning Section, at 075-222-3035.

Calling for New Names for Ward and Branch Offices

18 October 2004

Kyoto City is holding a contest for suggestions for new names for ward and branch offices that will have more of a friendly appeal to citizens. This contest is being conducted to help ward and branch offices provide even better services to citizens, based on “Future Actions for Reforming Ward Government,Ewhich was decided in April. The city is looking for names that can be shared by all of the ward and branch offices, and that will provide those offices with a sense of familiarity as the comprehensive Governmental agencies closest to the daily lives of citizens. Each winner will receive a certificate of merit and book coupon. To be qualified to enter the contest a person must reside, work or attend school in the city of Kyoto. Suggestions will be accepted until Friday, November 26.
For further details about how to enter the contest call the Kyoto Municipal Ward Government Promotion Office, at 075-222-3048.

Publication of “Kyoto Citygraph’s Commemorative Issue for Self-Government: 2004E/font>

18 October 2004

Kyoto City has recently published “Kyoto Citygraph’s Commemorative Issue for Self-Government: 2004.E“Kyoto CitygraphEis a quarterly photo magazine featuring the charm of Kyoto and information about its municipal Government through colorful photographs. The fall issue, the “Commemorative Issue for Self-Government,Eis available nationwide. It features the charm of the people and town of Kyoto, for Self-Government Commemoration Day, which is October 15.
The theme of this issue is “the beauty of Kyoto.EFeatured will be numerous people with a close affinity to Kyoto, including a conversation between Rie Miyazawa and Mayor Masumoto, as well as contributions from Hideaki Takizawa and Rei Kikukawa, who will play leading roles in next year’s NHK Taiga Drama “Yoshitsune,Eand from costume designer Emi Wada, to focus on “a beauty which can only be felt in Kyoto.EThe magazine is currently being distributed free of charge at the Information Desk at City Hall, and at ward and branch offices. To receive a copy in the mail, send a request, along with a 210-yen postage stamp, to the Public Relations Department, postal code 604-8571.
For further details call the Public Relations Department, at 075-222-3094.

Decision on Outline of Assessment of Effect on the Environment at the Planning Stages of Kyoto Municipal Projects (Strategic Environmental Assessment)

12 October 2004

Kyoto City has recently put together the Outline of Assessment of Effect on the Environment at the Planning Stages of Kyoto Municipal Projects (Strategic Environmental Assessment). This establishes procedures for investigating, forecasting and assessing the effect on the environment at the planning stages of large-scale projects conducted by Kyoto City. More specifically, it establishes the procedures for deciding on projects, taking into consideration the “Report on the Environment,Ewhich is a comparative assessment of the environmental effects of projects, and the views of citizens regarding the report, received audibly and in the form of written reports. This is the first example of the systemization of environmental effect assessment at the planning stages of projects for a major city designated by Government ordinance.
In the future the city will further substantiate policy with the environment as a standard, and promote the role of Kyoto as an environment-friendly city.
For further details call the Kyoto Municipal Environment Management Office, at 075-213-0930.

Kyoto Municipal Hospital Gets Fulltime Risk Manager and Medical Safety Promotion Team

12 October 2004

Kyoto Municipal Hospital has recently created the post of fulltime risk manager and set up a team to promote medical safety to manage safety issues at the hospital in an aim to realize a safer medical environment. After a medical accident occurred at the hospital in May of this year, these actions were taken as a means to prevent the recurrence of such an accident and to regain citizensEtrust. In addition to collecting and analyzing information on past instances of medical accidents, as well as checking and providing instruction for the system by which medical care is provided on a daily basis, this team will also patrol the hospital and conduct training on medical safety. In addition to endeavoring to prevent the recurrence of medical accidents, the city is also promoting a safer medical environment.
For further details call Kyoto Municipal Hospital, at 075-311-5311

Ohara no Sato Public Restrooms to Open

4 October 2004

The Ohara no Sato Public Restrooms will open on the 9th of this month, in the Ohara district of Sakyo-ku, one of the leading tourist spots in Kyoto. These environment-friendly restrooms are adjacent to the bus terminal located at the center of the Ohara district, connecting Sanzenin Temple and Jakkoin Temple. Regarding the creation of these restrooms, surveys have been conducted among tourists, workshops held among local people and the issue investigated with the cooperation of the entire local region. The exteriors of the restrooms employ the design of a private residence in accord with the surrounding sights. A treated water circulation system by which the water utilized in these restrooms is purified by advanced filtration film, and utilized again for purposes of washing, was introduced for the first time in the city. It is the objective of the city to live up to the monikers “the environment-friendly city of KyotoEand “Kyoto, the city of 50 millions tourists,Ethrough environment-friendly means in the future.
For further details call the Kyoto Municipal Beautification Office at 075-222-3461, or the Facility Maintenance Office at 075-212-8500.

Announcement of Policy Assessment Results

4 October 2004

Kyoto City has recently announced the results of a policy assessment to understand and assess the degree to which the city’s policy objectives are achieved. All of the policies and measures included in the city’s basic plan are assessed at five levels, ranging from A to E, according to an “Objective Index AssessmentEbased on statistics, and a survey conducted on 3,000 citizens. The results for both policies and measures generally came in at higher than C, with areas such as culture, lifelong learning and sightseeing particularly high. The city will conduct this policy assessment every year for more effective management of municipal Government, and to apply it in policy planning.
For further details call the Kyoto City Policy and Planning Section, at 075-222-3035.

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