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Takao-kaede(Takao Maple Trees)

Takao-kaede(Takao Maple Trees)
Together with the willow and mountain laurel, the Takao maple tree is the Kyoto city tree and is loved by the citizens. Its rich colors add to the beauty of Kyoto's autumn.
The bright autumnal tints of Kyoto's foliage captivated the hearts of ancient Japanese people and have been used often as motifs in literature and art. Enjoying the fall colors is as important a traditional past time as viewing the cherry blossoms in the spring. The maple trees most common to Japan are called Takao maple, or Iroha maple. Takao, the place after which the tree is named, is one of the three famous spots in the foothills of Kyoto's northwestern mountains (together with Makino-o and Togano-o). It was well known from ancient times for its fall colors, and the scene of people viewing leaves is depicted in the folding screens, Viewing Maple Trees in Takao, designated National Treasure (attrib. to Kano Hideyori, Momoyama Period).

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