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Balance weight for suguki pickles ('Tenbin-oshi')

Balance weight for suguki pickles ('Tenbin-oshi')
Tenbin-oshi' balance weight uses the principle of the lever for soaking by hanging heavy stones at the edge of logs. This is the unique process of making the 'sugiki' pickles.
'Suguki' pickles of Kyoto, giving a flavour to the Kyoto style cuisine table in winter, are characterized by their acid taste. The ingredient is the leaves of 'suguki' (a kind of turnip), harvested from late autumn to early winter in Shimogamo in Kita ward, etc. The important point of making 'suguki' is the adjustment of salt, weight stones ('omoshi') and cellar ('muro'). The adjustment of 'omoshi' even nowadays is made by using a traditional technique called 'tenbin-oshi'.
The scene of the 'tenbin-oshi', evoking the wisdom of our predecessors, is a poetic seasonal scene announcing the coming of winter in Kyoto.

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