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July 2004

Inauguration of the 適yoto Bus Enterprise Consideration Meeting・/font>

26 July 2004

On July 21st Kyoto Mayor Masumoto announced the inauguration of the 適yoto Bus Enterprise Consideration Meeting・ This is to protect citizens while carrying out the easing of regulations and coping with things such as the fresh entry to bus enterprise, while also ensuring the cooperation between the City bus and private transportation enterprises in order to make the most convenient and efficient bus route. Those involved consist of those with scholarly experience, private traffic enterprise, and bus users. The first meeting is scheduled in early August to collect the opinions of the current year. Also parallel with this further reform of the City bus enterprises are being put forward, with a focus on an efficient system, fare and service standard improvements.
For more information contact Kyoto City Traffic Bureau Administrative Section on TEL 075-822-9106.

Record of the Highest Number of Tourists to Kyoto for the 3rd Year in a Row

26 July 2004

Recently in Kyoto City the number of visitors coming to the city in 2003 was announced. Exceeding the figure of 1,570,000 people for the previous year, with 43,740,000 people visiting the capital it recorded the highest ever for the 3rd year in a row. Causes for the increase can be considered to include the 適yoto-Hanatouro・and 展orld Water Forum・held in March, and the 400 year anniversary of the construction of the Nijou Castle held in autumn, which many people visited. Hereafter the City will aim for the target figure of 50,000,000 people, and in order for this to be realized are steadily advancing measures for the promotion of sightseeing.
For more information contact Kyoto City Tourism Promotion Section on TEL 075-222-4133.

"Summer Travel in Kyoto" tourism campaign gets underway

19 July 2004

The "Summer Travel in Kyoto" tourism campaign, promoting the charm of Kyoto in summer, will continue until 30 September. A number of options are available, including the "Special Route Regular Tour-Bus", which travels around places of historical interest associated with Ryoma Sakamoto and the Shinsen-gumi. Alternatively, try the "Wachigaiya" of the Shinsen-gumi, a plan where you can spend time with Shimabara Dayu, savoring Kyoto cuisine. There are many other plans also available, including a Tea Ceremony at the noted Takadaiji Temple of the ancient capital, and half-day walking tours of the summer resort of Ohara.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Tourism Promotion Section.
TEL 075-222-4133

Announcement of the results of the "Kyoto City Citizens'Lifestyle Survey"

19 July 2004

Kyoto City recently announced the results of the "Kyoto City Citizen's Lifestyle Survey". This was a survey and analysis of citizens' opinions regarding the impact on lifestyle of the current range of programs which Kyoto City is promoting, along with their impressions of which issues are considered to be the most important. Three thousand citizens over the age of 20 were questioned on their impressions of the impact on daily life of 106 different policies, including town planning, child-rearing, environmental programs, health and welfare. In regard to which policy is currently considered to be of particular importance, the largest number of responses came in regard to "Ensuring personal safety and peace of mind in everyday life".

These results will be used in the assessment of city policy and the investigation into the best directions for new programs.

For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Policy and Planning Section:
TEL 075-222-3035

Applications accepted for Partnership Projects with the Kyoto City Community Activity Center

12 July 2004

Kyoto City is now accepting project proposals for partnerships with community groups such as NPO's and the Community Activity Center. This is an initiative which aims to better respond to the needs of citizens by encouraging community participation in the management of such centers, and implementation of more projects of a specialized nature. Up to 800,000 yen is available for project proposals which support public activities, such as lectures, seminars, workshops, publications, investigations and research. Proposals will be subject to screening.
For application details and further information, please contact the Kyoto City Community Activity Center:
TEL 075-354-8721

Issue of second-round Kyoto "Roman Bonds" (public involvement in mini-market offer of bonds for public subscription)

12 July 2004

From 16 July, Kyoto City will be inviting purchase of "Kyoto Roman Bonds", public involvement-type city bonds to be issued in August. A total of two billion yen of "Roman Bonds" are to be issued in order that the public may participate in town planning through their purchase. Maturity is at five years, and interest is paid twice yearly. Funds gathered will be directed to use in the Horikawa Riverbank Environmental Repair Project, the construction of the Honno Special Nursing Home for the Aged (tentative name), and the equipping of the General Firefighting Activities Center (tentative name). Residents and individuals working or studying in the city, along with corporations and groups with city-based projects are eligible to purchase bonds in units of 10,000 yen, up to a maximum total of 100,000,000 yen. Interest rates will be determined on 15 July.  The application period is from 16-28 July, and bonds will be issued by Kyoto's major financial institutions and securities companies on a first-come, first-served basis.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Accounts Section:
TEL 075-222-3290

The start of returnable bottle collection

5 July 2004

Kyoto City recently commenced the collection of large bottles and beer bottles which have been washed, and are reusable and returnable. In this system, by mixing some returnable bottles with recyclable trash, returnable bottles are collected and reused by beverage makers. This reuse inhibits the production of greenhouse gases even more effectively than does recycling. Collection boxes are available in general stores at eight city locations. By further increasing the number of collection points, the city aims to promote the reuse of returnable bottles.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Recycling Social Promotion Section:
TEL 075-222-4091

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