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Seimei Bellflower Seal (Seimei-kikyo-in)

Seimei Bellflower Seal (Seimei-kikyo-in)
This star pattern, designed by Abe-no-Seimei, is based on the universe structure, consisting of five natural elements and Yin-Yang relation (onmyou-gogyou).
Seimei shrine near Ichijo-modori-bashi bridge is dedicated to the worship of Abe-no-Seimei- a master of Yin-Yang, active during Heian period. Seimei was able to handle spirits and it is said that he executed several miracles. In many remaining legends he was predicting the future or reviving deceased people on the one hand and on the other hand due to his research in astronomy and the calendar, based on the ancient Chinese writings about Yin-Yang and the five natural elements of the universe, he was promoted by Michinaga Fujiwara (a man of power at that time) as the master of the Yin-Yang way. The seals of the Seimei bellflowers, engraved in the lanterns and roof tiles of the shrine, are also called Seimei stars or five-pointed stars (pentacles). This seal is said to possess an amulet power and even nowadays it is used for praying and it is respected as a protection from evils.

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