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Shishigatani pumpkin (Shishigatani kabocha)

Shishigatani pumpkin (Shishigatani kabocha)
Shishigatani pumpkin with its unique shape was created during the Bunka era of Edo period (1804-18).
Summer is the delicious season for the traditional vegetables of Kyoto. One can see exposed in the storefronts Kamo eggplants in their lustruous color, the elegant shapes of Katsura gourds, Fushimi red peppers with their rich savor and gourd-shaped pumpkins. One can enjoy their taste only during this season. Among them Shishigatani pumpkin (also called Hyoutan-nankin) started to be used as a meal since mid- Edo period and it is believed that if eaten during the hottest period of summer (Doyou- 18 days before the first day of autumn), it protects oneself from catching a paralysis. It is highly appreciated for boiling, because of its simple shape and its difficult to disintegrate pulp or flesh. Shishigatani pumpkin is Kyoto's traditional vegetable, used as an ingredient for Kyoto cuisine. The dining table of Kyoto consists of a big variety.

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