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Takase Bune(Takase boat)

Takase Bune(Takase boat)
The Takase boat is moored at 'Ichi-no-hunairi'(Bay No.1) that played an important role in the port of Takasegawa river.
Takasegawa river, running through the central part of Kyoto, was excavated as a channel in 1611 by Ryoi Suminokura and his son Soan, connecting a distance of 10 km. between Nijo and Fushimi. 30 boats from Fushimi transported materials to the economic center Osaka via Yodogawa river. Those materials were brought to Fushimi by Takase boats. Takase boat is a small box-like boat with a flat bottom and a sharpened bow. Takase boat is well-known from the title of a novel by Ogai Mori, however in fact the name of Takasegawa river comes from the boat, transporting materials in the river since ancient times.

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