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Yane-kanban (Roof signs)

Yane-kanban (Roof signs)
The roof signs of the merchant houses in 'machiya' style have a special character, remarkably striking the eye.
There is one more roof over the main roof. The main roof tiles 'ichimonji-gawara' are cut and a rising gable 'nobori-hafu' is made. There is also a ridgepole and the 'ogami' sign of the gable should be symmetrical, matching the left and right sides by using hidden nails ('kugikake'). Inside this small roof there is a signboard, known as the face of the merchant house. In this way this important sighboard is protected from wind, rain and sunshine. This signboard should attract people's attention, but its brightness is not the only important thing. It also expresses the spirit of its owner and a trust in the commercial business.
Even nowadays the faces of the old shops 'shinise', matching very well with the 'mushiko-mado' windows, 'kakutou' lanterns and roof tiles, blend in the townscape.

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