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Ningyo-dzuka(A Doll Mound)

Ningyo-dzuka(A Doll Mound)
A well-rounded Gosho (Imperial) doll is carved on the stone doll mound of the main gate at Hokyoji temple.
On the 3rd of March is held the Girls Seasonal Festival (Hina). In Kyoto many families celebrate it on the 3rd of April according to the old lunar calendar. It might be in this season, because the peaches are blossoming at that time. Speaking about Hina festival, as expected one refers to the Hina dolls. There is a doll exhibition of valuable Hina dolls and Gosho dolls, held at Hokyoji in Teranouchi at Kamigyo ward, spanning nearly 1 month, related to the Girls Festival. There is a memorial service in the temple precincts, dedicated to the important dolls and the following poem by Saneatsu Mushanokoji is carved on the doll mound: 'Nobody knows who made the doll or who loved the doll, but by loving you enter the true Nirvana.' This doll mound gives an apropriate elegance to this gentle event and to this temple, also called the Doll temple.

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