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Hanabira-mochi (Flower petal rice cakes)

Hanabira-mochi (Flower petal rice cakes)
Hiding their brightness under their elegance, 'hanabira-mochi' evoke the taste of the new spring.
The Kyoto rice cakes express the change of the seasons and also the spirit of the people, living in Kyoto. For the New Year in Kyoto people made Japanese cakes with a happy color and shape. 'Hanabira-mochi', also called 'Hishi-hanabira'(Diamond petal cakes), are cakes for celebration, consisting of burdock, soybean powder and bean jam. It is said that they were used in the New Year's day ceremony of the Imperial court, called 'O-hagatame'(teeth strenghtening). A bright red rice cake in the shape of diamond is placed inside a transparent white rice cake as to be slightly visible, expressing that there is a dignity inside the elegance and grace.

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