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September 2004

Prizes presented to athletes participated at the Athens Olympics

27 September 2004

Kyoto City decided to present athletes, associated with Kyoto, who participated in the 28th Olympics held in Athens last month with prizes such as the “Kyoto City Sport Honorable PrizeEand the “Kyoto City Professional Sport Special AwardE The athletes included are the gold medal winner of the women’s marathon, Mizuki Noguchi, and Yousuke Tomita and Daisuke Nakano from the men’s gymnastics team. Prizes will be presented at a Kyoto City Government Ceremony to be held on October 15th.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Sport Promotion Section:
TEL 075-315-3301

Opening of “Graduate School Joint SatelliteEat Campus Plaza Kyoto

27 September 2004

Kyoto City will open a “Graduate School Joint SatelliteEon the 6th Floor of Campus Plaza Kyoto, located at Kyoto station. This is a new business based on “Plan for the Promotion of Kyoto-- Exciting City of Universities Eestablished in April, and is to open a satellite classroom for Universities and Junior Colleges that are members of the Consortium of Universities in Kyoto, conveniently located at Kyoto Station. It will be open on weekends and nights, with a curriculum available for working professionals, and is intended to provide advanced and specialized education for both students and professionals.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Project Promotions Office:
TEL 075-222-3103

Holding of “Kyoto Creation Promotion ForumE

21 September 2004

Kyoto is famous for its scenic beauty and historical cityscapes filled with temples, shrines, and town houses. The Japanese culture and tradition still lives in this city. Kyoto is a treasure to Japan.
The City has deployed various activities in order to protect Kyoto as sovereign property. As part of this activity, the City will hold the “Kyoto Creation Promotion ForumE This is based on the “Kyoto Creation Proposal as part of the national strategyEsubmitted by the Kyoto Creation Council in June 2003, and aims to discuss topics such as the beauty of the Japanese culture, the necessity for proposals and implementation, and the roles the people and Government must fulfill concerning the culture, landscape, and tourism. Participants include Takeshi Umehara, representative of the Kyoto Creation 100 Person Committee, and Shuji Takashina, caretaker of the Committee.
The Forum will take place on Thursday, October 14th from one thirty at the Gion Koubu Kaburenjyo in Higashiyama-ku Gion-machi. Admission to the first 800 people.Participation is free.
Please contact the following by mail or FAX by Thursday, September 30th with the name, address, phone number, and number of people (maximum of two people) to request participation:
Address : zip-code 604-8571 Kyoto City Policy and Planning Section FAX 075-212-2902
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Policy and Planning Section:
TEL 075-222-3035

Constituting “Ordinance on Endorsing Barrier-Free BuildingsE/font>

21 September 2004

The City constituted the “Ordinance on Endorsing Barrier-Free BuildingsEwhich will be enforced starting October 1st. This Ordinance was constituted to improve buildings, and to further accessible for the elderly, handicapped, and all citizens utilizing the buildings.
Specifically, the regulation requires discussions with the City before construction work and inspection after completion, and there will be penalties if violated. Furthermore, there will be measures taken to instruct and advise existing buildings.
Hereafter, the City will operate under and implement this ordinance, in order to insure the safety of the people and city.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Urban Planning Department Guidance Division:
TEL 075-222-3620

“Miyako Children’s Saturday JukuEStarts

13 September 2004

Kyoto City started the “Miyako Children’s Saturday JukuE Field activities, traditional and cultural experiences, and volunteer activities, are to be held on weekends and summer vacation, to provide an environment distinctively “KyotoEfor children to learn and grow. Currently, we are soliciting businesses children can be involved in. We are distributing informational magazines which introduce the details at the Information Bureau of City Hall, the Ward Office and Branch Offices.
In addition, a festival celebrating the establishment of the “Miyako Children’s Saturday JukuEwill be held on Saturday, September 18th from nine thirty, targeting elementary and junior high students, at the General Education Center on Shimogyo-ku Kawaramachi Bukkouji Nishi-iru. Classes in Kitsuke and cooking may be taken.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Home Regional Education Support Section:
TEL 075-251-1009

The Third Public Relations Poster “Marvels of Kyoto SeriesEPrinted

13 September 2004

Kyoto City publishes a municipal public relations poster “Marvels of Kyoto SeriesEin order to enlighten a wide range of people about the charms and marvels of Kyoto with impressive designs and slogans. The third poster of the series is currently on display in Kyoto city buses, subways, train stations, post offices, and JR Tokai/Nishi Nihon locations. There are never before seen images of the interior of Kinkakuji temple, set as a backdrop for featured Kyoto native actress Tabata Tomoko. We hope to continue our effort to promote the beauty and essence of Kyoto to our citizens, the nation and to the world
For more information, please contact the Public Relations Department:
TEL 075-222-3094

“School Excursion Awareness and Advisory CenterEEstablished

6 September 2004

Kyoto Mayor Masumoto established a national first,“School Excursion Awareness and Advisory BoardE in accordance with the fall School Excursion season. This has been founded as part of an effort to welcome all traveling students. Through this Advisory Center, students will have access to information for over 30 locations such as shopping centers, hotels, and cultural sight-seeing locations as a guide to their travel. The Center will also provide support services in the case of emergencies or accidents and other problems. We are working towards expanding these services to the Higashiyama, Arashiyama, and Sagano areas with the goal of having a safe city for school excursions.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Tourism Promotion Section :
TEL 075-222-4133.

English and Chinese Medical Translation for the Municipal Hospital

6 September 2004

Starting tomorrow, the 7th of September, the City of Kyoto and the Kyoto City International Foundation will have English and Chinese medical interpretation capabilities at the municipal hospital. These are services that will be available every Tuesday from 8AM to 11:30AM for non-Japanese speaking patients so that they can comfortably communicate with doctors and receive proper medical care. In addition, Wednesday and Friday translators are available by reservation. This service is free of charge. In an increasingly global society that we live in, our aim is to continue striving for a comfortable and secure community in the city of Kyoto.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Internationalization Promotion Office:
TEL 075-222-3072

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