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June 2004

Kyoto Culture Festival 2004 "Miyako-no-Hanabutai" - tickets on sale from 24 June.

24 June 2004

From 1 July, Kyoto City will be selling tickets for the eight events to be held this Autumn at the Kyoto Culture Festival, entitled "Miyako-no-Hanabutai". In this festival, to be held from 18 September until 24 October, a range of cultural events, commencing with Kyoto's world-famous performing arts, will be held at various venues. These stages are to include the world treasures, Nijo Castle and Nishihonganji Temple, and the unique temples and shrines only found in Kyoto, such as Eikando and Heian Jingu. Tickets will be available at a number of venues, including Ticket-Pia, Lawson Ticketing, Kyoto Takashimaya, Kyoto Daimaru, and Keihan Travel Service.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Culture Section.
TEL 075-222-4105

Publication of "Kyoto City Pictorial Summer Edition"

21 June 2004

Kyoto City has recently published the "Kyoto City Pictorial Summer Edition". This pictorial magazine, published four times yearly, portrays the attractions of Kyoto City and municipal affairs through the medium of photography. One theme in this edition is "Walking through Kyoto greenery - hiking mountain passes and historical roads", which introduces easily accessible hiking courses urses only found in Kyoto, allowing the hiker to encounter nature's abundance while enjoying history and scenery. Another theme explored is the "Tale of the City of Flowers", which introduces the recently-opened "Kyoto City Hanaki Region Wholesale Market" flower distribution center, and follows the Kyoto flower scene. This publication is currently available for free from the City Hall Information Center and Ward and Branch Offices.
For more information, please contact the Public Relations Department:
TEL 075-222-3094

Applications accepted for "Kyoto Municipality Local Talks, 2004"

18 June 2004

In Kyoto City, applications will be accepted from the 22nd of this month for "Kyoto Municipality Local Talks, 2004". Applicants choose the topics for these talks from various previously-determined themes regarding policies, projects and town developments of interest to citizens. City council employees will then visit in person to give explanations concerning these topics. This year, a series of talks will be given for the first time regarding important policies which the whole city is tackling. Applications will be accepted until 31st January 2005, from groups of ten or more people who live, work or study in Kyoto City. Explanatory talks will be given locally from 20th July until 28th February 2005.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Project Promotions Office:
TEL 075-222-3178

Plans announced to make ISO14001 Certification available through all Ward and Branch Offices

8 June 2004

Recently Kyoto City announced that Environmental Management System ISO14001 Certification is to be made available through all Ward and Branch Offices. This certification, which was commenced last year at the central City Hall office and six other business centers, is now to be made available through Ward and Branch Offices, the most accessible municipal facilities, in order to provide citizens with the tools they need to deal with environmental issues at home and in business. In order to promote efforts to decrease the burden on the environment as much as possible, it is intended that in the future, certification should become available in all Ward and Branch Offices.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Environmental Management Section: TEL 075-213-0930

Opening of the Kyoto Kaleidoscope Museum - Anekojikan

6 June 2004

The Kyoto Kaleidoscope Museum, Anekojikan has opened at the Kyoto Municipal Education Counseling Center for Children, Nakagyo Ward, Anekoji, Higashi-Toin. Eighty kaleidoscopes made by both domestic and international artists are on display within the facility. Come and enjoy this colorful, artistic world, an intermingling of light and shadow. The museum is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00am until 5:00pm. Entrance is 100 yen for all visitors over six years old. Elementary and junior high school students from Kyoto will be admitted free of charge.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto Municipal Education Counseling Center for Children: TEL 075-254-7900

Opening of the East-West Subway Line between Rokujizo and Daigo & the Introduction of the Station Numbering System

2 June 2004

Recently, Kyoto Mayor Masumoto announced that the East-West Subway Line extension project between Rokujizo and Daigo would commence operations from 26th November, and that as a new service, a station numbering system is to be introduced. After commencement, passengers will be able to travel from Rokujizo station to Nijo station in approximately 30 minutes, making available an extensive rail network with connections to JR Nara and Keihan-Uji lines. This extension will dramatically increase passenger convenience. Together with this, a station numbering system is to be introduced on the Karasuma subway line and the East-West line, entailing the representation of lines and station names using colors, letters and numbers. The use of this numbering system within station maps and English announcements on trains will allow foreign tourists unfamiliar with station names and first-time subway users to put away their fears and travel with ease.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto Transport Bureau:
TEL 075-822-9167

Commencement of operations of facilities to convert used cooking oil into fuel

2 June 2004

Kyoto Mayor Masumoto recently announced the commencement of operations of a facility where used oil from deep-frying is refined into bio-diesel fuel. At this plant, used deep-frying oil collected from 825 locations within Kyoto City is refined into fuel which can be used by rubbish collection trucks and city buses. This facility is the first of its kind to be established in any major city designated by Government ordinance. Supply of a high quality bio-diesel fuel known as "Kyoto Standard" will commence on 4th June. This will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by 1,500,000 liters per year, and the production of greenhouse gases will also be cut by 4,000 tons. In addition, exhaust gases produced by this bio-diesel fuel will amount to levels of between only one-third and one-sixth of those produced by light oil. The city's aim is to live in harmony with, and decrease the burden on, the environment.
For more information, please contact the Kyoto City Facility Maintenance Division:
TEL 075-212-8500

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